Craft Product Review: the Smash Book by K & Company


Do you like the idea of scrapbooking, but get nervous when trying to pick papers and embellishments? Do you balk at the idea that scrapbooking can be so expensive? Do you have years of photos and memorabilia sitting in boxes? The SMASHBOOK line by K & Company is for you!

So what is a Smash Book, exactly? It’s a spiral-bound, chipboard-covered notebook that has printed papers inside, as well as an included pen that has a gluestick built right in! The idea is that you journal and scrapbook as you go- as part of your everyday life… in other words, just “Smash it in.”

Take a look at this video:


The interior pages are printed- so you don't have to fuss with "backgrounds" or embellishments.

So, the idea here is to scrapbook as you go- just literally “smash” it in. I remember doing this kind of scrapbooking when I was a teenager- part diary, part scrapbook, all mish-moshed in there together! But then the “scrapbook industry” evolved, and told folks like you and me that everything needed to be prettied up, kept archivally safe, and yes-oh-by-the-way why don’t you spend $100 on tools, paper, embellishments, etc??

So now we have permission from K & Company to go back to our roots, and keep our memories instinctively once more.

I should mention that each book- and there are at least 5 different styles to choose from at this writing- come with a special pen in it’s own loop attached to the book. The pen is a fine-tipped black marker, really- and thankfully it doesn’t bleed through the pages at all!

The “bonus” is on the other end- there is a glue stick BUILT INTO THE PEN. Um, hello? Brilliant. Genius, I tell you!

Smash Sticks- pen on one hand, glue on the other!

I did buy some of the colored versions- there is a teal and a pink- but those inks were so light that I didn’t feel that they showed up well enough on the printed back grounds. Here’s a little swatch test on those for you.

Spritzed with water- waterproof ink!

So my loving hubby took me away for our anniversary recently, and I decided that would be a great opportunity to pack up a Smash book, a few choice accessories, and my Fuji Instax instant camera, and see if I could train myself to scrapb00k-as-I go.

Here I'm adding clippings from the local newspaper, instant photos, journaling, and boarding passes.

I LOVE that you can take your SmashBook with you and scrapbook as you go, without worrying about whether or note it’s “perfect.”

And with some of the fun accessories- like Smash Tape, Flags, and journaling prompts called “Smash pads” you can have a lot of fun.

Smash Accessories- washi tape, jounaling pads, bands (to keep it closed) , flags, and a date stamp.

I found that while I was traveling, the tape was pretty darn handy. The Fuji prints don’t like to stick with the Smash Stick (glue/pen combo), so tape was a must.  I also bought some of the pockets and found them really useful for programs, postcards, and little menus.

You can add extra things to the front of the pockets, too.

So here’s my breakdown- if you are one of those folks- like me- who enjoy journaling more than you like scrapbooking, then you’ll adore the Smash Book. The pressure is off, the book is cute and sturdy, and you can document as much or as little as you like. Will it take the place of your kids baby books? Sadly, no. (No matter how much I’d like it to, as I’m woefully behind on those.) However, this is great for day-to-day-artsy-fartsy-diary-and-memory-keeping. And the price point is WAY cheaper than buying a scrapbook kit.

(Time to disclose. I got my book for free from K & Company at CHA, but I got some of the accessories from as a perk of being on their design team.)

So let’s talk price. You can find them for $10-$12 online, and like I said, they come with the waterproof pen/gluestick “Smash stick.” There’s even a mini version, too. So shop around and see where you can get the best prices. (Check out ConsumerCrafts line, too. They’ve got great prices, and if you stay vigilant you can get good shipping deals.)

Do I think it’s worth it? Heck, yes! I just might be giving some out to girlfriends as holiday gifts, too. As they say, “live it up, glue it down, and smash it in!”

If you are considering purchasing a Smash Book and/or accessories, I’d appreciate it if you used my affiliate links:

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  1. Paula says

    Saw these in store, but yawned thinking why not make your own….
    Perspective change–what a great way to jump start an art journal, inspiration book, or even a wedding/event planner. I’m going to pick some of these up for myself and my kids. No more swelling spiral notebooks!! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration to see something in a different light!’

  2. says

    These are the best things ever invented!! I saw them online and hit all of my local stores in search of them to no avail. I ordered a couple online and during the wait, I started my own little ‘smash’ journal from a small journal. I love the freedom of everything not having to be perfect.
    I received my order and loved them online. One I gave to a friend for a b-day gift. I found several small ones at a scrapbook store in a neighboring town and will be giving those out for Christmas gifts for my daughter’s teacher, my sister, and any of my daughter’s friends.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE smashin’!!!!

  3. says

    Finally got one – and omgosh – I’m totally hooked! It’s the BEST thing ever for keeping track of my “inspiration” stuff from magazines and such…no more loose pages floating around here and there and everywhere!!! LOVE it!


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