Craft Product Review: “The Best Glue Ever” by Scraperfect


When someone names their product, “The Best Glue Ever” you just GOTTA try it. I was offered a bottle to try out, and while I’m not sure it’s actually the best glue ever, it really is a handy adhesive to have on your worktable.

So let’s see what the website has to say:

The ‘Quick-Stick’ for Paper and Embellishments

  • The quick stick for paper and small embellishments such as gems & jewels, buttons, beads, sequins, charms, punched shapes, and glitter.
  • Apply to variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam, wood and rubber
  • Dires fast, clear and flexible with a super strong bond
  • Use sparingly!
  • Bonds paper to paper in seconds without wrinkling.  One bottle lasts and lasts!
  • Thin writing tip for detail applications including glitter, micro-beads, flock and other bling
  • Re-positionable or permanent applications
  • Does not bleed through ribbon
  • Make homemade “Glue Spots”
  • Web glue cleans up with soap and water.  Dried glue is permanent & washable on fabric.
  • Acid-free, non-toxic, non-stringy, no fumes, no odor

So, as always, I started out by opening the container and making a glue puddle on my worksurface. True to the description, there is really no odor. Such a nice change from some of stinky glues I work with! The viscosity of this glue is high- it’s really thick.I’d say it was thicker than honey. (Unless you find the semi-crystallized stuff in my cabinet. Yeah, it’s like that.)

I started off by trying out using The Best Glue Ever (TBGE) with a quilling project. I used a toothpick to apply the glue to the end of the roll to hold the coil together. I made a number of elements, then started to glue them down to a tag, also using TBGE. I couldn’t figure out why the coils were still wet, even though they had a number of hours to dry.

OH. Here we go again. It’s not a glue that dries to the touch (much like the Precision Point Adhesive Pen that I reviewed yesterday.) Instead, this glue stays tacky after it “dries”- it starts off opaque white when wet, then goes clear- and tacky- when dry.

I quickly abandoned the quilling project (FAIL!)  and moved on to using the glue as a wet/dry adhesive.

First, I used it to adhere some scrapbook cardstock to a MDF frame and let it dry overnight. To my delight, it held very well with no wrinkling of the paper. How many wet adhesives can claim that? Here’s my piece in progress:

As you can see, in this photo I tested paper-to-MDF, paper-to-paper (accent strip) and chipboard -to-paper- all without wrinkles! Hooray!

I tried you use TBGE for the rick-rack trim…and that was another massive “fail.” It seeped up and around the trim, making it sticky and gross. I would not use it for fabric trim again!

Now on to the “use as a duo adhesive portion of our review. I laid out 4 lines of TBGE and let it dry on cardstock. When it dried (turned clear) I added foil, flocking, glitter, and FlowerSoft. Look how it turned out:

Dried lines of TBGE.

From R-L: Flower Soft, flocking, glitter, and Clearsnap foil.

This is probably my favorite use for this glue. I love the idea of making my holiday cards and adding all the glue…then letting it dry…and THEN adding the glitter. It’s a great way to cut down on the mess and accidental smudging!

Let’s break it down into Pros & Cons…


  • Doesn’t wrinkle paper
  • Nice thickness when wet
  • Good “grab”
  • Fabulous for foiling, dry glittering, etc.


  • You must be super careful- any mistakes will cause a tacky mess
  • Not good for quilling! ; )
  • Nozzle clogged on my a number of times
  • Hard to wash off hands.

The bottle retails for $5.99, which is an OK price point considering it’s versatility. The bottom line? It’s not really the best glue ever, but it’s a good one to have around.

Feel free to leave your comments- I always like to hear about your experiences!


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  1. says

    I’m sorry to hear of your failures but I think with a little more knowledge and experimenting, you’ll be using it for many more applications.

    The very first line on the instructions say “APPLY GLUE SPARINGLY”. This is very important. We recommend if you shake the glue into the tip, you barely need to squeeze the bottle. This way, you can get drops the size of pinheads and lines the thickness of thin spaghetti. (Use less than you think you need to minimize any sticky residue.)

    The instructions on the bottle say “LET GLUE DRY ON PAPER BEFORE ATTACHING FABRIC OR RIBBON”. If you let the glue dry to tacky, there will have been be no seeping through the rick-rack trims.

    The glue dries in seconds to minutes–but yes, it remains tacky. (You can use this to your advantage in quilling by letting it dry and then coiling. The cardstock will bond instantly and and not unfurl.)

    Frankly, I’m surprised to hear of the tip clogging. (The fact that it doesn’t clog is one of the main praises we hear.) If it does, you can usually just pull off the tiny plug of glue. Perhaps there was too much glue collected on the spout.

    Jenny, I believe you will discover many more pros with time and use: It dries perfectly clear–use on acrylic and even vellum. You can make your own sticky spots (“Glue Dots”), it is permanent on fabric–even washable! It dries so fast that you are not waiting for things to bond. You can use it for re-stickying Cricut Mats and for use with vinyl-backed stamps. The fact that it can be used on most any material without wrinkling (from paper, wood metal, plastic, fiber, foam, leather, glitter…) means that it can be your go-to glue instead of having numerous specialty adhesives.

    To clean sticky hands or tools (or projects), I recommend buying an inexpensive can of Rubber Cement Thinner.

    For tips and tricks using this glue, there are at least 6 videos at

  2. says

    Amy, like any new product, there is a learning curve. And in my role as a craft product reviewer, my job is to use the glue the way most folks will- which is to respond to it as white glue. I’m not bashing the product- I think it has some great applications- but it will be a radically NEW and different product for some folks, and I want them to be well-informed via my experiences. Thanks for your comment.-Jenny

  3. Kathleen says

    Yes! this glue is sticky! My most FAVORITE of all uses so far with THE BEST GLUE EVER is to make my own glue dots! A typical common roll of medium glue dots has about 300 dots…I’ve counted! I go through them so FAST. Using an empty roll – I just squeeze out little tiny blops on the paper strip. My counter isn’t as long as the paper strip so I kind of curl the strip onto it’s side around the “corner” then lay the strip flat back up the counter – the really cool thing is that the dots don’t drip! You can make them really small and they work amazingly. I usually let them dry all day or over night. They do turn clear. I roll up the strip and wala! I must say I have even begun reaching for the BEST GLUE EVER in my Pre-K class preparations… I use a fraction of the amount of glue and it dries quick! OKAY – this is random – yes, I have a Pre-K in my home… 17 four year old’s in two classes – My toilet gets alot of use! the handle/flush thing popped off right before Christmas – I HAD to fix it FAST! I put some of the BEST GLUE EVER on it – wedged the plastic fitting back through the porceline onto the metal toggle thing – and it’s still on with NO wiggle in the handle…. that saved me money and inconvenience!
    WHO knows what I’ll find, or need, to use THE BEST GLUE EVER on tomorrow….

  4. says

    Wow! What a fabulously enthusiastic endorsement!!! I’ve been using it more and more, now that I understand HOW to use it. Thanks for your testimonial & ideas!

  5. bry says

    I found out about this glue while doing an internet search for something else. I ended up watching ALL of the youtube videos for this product and so I knew exactly how to use the glue when it arrived in the mail. It has not let me down! I LOVE IT! I was shaking my head while reading this review, thinking: “what does she think this is? Elmer’s?” I read your response to Amy so I guess that is exactly how you were going about it but I hope that you are using it to the fullest now :) It really is great stuff

  6. says

    Yup, thought it was regular glue. I kinda wish they had named it something different… when you think “Glue” you think- “starts wet, ends dry.” Of course TBGE ends tacky….hmmm….and Tacky glue ends dry…. ever wonder why a gal gets confused?

  7. Ruthie says

    I just have to say that the name of this website is one of the best names I have ever seen! I love it! SO brilliant!


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