Craft Product Review: Sweetheart Inkers by We R Memory Keepers


Pigment pads are essential for crafters. They feature opaque color, vibrant color, and are perfect for embossing. But Sweetheart Inkers from We R Memory Keepers have that “extra something”- an amazing design. Let me tell you about my experience with them.

Here’s how they are described on the website:

Sweetheart Inkers make the popular “vintage inking” easy, affordable and beautiful! These cute and easy-to-hold inkers, in the same lovable Sweetheart shape, come in 10 of the best colors of the rainbow: black, pink, red, orange, green, aqua, navy, purple, brown and white! Because of its shape, users can easily apply a lot or a little bit of ink. Another great feature is it’s soft touch handle that is easy to hold while applying ink, unlike its competition.

Now let’s take a closer look at the design.

The pad is spongy, and holds a lot of ink. It's also almost twice as large as most "cats eye" type pads.

There is a handle on the back for easy gripping.

The inkpad slips over your fingers- perfect for those crafters with disabilities or limitations.

Of course, I needed to do some swatching. Let’s take a look!

On the left: paper swatches, a square of canvas, a grungeboard number, and fabric paper. On right: ink applied through a stencil.

As you can see, the pigment ink is very effective on white or light surfaces. However, on darker surfaces it’s hard to see.

Embossed image on left.

Sweetheart Inkers are great for embossing, too- the ink is sticky and holds the powder until it’s heat-set. Be aware that it does NOT work well on slick or shiny surfaces like glass, metal, or leather. It just won’t dry well and will smear.

Note that there's very little bleeding after the ink is dry.

Would you like to see a little video? I thought it would be nice to show you the features instead of just tell you!

I found that the colors were really vibrant- look at how they pop on these samples:

Created with an iStencils stencil.

All of the paper used in this tag was white when I started out. As you can see, the colors are saturated and POP!

Now for the bottom line. Sweetheart Inkers retail for $3.99 USD each, but there are some great deals online. I love the handle for direct-to-paper applications and the super-juicy ink. I think I’ll be using them often!

Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes.

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  1. Carmen Lucero says

    Thanks Jenny! I like the comparison you made with the cat’s eye. I can see there is a big difference in the size and I like the price too!


    Carmen L


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