Craft Product Review: Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders


When I saw these folders debuting at CHA Winter 2012, I literally smacked myself in the head and said, “OF COURSE!” Why just invest in one embossing folder at a time, when you can double your designs in the same space? The geniuses at Spellbinders have done just that- in the new  M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders.

Here’s how they are described on the website:

Spellbinders™ M-Bossabilities™ Folders – Two Designs. Twice the Value.

Double your creativity with the new Spellbinders M-Bossabilities folders. Unique reversible embossing folders give you twice the value and more design options for detailed embossing and letterpress creations. 20 embossing folders flip around to create two different looks! Spellbinders M-Bossabilities folders come in 2 sizes for all your paper crafting needs. Each folder has two designs – one on each side –  for more versatility and value.

As mentioned, there are two sizes- 5X7″ and 4.25X5.5″- perfect for card makers. Now let’s take closer look at the folders:

Side “A”

Side “B”

As you can see, the designs are very deeply etched. And to switch from one design to the other, you just flip the folder over. I’m thinking that over time the plastic hinge might wear out, but it looked plenty sturdy while I was using it. The folder did warp a bit over use, but it continued to work just fine.

The hinge is a thinner plastic in order to go through the machine with even pressure.

So of course, I had to do a swatch test. Just so you know, my Grand Calibur was “in the shop” when I reviewed these dies, so I used my Vagabond instead. I’m happy to report that the M-Bossabilities worked great with the Sizzix machine- so you can use these folders no matter which manual system you own.

Here’s how Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Embossing Folders performed on a number of surfaces:

From left: watercolor paper, cardboard, aluminum soda can, vinyl, and text-weight paper.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cardboard- which was thicker than cereal box cardboard- embossed beautifully. And you can see for yourself the detail in the other papers and soda can aluminum. The vinyl embossed well, but it lost it’s texture a bit with handling.

I decided to try a bit of plastic from clamshell packaging, just to see how it would work:

Isn’t that lovely? Now here’s something cool- I can use this piece as a texture sheet with my polymer clay! I can also cut pieces of clamshell packaging with a die-cut and then further emboss them for cool layered effects on cards, tags, and mixed-media pieces. I love that the M-Bossabilities will help me recycle garbage into art elements!

I also heard that the M-Bossabilities Folders can be used as a letterpress! So….here’s my attempt:

Folder inked up, using a brayer.

Finished print. Note: I used thick watercolor paper.

By the way, if you try this technique, I recommend that you position your inked-up side on TOP- then firmly press the M-Bossabilities folder down and place your shim plate on top. Hold these all still while you feed the “sandwich” into the machine so that it doesn’t shift and smear during the compression process.

So lastly, I made a few cards with the M-Bossabilities folders.

I love how the M-Bossabilities die works with this stamped image from SCACD- it’s like they were meant to go together.

With 25 different folders available- that’s 50 designs- it’s a great way of building your texture library without breaking the bank. I’ve seen the price vary from $8-14 per folder, depending on where you find it. Since I love texture, I’ll be looking to pick up a few more M-Bossabilities soon!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

If you’d like to purchase M-Bossabilities Folders by Spellbinders, please support CTD by using our affiliate links:

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  1. says

    Jenny, Love your review and these look great. I especially like using them as a printing plate. Thanks for the review.

  2. Stephanie says

    To clean up the folder after using as letter press, use a wet wipe in the folder and run it through the machine. Probably everyone knew that, but just in case thought it was worth mentioning. Not that the clean up is that bad anyway. If you use white glossy paper when using as letterpress, the ink will be pressed out of the recessed areas leaving them white, while the rest of the paper takes the ink. Really nice effect. just by inking the different sides of the folder. I am not sure if that makes any sense or not, but play with them. Lots of fun!

    Love embossing folders. They really do go a long way in paper crafting! Thanks for the great review details and the different types of things embossed. You are very thorough and that’s why you are so great to follow up with on testing products.

    Have a great day!!

  3. Tonya Davidson says

    Hi there! I tried these with my Sizzix and had a heck of a time getting it through – it was really really tight. Can you share the ‘stack’ you used please? Tried my Cuttlebug too and it ‘shot out’ the back it was in so tight!

  4. Ellen Schmidt says

    Can I use the Spellbinders M-Bossibilities and 3D M-Bossibilities in my Cuddlebug Machine?

  5. says

    Ellen- I’m getting those 3-d M-Bossibilities into the studio soon and will do a full review for you. Hang tight!

  6. Michele says

    Hi please can you tell me how to use a em bossabilities foulder for letter pressing I’m not having any look I’m getting ink in places I shouldn’t be I’m using time holtz distressed ink

    Kind regards michele

  7. says

    Try applying the ink with a brayer. That should get the ink just on the surface and keep your impressions clean! Also try a nice pigment ink or permanent one like Adirondack or Memento. Those don’t bleed as much. Good luck!


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