Craft Product Review: Sizzix “Sizzlits” Dies


To start off, let’s talk about the difference in types of dies that Sizzix has available.  I previously showed you how to cut fabric with the new Framelits dies from Sizzix.   Those are the open, thin dies like many other similar-looking thin, chemically-etched dies on the market.  Then there are the Sizzlits dies and the steel-rule dies.  Steel-rule dies are about 1/3″ thick, have black foam on them, and the blades are embedded in the foam.  These dies are very sturdy and can cut just about anything you throw at them – cardboard, grunge board, thin metal, thick foam,multiple sheets of paper/cardstock, etc.  Sizzlits dies, however, are thin dies.  They have a thin layer of foam material around them, are maybe 1/8″ thick, and are made to cut a single sheet of paper, metallic foil, vellum or cardstock – but nothing thicker.  Sizzix sent us a pack of Sizzlits to play with, so I thought I’d test them out and see just what we can do with them!

I did a few swatches with the Sizzlits dies sent to me (the Crown, Medallion & Scrolls set).

You can see that the Sizzlits dies cut cleanly through the papers and cardstocks, and even through the thin craft foam.  However, they were not able to cut through the Sticky-Back Canvas, or through the felt (though it did come close to cutting through the felt).

Here, I cut all three of the pieces in the set from “gilded” Kraft Glassine – inked with alcohol inks.  You can see that on the Crown die, there are some perforated line areas.  These are to be used as guides for embellishing – so that you can cut a second crown from another color and cut it apart at the lines and use for embellishing your original crown.

Crown, Medallion and Scroll Sizzlits die set

Scored lines serve as guides for embellishing

There are small Sizzlit dies, medium dies (which these ones are), and even 12″ long “Decorative Strip” Sizzlit dies.  Tim Holtz has designed several of the long ones, including this “Tattered Banners” die which cuts 4 or 5 assorted sized banners in one pass.  The infamous “rosette” dies are also Sizzlits dies.

Tattered Banners Sizzlit Die

In this sweet card, which could be a valentine or just an everyday love note, I used the Sizzix Lace embossing folders, the Sizzix Tattered Banners Sizzlit die, and the Sizzix Tattered Pinecone steel-rule Bigz die (to make the dried rose).

Card made with Sizzix embossing folders, Sizzlit die, and Bigz die

Card made with Sizzix embossing folders, Sizzlit die, and Bigz die

The 3-die set shown above retails for $19.99, as do the long Decorative Strip dies.  While at times, it does feel like I’m spending quite a bit for one die, I remind myself of all the things these dies can cut that other systems may not be able to, and how long these will last.  Additionally, Sizzix often runs sales on their website, and if you sign up for their email list you will be the first to know about them!  All in all, Sizzix is one brand I foresee myself being a loyal fan of for years to come.


  1. Caryn S. says

    Interesting review and some things to consider there. However, no mention is made of what machines cut with these dies? Can you only use them with the Sizzix machines or will they work with any machine?

  2. says

    Caryn- being that they are thin-profile dies, you can use them with any of the Sizzix machines, Cuttlebug, and even the Grand Calibur. You would need to shim according to your machine. Hope this helps, -Jenny

  3. Saliha says

    Hi there,
    it did cut most of the felt right? only a few threads were left attached?? have you ever tried thin cotton etc with sizzlits dies? i want to know because i like a few sizzlits dies (they’re pretty simple designs like simple flowers etc) and i don’t know if i should buy them or not coz i craft with fabric mostly.

  4. says

    Hi Saliha – It’s been a while since I did this, but yes, from what I remember and what I see in the photos, it did cut MOSTLY through the felt…but not enough for me to actually pull the piece apart…I would have had to do quite a bit of snipping bits and pieces with my scissors to finish it off. And no, as I recall, I did not try them with just thin cotton…only the felt and the sticky-back canvas (which they did not cut through). I do know for sure that the Framelits by Sizzix did a MUCH MUCH better job of cutting through fabric than the Sizzlits…the Sizzlits are really geared only for cutting through paper…that is what they are designed for. However, the Framelits were quite successful in cleanly cutting through felt, fleece, fabric…even canvas. There are lots of great designs in the Framelits line…I would encourage you to look more in that direction for cutting fabric! :) Hope that helps!

  5. says

    The sizzlits do not work. Happy Birthday does not cut out, my flowers do not cut out. I am very disappointed with sizzlits. They just don’t work, even with wax paper, running them through a few times, just doesn’t work.

    :( Donna

  6. says

    Donna, you did not specify what die cutter you are using. It sounds like you need a shim. Sizzlits work well with the proper plates/shims.

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