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I have done a number of projects now using Simply Spray, and I have to admit I’m a fan. I noticed today, though, that I’d never posted a review here on my blog, even though I’d written one for So I’m re-printing my review here with links out a slew of Simply Spray projects!

I love the look of tie-dying, but sometimes I need to get a project done NOW- without mixing up colors or waiting for pots of water to boil.

Luckily, there is a new product available at ConsumerCrafts called “Simply Spray.”  It’s like a spray paint, but the paint is great on fabrics and stays nice and soft. The colors are blendable, too, for ombre and fun batik effects.

One of my favorite things to make are baby onesies to give as gifts, so that’s my first project:

simply spray 001Make sure your workspace is covered in plastic- I’m using an old tablecloth here. You might want to make a template or stencil from freezer paper, or just “wing it.” Now, the baby snap-suits are a knit material, but they take the dye wonderfully.

To use the paints, just shake- and spray! That’s it! Expect a medium mist, with some globs or dots of overspray. If you want to avoid a streaky look, just wet your material down with water (I use a plant mister) and it will help your colors blend:

I love the tie-dye effect!I love the tie-dye effect!

Next, I used a pillowcase, which is made from 100% cotton- more like a quilters’ cotton material. Again, I wet the surface down, and went to town with the Simply Spray:

Now wouldn't THIS be cute to take to sleep-overs?Now wouldn’t THIS be cute to take to sleep-overs?

Lastly, I used a canvas tote bag. It’s a pretty thick, rough cotton duck and is an off-white color. But there is some opacity to the paints, because the colors turned out so nice and vibrant!

Simply Spray even worked well on Canvas Tote Bags!Simply Spray even worked well on Canvas Tote Bags!

I really love this product. Easy to use and not so messy.One tip though- rinse off the nozzle after you are done with it quickly– don’t let the paint dry in the tip. It will clog! If it does, I had good success in rinsing the tip under warm water and swabbing it out with the point of a pin.

One last idea: use a masking technique and place images randomly over a shirt… you’ll get a great print, as we did for my son’s St. Patrick’s Day shirt:

iphonemarch 003

So now I bet you’d like to see some great projects using Simply Spray! Well, here ya go:

  • Make a sassy snapsuit with attitude! (from yours truly)
  • Patriotic T shirt from Vicki O’Dell
  • Summer of Love T-shirt from Vicki O’Dell
  • Elmer’s Glue Resist T-shirt from Vicki O’Dell

Have fun, friends!

Disclosure-no samples were provided for this review.

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