Craft Product Review: Scor-Buddy by Scor-Pal


I’m ashamed to admit that with my vast array of stamps and art supplies, I have great difficulty getting handmade cards created in time for birthdays and holidays.  That said, it is one of my goals to work on this year.  In fact, this pin on Pinterest caught my eye and gave me some motivation!  And if I’m going to be making a lot of cards, I definitely need a good scoring tool – so I was excited to give this little Scor-Buddy by Scor-Pal a try.  You can see right on the packaging that it sells itself as a “card maker’s dream tool.”  I wanted to find out if it really is!

I took the took out of its packaging and was struck by how slim and lightweight it was.  Very nice.  I certainly don’t need anything heavy or bulky added to my stash!  And the size is great.  Not that much bigger than the palm of my hand, it fits easily into that “little clear work space in the midst of the disaster” on my work desk.  (I know I’m not the only one whose desk is like this!)  It also comes with a handy little zippered storage bag, which would be great for when you are taking it along to crops or for travelling.

Storage bag

The board itself has a place for the scoring tool (aka bone folder) right at the top – and I was very impressed by the fact that there is actually a little spring-action button that you push which then pops the tool right out!  For me, because of my weak hands (due to neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis), this is a MAJOR plus – I have a hard time digging things out when they are stuck into a space.  That said, it’s great that the tool does click into place, so that it won’t easily get lost.  Additionally, you can see that there is a ruler across the top and down the left side, and a fence on the left side to put your paper against.  There are score lines every 1/4″ across the board, and every 1/8″ for the farthest 1″ on each end.  The score lines appear to be nice and wide.


One more awesome thing – like the larger Scor-Pal (which Jenny recently reviewed here), the Scor-Buddy has a magnetic area in the upper left corner, so that you can place any metal embellishments you might be working with there and they will stay put!  I loaded it up to see just how much stuff I could add, and I got all of this to stick.  I was able to pick it up, shake it, etc., and nothing fell off!  Pretty cool, right?  Again, for me, with my difficulty picking up small items, this is a major bonus.

Like the Scor-Pal, the Scor-Buddy has a magnetic area at the top to hold onto metal embellishments

So I wanted to try out the markings on the ruler across the top, which are guides to help you fold specific types of cards.  I started with a standard half-sheet greeting card.  Simply score at the asterisk, fold, and you have a perfect card.  My only previous experience with a scoring tool is the Martha Stewart Score Board, and I have to say that while I do like that one, I felt that the Scor-Buddy scoring tool did not jump out of the scoring lines like I’ve had problems with the MS Score Board doing to me sometimes.

Score at asterisk for a standard half-sheet greeting card

Standard half-sheet greeting card

I was very pleased with the crisp, even fold, and the sides lined up perfectly.  (Note: if you have never used a scoring tool before, you should always fold the card so that the “bump” is on the inside of the fold.)

Next, I tried a gate-fold card.  Again, there are markings on the top ruler to show where to score, making it very easy.

The dots mark the score lines for a gate-fold card

Scored and folded gate-fold card

Once again, the card came out great and the sides lined up perfectly.  This couldn’t be easier!

Finally, I wanted to try one that wasn’t completely laid out for me.  There is an upside down triangle on the ruler that indicates where to score if you wanted to divide an 11″ cardstock into thirds to make a brochure.  I didn’t want to do that, but I wanted to do a card with a flap.  I started by scoring at that triangle mark.

Score half-sheet card at triangle marking

Next, I flipped the card over, and placed my first score line against the fence on the left side of the board.  I then scored at the triangle again, creating the flap.

Flip card over, place first score against fence at left, and score again at the triangle

This is the result – a flap card.

Flap card

I even used the Scor-Buddy to create a wrap for the completed card, by scoring in the same places, but also scoring a second line 1/8″ away from each line, to allow for extra room so it would be able to slide on and off the card.

Create a card-wrap using the Scor-Buddy

A little embellishing, and my finished card –

Finished card using Scor-Buddy

The Scor-Buddy is priced at $19.99 (the same as the Martha Stewart Score Board, by the way).  You can also purchase a separate mat that works with the Scor-Buddy – it’s a cutting mat on one side and a non-stick work surface on the other; it’s priced at $7.00.  Or there’s a special value pack right now for $26.99, which includes the tool, the mat, and 2 rolls of Scor-Tape.   Whatever way you go, I personally think it’s a great little tool.  Would I get rid of my MS Score Board?  No…because this one really isn’t big enough to do things like larger boxes, big rosettes, etc., that I would use my larger board for.  But I definitely see a place for the Scor-Buddy in my craft room, for card-making.  I love the markings that make fast work of the most popular cards; I love how easy it is to grab the bone folder; I love the magnetic corner…and I love the size.  For me, it’s a keeper!

What about you?  Do you have a scoring tool?  Do you have more than one?  What’s your favorite?


Disclosure: Sample provided for review purposes.

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  1. Dee in N.H. says

    I have the full size Score-Pal and just love it!! I keep eyeing that cute little Buddy though!

  2. says

    I have a Scorepal and a MS score board but I think having this handy little one would be a great addition- just the right size for a lot of projects! Thanks for the demo.

  3. says

    I LOVE my Scor-Buddy! I don’t think it’s ever seen that cute little storage bag, though, since I keep it on my craft table and use it everyday!

  4. Jenny says

    The size definitely sells me on it. Yes, my desk becomes a disaster too while I am creating but as you said there is always that little work space and this little guy would fit great in it. I have the MS scorer but I feel like I can the best of both worlds with this little Scor-Pal too. Thanks!

  5. Michelle jadaa says

    ooooh i want one!I have a cricut cutter that you can change the blade on but its not nearly as useful as this!

  6. Meg K says

    Pretty card, great idea! I have Stampin’ Up!’s version, but I love the magnetic part of this one & the small size too :) Thanks for sharing this :)

  7. sherry says


    just a little note, you can purchase Martha Steward score board, $19.99 at Joanns and Michaels and use the 40% off coupon.

    thank you,

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