Craft Product Review: Piccolo Vintage Embossing Powders by GlobeCraft



Hello crafters!  Remember that first time you picked up a heat gun and embossed your first stamped image?  Remember how magical you thought it was as you watched the powders melt into a gorgeous enamel?  Well Piccolo Vintage embossing powders by GlobeCraft take your distressed and vintage embossing to a new level!  Here’s what the company website has to say:

Piccolo Embossing Powders are made of varying-sized particles that create a unique depth and dimension not available with traditional embossing powders. They can be flash heat set to provide texture, heated completely for a smooth finish or used like traditional embossing powders.


The first thing I noticed was, as stated above, the varying sizes of particles!  These are so cool!  And not only are you getting different sizes with these vintage colors, but you’re getting different colors, too!


The vintage silver and gold have bits of black in it.  The black and copper are my favorites, though!  The vintage black has bits of silver, white and gold in it.  The copper has shades of blue, green and white to give it a truly oxidized look!  Make sure you shake or stir these powders before you use them to mix up the different particles and pigments.

I did a quick test swatch using the powders with a fine-detail and regular stamp using Ranger embossing ink and Versamark.  Both came out pretty comparable.  The Ranger pad definitely allowed for some more of the fine detail in the above stamp, but I think a lot of it has to do with what sized particles hits that sticky embossing ink first.


Now for some fun!  I had some wooden gears and old watch pieces laying around and I decided to freshen them up a bit!  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the embossing powders stuck well to the tiny metal pieces!  Also, since there were a lot of detail and grooves in these pieces, it was nice to see that as long as I heated the embossing powders thoroughly, they would melt and move around the detail.


Here’s a quick card I made using the vintage black powder on a typewriter embellishment I had.  I also took the edges of the black cardstock and gently tapped the edges onto my embossing pad and then dipped them in a tray of the powder.  This way, you get a clean and embossed border!


Now came for a minor craft fail, but not on the part of the embossing powders.  I poured some powders into a Spellbinders bezel and melted it, and it turned out FAB.  But then, I must have used some old ice resin or didn’t mix it properly and it didn’t set!  Bummer!  But I at least wanted to share the idea with you all!


Bezel before ice resin was added.

Now down to the nitty gritty.  These are one ounce bottles at approximately $5.99 a bottle.  I find this a pretty fair deal; With embossing powders, a little goes a long way.  Seeing as how these are, “fancy,” with a little something extra added to them, I can justify a few extra dollars put towards one bottle of it compared to a standard embossing powder.  Well, what do you think crafters?  As always, let me know in the comments.

Make sure to check out Jenny’s review of the Piccolo micro embossing powders, too!



(disclosure: product provided for review)



  1. Susie F says

    I want these. I love the way the gears and typewriter turned out. They would be so cool as collage pieces in resin in a bezel. Love it.

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