Craft Product Review: Paint It Paper by Creative Imaginations


With shimmering sprays, juicy stamp pads and mixed media being all the rage nowadays, it would stand to reason that someone would come up with a paper that is meant to highlight these products. LuminArte by Creative Imaginations has done just that with a line of pre-embossed papers!

I couldn’t find an online description of it anywhere- but essentially it’s midweight cardstock- some designs are even double-sided- that have a thick “embossed” pattern that is slick and shiny. It will resist liquid and powdered media, while the “unvarnished” or plain areas absorb it.

With a product like this, I thought it would just be easier to show you. Here’s a demo video:

And here’s a still shot of those swatches again:

From top: Pan Pastels, Radiant Rains shimmer spray, Chalk Pigment Pad, Acrylic Paint, Alcohol Inks

I love the way you can blend the colors on these papers with a baby wipe. And it works equally well with wet or dry media.

Here you can see that the black "embossed" part of the paper- the resist- stays nice and shiny after the different media have been applied.

Everything blends so nicely....


I took  some of the Paint It Papers and made a little notebook album. I used a paper trimmer, Sizzix die, and hand punches. All cut through the paper easily and cleanly.

Notebook with Paint It Papers!

So here’s the bottom line- for under $2 USD a sheet, it would be well worth to have some of these papers on hand for when you want to customize a project. Sure, you could emboss your own- but these are large-scale prints perfect for 12X12 layouts and frankly it’s worth the time you save.

It might be challenging to find them in brick-and-morter stores- so make sure you request them at your Local Scrapbook Store if you don’t see them there.

How would YOU use the Paint It Papers?


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  1. Amyscats says

    Now THIS is a fresh idea! Loving it, thanks for finding it for us and the video.

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