Craft Product Review: Nestabilities & Grand Nestabilities Dies by Spellbinder


Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

A while ago I posted a great recycled soda can craft using the  Nestabilities Dies made by Spellbinder- and then I realized that I’d never really reviewed them! If you follow CTD with any sort of regularity, you see these dies popping up all OVER my crafts. (I’ll have a list at the end for you, too, so you can see for yourself. )

So, you know the drill…what can it cut? Take a look…

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

Old maps and sheet music

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

Photos and cardstock (this is embossed, too)

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

Fabric- and it works especially well if there is paper-backed adhesive ironed on.

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

Single layers of craft felt.

Another surprise- FOAMIES!

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

FOAMIES! Don’t go super thick, but up to 3MM is fine!

Spellbinders Nestabilities and Grand Nestabilities

Craft metal, tin, and aluminum!

It also works on chipboard and cereal-box type cardboard. So what WON’T it work on? Well, I had no luck with corrugated cardboard or denim. It’s just too thick! And I got iffy results on upholstery samples. But for most craft materials, the Nestabilities dies really perform.

Here are a few things I love about Nestabilities dies:

  • Graduated sizes. Great for making all of the items you see above!
  • Decent price point. Usually under $20 for 5-6 dies. The “specialty” ones like ice cream cones or birds might only have a set of three. (By the way, it’s still WAY cheaper than buying hand punches!)
  • Slim and easy to store. I bought a 8.5″X 11″ sheet of magnet, cut it into 4 pieces. Each postcard-size piece holds one set.
  • Adds a slightly embossed “border” because of the way the dies are made. You can use this to your advantage and add chalks or inks and create a nice effect.

So… then what are GRAND Nestabilities? They are just what you think they are- the are “super-sized” versions of the regular Nestabilities dies. So for example, the Nestabilities Scallop Circles go up to Xinches….and the smallest Grand Nestabilities Scallop Circle starts at 4 5/8″ an goes up to 7 1/4″. Like their little brothers, they are usually sold in a set of 6…but the price point has grown up, too. MSRP is $49.99 for these guys!

Marker is to illustrate scale.

When I saw them at CHA Summer, they were using them to make books, home dec items, and giftables. So I tested my Grand Calibur out along with the Grand Nestabilities and made this book:

Made using the Grand Nestabilities Labels #1 Die

In the course of making it, I cut cardstock, 2 layers of scrapbook paper at a time, and foam. To make the covers, I made a sandwich of textured cardstock/cereal-box cardboard/plain cardstock and then cut that out. I was impressed it went through so many layers!

So, like the Nestabilities I love and adore, the “Grands” are a welcome addition to my studio. However, at this price point, I’m going to have to be choosy in what I buy.

Do you think they are worth the price? I’d love to hear YOUR opinion!

And if you are interested in some crafty inspiration, check it:

Disclosure: I received Grand Nestabilities from Spellbinders as a product sample specifically for the purposes of review. I received the Scallop Nestabilities from as a member of their design team. Thought you should know!

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  1. says

    Hey, Grandmom! You know, I found some on for a great price… might be just the thing to put on your holiday wish-list!

  2. Renie says

    Hi! Love what you have done with them! When I first started to buy nestabilities, I did the square, rectangles and ovals. Love the scallops, but when wanting to use the scallops and straight edge together, it meant buying both of the sets. So at buying 2 sets to use together, it is investing about $50.00 for both, not counting shipping. I have had to shop for sales (which is okay-I love a sale), but they still get too expensive to buy a lot. Especially when one needs to watch their spending, which I do. But do love them. Wish they were more affordable. The Grands are ones I won’t let myself think about! If I am going to add to my collection, it will have to be the regular ones. It is a bit of a toss up as to which is more cost effective..the cricut has lots of designs and sizes, but the nesties, etc. give such a great cut and the embossing is a plus too. You need to invest much more into the spellbinder dies for the versatility. I am hoping that Spellbinders will come down some, but won’t likely happen. Some of the more intricate (I have the Fleur De Lis Pendants) are a killer on the cuttlebug plates! Warps them pretty quickly! Thanks for listening :)


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