Craft Product Review: Mr Huey’s Color Mists from Studio Calico by American Crafts


Color, color, color! Mistable sprays and inks are still really “hot” in paper crafting, and it was time to try out a new-to-us brand here at CraftTestDummies WHQ- Mr. Huey’s Color Mists for Studio Calico (by American Crafts.) 

The first thing I realized when I dug out the product was that some are metallic/shimmery and others are straight up color mists. Here’s how they are described on the website:

STUDIO CALICO-Mister Huey’s Misting Spray. Spice up your projects with these uniquely colored misting sprays! This package contains one 1 ounce bottle of mist. Available in a variety of colors: each sold separately. Made in USA.

Of course, what is important is how they LOOK, right? So let’s dive into the swatch testing! First, the color mists without metallics:

Color mists: Clockwise from top left: canvas paper, printed scrapbook paper, white cardstock, grunge board, blue cardstock, black cardstock.


Detail of green mist on black.

You can see that there is a small bit of opacity- that is, you can see it faintly on the black cardstock and it will obscure the print on patterned paper a little bit- but not enough to act like a paint.

Next, metallics:

Clockwise from upper left: grungeboard, blue cardstock, patterned scrapbook paper, canvas, white cardstock, black cardstock.

Detail of the silver and gold metallic mists.

These are wonderfully sparkly! I love the way they show up so well on darker backgrounds, too. I played a bit to see how well they colors blend.

Silver and red….

Interestingly, the metallic particles repel the colors a bit…and makes them a bit grainy. My solution for this is to mist the metallics after the colors are dry. Also, I noticed that the Color Mists- especially the pink- look really RED when you first spray it. But as the Color Mists dry, they tone down into the colors that you see on the label. So don’t be alarmed if the wet color isn’t what you expect.

Another interesting note: when the mists are dry, they do not bleed. In crafty vernacular, they are NOT water-reactive. Think of them like spray acrylics- when they are wet, you can mix, but once they are dry, you cannot re-activate them with water. I mention this not because it’s good or bad, but because some crafters like to do special techniques by re-wetting spray mists and “lifting” the color- and you will not be able to do that sort of thing with these. The upside is that if you want to spray, seal, or glue something else on top, you won’t smudge your colors.

Color Misted tags with a resist.

I made two projects to show you- a tag and a scrapbook page.

Color Misted and stamped tag.


Here I started with white cardstock and misted through a stencil to create a background and print. I also misted a white chipboard shape.

Overall, I like these Color Mists and will continue to use them- especially in projects that I might want to layer with other wet media on top. The MSRP on these are $5.99 USD each- which for one ounce seems a bit spendy- but of course you only use a tiny bit at a time so it should last quite a while. I also like the color palette quite a bit and can’t wait to pick up the opaque white!

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