Craft Product Review: Mod Podge Dimensional Magic


I use Mod Podge for a lot of my projects. A LOT. But there are some projects that need that extra “pop” of a raised glaze, or to fill a bezel. Enter Mod Podge Dimensional Magic by Plaid.

Now, back in the day, I was addicted to a glaze product by Plaid called Royal  Coat Dimensional Magic…but sadly, it was discontinued. I used in on bottle caps and ATC’s, altered dominoes and faux dichroic glass. (I bought up every bottle I could find!)

Now Plaid as “improved” the formula, and it’s relabeled under the Mod Podge brands. Okay by me, as I’ve found it’s just a reliable and functional as it’s predecessor.

Dimensional Magic is a syrup-consistancy, straight-from-the-bottle top coat and glaze. Not messy mixing or waiting for cures. Just apply it to your project and wait for it to air dry. Ta-Da! That’s it.

It’s a little opaque when you apply it, as you’ll see from the following pictures. But never fear, crafty peeps- it dries crystal clear!

Before- one coat wet

After- one coat, dried

Here, DM is applied to a polymer clay button. No worries about that big bubble on the left: I was able to pop it with a tooth pick. And the glitter in the clay really “pops” with that glossy top-coat!

Before- on coat wet

After: two coats, dried.

Here, I used DM to layer iridescent films to make a faux-dichroic glass effect. Those plastic films just float, and it’s got great clarity. You can even still see the stamping I did on the glass before the films and Dimensional Magic was applied.

Before, wet.

After- two coats, dried.

And here, I used alcohol inks on a Style Stone (the smaller piece) and scratchboard (“dream”.) Those little white inclusions aren’t bubbles, they’re glow in the dark glitter! Again, the silver in the alcohol inks really takes on a faboo shine that you just don’t get without a shiny glaze on top. One note here, though- I noticed that the inks ran somewhat (I also stamped with alcohol ink.) I’m going to try heat-setting the next time to see if I can eliminate that problem!

Here, I used DM as a thin topcoat on a paper embellishment. It really allowed the mica powders to shimmer and shine. On this second StyleStone, I used it and added the rhinestone. Note that little bit of  bleeding…

Lastly, I used it to fill a bottlecap collage. Oddly, the DM reacted with the metal ladybug charm, oxidizing it and turning the surrounding area a greenish color. Luckily, I’m OK with that sort of thing, but it’s something to be aware of.

I’m also happy to report that there is very little “sink” when Dimensional Magic dries. (You know, sometimes there is a bit of a dip in the center as the dries.) But DM holds it’s integrity well, and looks great. It’s also self-leveling, which means that even if your application is a little uneven, it’s very forgiving and will settle out on it’s own.

All in all, I’m loving it- it was a product I really missed. It’s like an old friend has moved back into the neighborhood! Keep your eyes peeled at your local craft stores, and try a bottle yourself!


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  1. says

    Thanks for the review. It’s on my shopping list. I’ve been looking for something like this without buying a gallon of resin for my bottle cap magnets. Perfect!

  2. Sue Castle says

    Thanks for the review, I saw this the other day at my local Hobby Lobby (if local can be 30 miles away) . It was actually IN the clay aisle and I wondered if it would work with clay or not. I’ll have to try it now, LOL. Thanks, again.

  3. Kasi says

    I tried this at a craft trade show in Anaheim. We made a necklace and earings. it was so fun and easy but i havent been able to find it at Michaels or Joanns, guess i have to buy it online. I mainly use polymer clay for my crafting so thanks for showing examples using this to create soem faux looks

  4. Sophie says

    I just bought some today at Walmart. It was with the other Mog Podge products and crafts. I’m excited to try this product!!!!
    I hope that it’s comparable to Diamond Glaze?
    Which I seems to be able to only get on the internet….

  5. Sandra says

    I FINALLY found some at a local Hobby Lobby here in Colorado. Dimensional Magic is HARD to find here.

  6. Nancy says


    I’ve been searching for Dimensional Magic and live in Colorado….At which Hobby Lobby did you finally find it? I can’t wait to try it out!

    :) Nancy

  7. says

    Nancy– I live in Ohio and can’t help you with that one! But call your local HL and just ask! You also can ask them to carry it. Usually the store buyers respond to customer demand!

  8. Malinda says

    Have you ever tried layering the dimensional magic? I used a deep bezel and put glitter as the background, filled it half way with DM and let it completely dry. The next day I put a sticker on top of that and filled the rest of the bezel with DM and let it dry for a couple of days, but it didn’t dry clear! It’s not horrible or anything but it is a bit cloudy…..Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think it could be because of the 2 layers?

  9. says

    Malinda- I haven’t experienced this… I wonder if somehow the DM interacted with the sticker? I’ve used multiple coats of MPDM and that’s never happened to me. Sorry I can’t help!

  10. says

    Thank you so much for the review! I’ve been wondering about this product, and will definitely try it now. With any kind of luck, the Walmart I go to will have it. I won’t take out a mortgage just for the shipping!

  11. Susie W. says

    Thanks so much for the “test.” I recently did my own test on some very special “happy accident” pieces that I created with polymer clay. The pieces are very organic, similar in look to a natural geode. I needed something that would fill the crevices and give me a hard, level finish. And the Dimensional Magic, long a favorite of mine, turned out as good as any resin I’ve seen, but without all the smell and mess. I LOVE this stuff! Thanks for verifying my results.

    And, for Malinda, most of the recommendations I’ve seen, when working with paper, is that you seal the paper first, before applying to your piece to be encased. Many times I’ve seen the regular Mod Podge recommended for this. I wonder if the “hard” Mod Podge would give a similar result. I’ve yet to test that product.

  12. Nicole says

    How did you apply it? with a brush or just sqeeze directly formthe container? When I tried it with a flat phot, it went over the edge and then the photo stuck to the paper I had underneath. How do you keep it from going over the edge if you are applying it to something flat?

  13. says

    DO NOT use a brush- the idea is to get a thick, glossy coat. Squeeze straight from the tube- but DO NOT shake it- you’ll only get air bubbles. Make sure your project is on a flat surface, and then draw a line of MPDM around the outside edge. Then, using the tip, fill in the inside area. (This is the same technique for frosting cookies using the “flood and fill” method, if you are familiar.) Now, I’m guessing the word above is “photo”- but I’m not quite sure what you mean…. it works best on smallish embellishments, like dominos, chipboard, bottlecaps, etc. Good luck!

  14. M says

    @Melinda I had a similar experience with the Dimensional Magic drying cloudy. I made some cufflinks where I placed a picture at the bottom and covered with Dimensional Magic. First of all, it does not self level. This is likely due to it shrinking slightly as it dries. I had to add additional Dimensional Magic to bring it up to the level I wanted which wasn’t a big deal. At first, it looked great but after a few days, it became cloudy. I have no idea why this occurred. I’m not too thrilled with the outcome and regret buying this product. If you search for other reviews, you’ll see that people have run into similar cloudiness issues with Dimensional Magic.

  15. says

    I’m so sorry to hear of this clouding problem! I literally have purchased and used 10 bottles of MPDM, and have NEVER encountered clouding. I’m wondering if it’s a humidity issue? I live in the Cleveland area of Ohio, and we aren’t known for extremely muggy weather.

  16. kristen says

    Just used for first time yesterday. Still today you can stick your fingernail in it and leave a mark. Does it dry harder than this? Was humid yesterday, is that maybe why, or does it take longer…or does it just never dry hard??

  17. kristen says

    thanks for replying Jenny. Yah, i guess it was the humidity, because i tried it again and it worked great.

  18. jackie says

    i used it in different ways just to see if it won’t bleed. i used photo papers and the images always bleeds. is it the DM or the photo paper? i’m so frustrated. i’ve tried everything and it seemed that i’m doing it wrong. i’ve already used 16 bottle caps and their horrible. bleeding and cloudy DM are my problems. any tips for me? thanks.

  19. says

    Jackie- are you using a inkjet printing method or toner? You might want to print out on inkjet, then color copy it. Otherwise seal your inkjet papers with some spray-fix to reduce bleeding. Good luck!

  20. says

    I just discovered this product the other day. I’ve been visiting my Aunt in Oregon for my grandfathers memorial, and spotted it at her Joanns while we were shopping. I want to surprise my grandma with a photo of my grandfather and a few pieces of babys breath from the flower arrangements in a bezel cup pendant. I’m wonderin if you, or anyone else who pops by this review have used dried flowers in thier DM, and did it come out ok. Also is it better just to use regular paper when printing out my grandfathers photo, or do any photopapers hold up ok? Thank you for any replies!!!


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