Craft Product Review: Martha Stewart Paints Tools and Accessories by Plaid


Yesterday I gave you my overview of the new Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid– today, I’m going to give you the overview of some of the tools and accessories that are part of the line. While you may not NEED these accessories, they are so well-made and brilliantly-designed that you find that these tools will save you time and expand your creativity.


The Martha Stewart Paints brushes all feature ergonomically designed, soft grip handles and white nylon bristles. I used them in most of my painting tests, and they were SO comfortable in the hand- that “soft grip” is almost like a sueded finish, and if you are painting for hours at a time- like I was- they really kept my hand fatigue down.

Painted with the 1 inch flat brush and the round brush.

I craft like a maniac and often I’m splashing paint and water about, and those handles stayed comfy and n0n-slip the whole time.

I used the Martha Stewart Paints brush to apply High-Gloss paint to this foam stamp.

Striping and Patterning Brushes

Now, it wouldn’t be “Martha”if there weren’t some specialty finish brushes as well. These ones pictured offer brushes that make it a snap to create fish scales, stripes, dry brushing effects, even plaids!

Just a few ideas on how you can use the brush.

I used the 3-pronged fine brush, the wider 2-pronged brush, and the “dry brush” ones to create the birdhouse.

Black= 3 prong brush, gold= 2 prong wide brush.

 Specialty Tops

Here’s where I just got super-impressed. The Martha Stewart Paints have very small openings once you take the flip-cap lid off.

Martha and her crew devised  set of specialty tops- a foam pouncer top, fine tips, rollers, and foam brushes- that you can screw right on to the top of your bottles and paint directly from them! I was SO impressed.

The foam brushes and fine tips each come with extra bottles for mixing your own colors/ glazes, too.


The fine tips come with caps, too- so your paint will stay fresh.

Of course, I tried these out immediately on some Transfer Medium (foam brush)….

Just squeeze the bottle and the paint comes right through.

…and also the fine tip.

I used the fine tip to add the leaves and stem.

It was SO easy to control the flow of paint using the fine tip- I loved the precision it gave me. And with the foam brush, you just squeeze and paint, squeeze and paint- no stopping to reload a brush. The best part is that you can just toss the cap if you are done with it or you can wash it out and get a few uses from it. (I opted for the former when I used it for the Transfer Medium, as it dries sticky, and the latter for when I was using paint.)

The only downside with these products is that while they give you an empty bottle for custom-mixing colors and mediums, they do NOT give you a funnel for that abnormally small opening! None of the funnels in my house worked- I’ll have to get some mini-funnels from ConsumerCrafts soon.)

Foam Pouncers

I use foam brushes all the time- you know they are super-cheap, break down in the middle of a project, but they are SO cheap you just throw them away. Well, Martha Stewart Foam Pouncers are, like, the opposite of that. Indicated as “best to use for painting smooth surfaces like glass,” I actually used them to apply paints to foam stamps for smooth even coverage.

They have a plastic handle that is pretty easy to grip (I kinda wish that it was more contoured) but the quality of the sponge is amazing. I was able to rinse and re-use them multiple times….and when I forgot to rinse it out and it dried crispy, I just took out the sponge part, flipped it over, and re-inserted it into the handle. You get a two-fer with each pouncer!

Now, I know I haven’t mentioned the Stencil Brush Set or the Specialty Sponge set…but I’ll get to those later this week when I cover the stencils, ok?

Feel free to leave a comment and/or ask questions-I’m happy to help if I can!

Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes.



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  1. says

    You are correct. The Folk Art & Plaid paints I’ve seen all have wider mouths & the specialty caps will not fit on them.

  2. whitnee says

    The extra bottle included is not for mixing other colors. It is for cleaning the brush caps. You fill it with water and put the cap you just used on it and squeeze it through to aid in rinsing it. There is a video about it on the website.


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