Craft Product Review: Lumiere Light Body Acrylic Paints by Jacquard


If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I’m in love with shimmery paints. I’ve known about Jacquard Lumiere Paints (and I’ve gone through a bottle or two in my day) so it was shocking that I never reviewed it! So today, crafty friends, the day has come to talk about this amazing light bodied acrylic.

Here’s how it’ described on the website:

These gorgeous metallic paints spread smoothly and stay flexible. They are a perfect choice for fabric and leather, but are also stunning on surfaces like paper, photos, wood, shrink plastic and even styrofoam!

The line contains traditional metallic colors as well as pearlescent, halo and hi-lite colors. The hi-lites are practically transparent on light colors and show up beautifully on dark ones.

Whether you want a little sparkle or a lot of dazzle, there is a Lumiere color for you!

Since Jacquard was nice enough to send me some fresh paint, I’m going to hone in on the traditional metallic colors. I opened up the container and was met with rich, dazzling color! I didn’t notice much of an odor until my nose got within 4 inches of the bottle- so it’s certainly not offensive or overwhelming.

As described, this is a light-body acrylic. That means that it’s fluid, about the consistency of fresh honey.

Let’s swatch, shall we?  Paper first:

From top: Watercolor paper, manila tag, black texture cardstock, and white smooth cardstock.

And other substraits:

Chipboard snowman, metal star, wood checker.

Because Lumiere is a light body, you will need 2 coats on most surfaces. You can see this plainly with the wooden checker.

Now, on that Snowman chipboard on the previous photo- I have to mention that I attempted to use Crackle medium and use the Lumieres as both the base coat and the top coat. But I couldn’t get it to crackle at all! I had to settle for using the Lumiere as the base coat and another brand to crackle on the top. Thought you should know!

Maybe that’s what makes it so good on fabric- it’s flexible. I did a little stamping on fabric, and you can see how nice the shine is.

For best results, apply Lumiere paints to stamp with a foam dauber or makeup sponge.

When applied in this fashion, the fabric stays soft and supple, and the metallic paint pops. Love it on darker, more solid-print fabrics.

The snowflake in the above photo is a felt embellishment that I painted. Surprisingly, it also remained fairly soft and pliable. (Meaning that you could still use it as an embellishment on clothing or a wearable and it wouldn’t feel all stiff and poke-y.)

You can also use Lumiere paints with a stencil, but use it sparingly (after all, it’s as a light-body acrylic, that means that it will seep under the stencil if you pounce it on too thickly.) Also, you can use a repositionable spray to help the stencil stick down to avoid seepage.

But what I really love about Lumieres is that you can thin them down with water and use them as gorgeous washes on water color paper or in art journals!

On watercolor paper. So lovely when thinned with a bit of water. Like you've added a glimmer mist on top!

In my art journal, with some bubble wrap texture added.

Lastly, I use Lumieres to make this tag:

Painted background with water-thinned Lumieres,  as a stenciled and stamped layer, and as a base coat to to the crackle-effect.

So it’s easy to say that if you haven’t tried Lumieres by Jacquard yet, you are missing out. Yummy colors ( you have to see the Halo colors for yourself to understand how terrifically two-tone they are), versatile, and OH so shimmery. And for around $3USD for a 2.25 oz jar, you are going to get a lot of goodie out of this paint. If you’ve used Lumieres, I invite you to leave a comment below!



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  1. says

    Jenny, LOVE the snowman tag! Lumiere does have a lot of applications. I love using it on fabric as a color wash, as you mentioned or not diluted with water.

  2. says

    Melissa- I have! They’re great. But they aren’t acrylics….so they are a really different animal than the Lumieres.


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