Craft Product Review: Lucky 8 Punch by We R Memory Keepers


At Winter CHA 2012 in January, there was a LOT of buzz around the Lucky 8 Punch from We R Memory Keepers. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Lucky 8 Punch is a monster of a punch, made to made both outside (edge) cuts as well as detail cuts (inside.) It has functions so that you can cut just the edge, just the interior detail, or both at the same time.


Lucky 8 Punch-"Classic Wreath" top view

Lucky 8 Punch-"Classic Wreath" side view

Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath- Bottom View NOTE: no guard is there to catch the debris. You will have confetti on your table!

As I mentioned, it’s substantial. It measures 8 inches wide by 8 inches(!) long by 4 tall, and weighs a couple of pounds.

Here’s how it’s described on the website:

Transform paper with the easy-to-use Lucky 8 Punch. In as little as 8 punches around the paper, ordinary paper becomes unique and decorative. It combines a corner and boarder punch in one tool to create an outer cut, inner cut, or a combination of both. Let the creativity begin with 12 great punch designs.

To see it in action, check out this video I recorded at the We R Memory Keepers booth:

Of course, nothing makes a Craft Test Dummy happy like actually trying it first hand! I was lucky to get one recently (even BEFORE they’ve been shipped to stores) so that I can give you all the scoop!

I started with cardstock paper, and used the Lucky 8 Classic Wreath punch to make the following cuts on a 12 X 12 inch sheet of paper:

Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath- outside only.

It was easy to slide the “Outer Cut” button to the “on” position, and turn the “Inner Cut” button to “off.” It took moderate pressure to depress the handle and make the cuts. I could do it from a seated position- I didn’t need to put my whole weight on it.

Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath-4 out of 8 cuts.

Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath- outside only. All 8 cuts!

Even just the 4 cuts look cool- I could see myself just using them & not completing the cycle. Now….all 8 cuts, both the inside and outside dies engaged:

Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath-Inside and outside cuts.


Lucky 8 punch Classic Wreath-Inside and outside cuts.

Pretty cool. Of course, I wouldn’t be me without wondering what else it could punch.


It WON'T cut cardboard. Darn.

It WILL cut plastic to make stencils. Yay!


OK, that means that it’s has a few more uses and therefore helps defray the cost. But what if you don’t use a square piece of paper? Well, I tried making a border, just using the interior cuts.

That has legs. And what about smaller pieces of paper? Here’s a cut just using the outer border. The original piece of paper was 7 inches square.


White square is 7 inches- the blue paper shows how it gets cut down just using the outer border.

White square is 7 inches- the blue paper shows how it gets cut down just using the outer border.

Pretty, right? So you don’t need to have a 12 inch square paper to start…you’ll just get different shapes. I will say, though, that I tried to cut a 5 inch square, and it was pretty much impossible. The Lucky 8 is just too large to handle smaller pieces of paper.

So then it was time to actually MAKE SOMETHING. Whee!


Layout using the 7 inch square and interior punch.

Layout using the 7 inch square and interior punch.

I also used some of the punch waste- those teardrop shapes- on the photo mat. Next, I made an “explosion” card with piece of paper that I’d cut with just the outside border punched.


"Explosion" card using the Lucky 8 Punch.

“Explosion” card using the Lucky 8 Punch.

(I have a post coming soon on how to make that card. Stay tuned.)

So here’s the deal- the Lucky 8 Punch retails for between $35.00-$40.00, which is not cheap. However, if you spend $2 a sheet for laser-cut scrapbook papers, you only need use it 20 times for it to pay for itself. If you factor in that you can also make some other cool boarders and shapes AND make stencils, well…then the price seems more reasonable. You might want to coordinate with friends (who buy different ones) and have Lucky Punch parties!

Disclosure: sample provided for review.

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  1. Brenda B says

    I love that you have tried using the punch with various materials. It certainly looks like loads of fun.

  2. Weezie13 says

    I was just using my punch today, the one with the pretty little flowers on it, and I was just using it as a “punch”…. like random pieces of paper in certain colors that I wanted… and punched it just for the flowers… and then ran the flowers thru my Xyron “X”.. and made Easter cards with them… it turned out soooooooooooooooo cute… and I could get a bunch of flowers in one punch, saved time…

  3. Carol says

    I just received the wreath punch. The paper does not slide easily into the punch. After jiggling it around a bit I can get it in and and it cuts smoothly. Unfortunately the paper sticks when removing and wrinkles or tears. Love the idea and what you can do with it. Disappointed that I will now be returning it due to the cost. For $40.00 it needs to work properly.

  4. says

    Carol- it sounds like it might need a little lubrication. Before you return it, try punching a few times with some waxed paper to get the dies to slide smoothly- if that doesn’t work, then by all means you should ask for a replacement. -Jenny

  5. Tara says

    These are only 17.00 on sale at and at the store. They are sold out now, but will email you when they come in stock.


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