Craft Product Review: Liquid Fusion from Aleene’s


Adhesives are one of a crafter’s best friends- we need glues for everything from paper to fabric and everything in between! Liquid Fusion from Aleene’s claims to be 2 ounces of “pure muscle” by the description on their site.  Let’s put that claim to the test.

The description straight from their site is as follows:

Liquid Fusion® Clear Urethane Glue is to the crafting world what energy drinks are to the sports world—2 ounces of PURE MUSCLE! 

Fed up with industrial glues that: 
* Foam up 
* Smell bad 
* Are toxic 
* Don’t dry clear? 

Liquid Fusion® 
* Dries fast and crystal clear 
* Is environmentally friendly 
* Works on almost any porous surface 
* Is non-foaming 
* Cleans up with water when wet 

Imagine one glue for almost all of your projects. The special formula penetrates deeper than other glues without using clamps. 

Great for: 
* wood 
* metal 
* stone 
* fabric 
* and more!

I am completely fed up with the glues I usually use as a matter of fact.  They either have horrendous odors or foam up and make a mess on my projects.  I was so excited about this one.  The first thing I noticed was that Liquid Fusion works on fabric.  Well I have a pair of pants that the hem is coming out of.  So I glued the hem in place and washed the pants three times so far.  Guess what?  That hem is still holding strong.  I was impressed.  No more trying to sew a blind hem for me.

So while we are on fabric.  I hate when I hot glue fabric to a surface and it pulls away easily.  I never have any luck with the hot glue/fabric combination.  So on this little project, I pulled out the Liquid Fusion.

I put the fabric through the tug test after the recommended drying time on the package.  The cardboard I glued to actually came apart before the glue came off of the fabric.  Exactly the kind of strength I was looking for on this project.

You see this one is for my son to play with so it needed to be indestructible.  You can see the full instructions for this one today over on The Country Chic Cottage.

Now let’s jump into some more surfaces.  I went with two glass pieces for my next experiment.

I painted the candlestick, then after that dried, I glued the two pieces together using Liquid Fusion.  After about 48 hours (WAY over the recommended drying time on the package), the pieces did not make it through 30 seconds of handling.  I was disheartened but continued on.

I used some Liquid Fusion to adhere both plastic and metal buttons onto a glass votive candle holder.

After approximately 24 hours, I did the tug test and was again disheartened as my buttons began to come right off.

None of the buttons stuck to the glass.

In all cases (both metal and plastic), the glue peeled right off the back surface of the buttons as well.


  • Perfect for fabrics (especially for those of us that don’t like to sew blind hems)
  • Low odor (the odor is minimal and dissipates quickly)
  • Non foaming
  • Dries clear
  • Not too thick or too thin


  • Failures with all glass projects I attempted
  • Failure with plastic bonded to glass
  • Failure with metal bonded to glass

While I was impressed with the performance of the Liquid Fusion with fabric adhered to other surfaces.  I was unable to get it to uphold to the “pure muscle” guarantee on any other of the surfaces mentioned in their description.  It is true that the glue is non-foaming, dries clear, and has very little odor.  The glue was spot on as far as the consistency as it was not too thick or too thin.  However, for your glass, plastic, and metal gluing needs, this is not the glue for you.

Disclosure: Sample Provided For Review.

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  1. says

    I think this review is a little unfair as the instructions say quite clearly “Works on almost any porous surface” and glass is not porous.

  2. says

    The description did say it works on most POROUS surfaces – which glass, metal, and plastic are not. Did you try it on wood, foam, or paper? Thanks for sharing your results.

  3. says

    The back of the bottle states the following list of surfaces:

    wood, metal, stone, ceramic, plastic, glass, fabric, and more

    So I choose some of those surfaces to test on. By the description, I was fully confident the product would work on glass.

  4. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    Pretty foolish of them to list stone and metal on the list if it’s only good for porous surfaces. That is confusing at best. Glad you reviewed this but I do wish you had tried it on wood as that is the issue I am currently having now.

  5. says

    Wendy- just giving it the run-down the way any at-home crafter would. And Angie did note that the product worked great on fabric and cardboard- both porous surfaces.

  6. says

    Loved this blog. I had thought about purchasing this glue. Im glad I didnt. The only glue I have found that works well with glass, metal, glue and polymer is Crafters Choice glue. I just bought the crystal version to try to see if that works good to. The original does work amazing with crystals.


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