Craft Product Review: Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint


I love glitter, and was have used the Krylon Glitter Spray in craft projects for over a year now. So when I heard that Krylon was “kicking it up a notch” I was super-anxious to try the Glitter Blast.

According to the website,

Taking glitter to the next dimension. A uniquely intense, sparkling glitter finish so it’s easy to get an irresistible look on almost any surface.

  • Adheres well to most surfaces, even plastic
  • Formulated to provide full coverage and a truly 3-dimensional look
  • Safe for use on Styrofoam®
  • Acid-free for scrapbooking
Dry to Touch
20 minutes
Dry to Handle
24 hours
For use with Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache, Styrofoam.
It also comes in 12 colors, and they strongly recommend using a clear sealant top coat to make sure the glitter doesn’t rub off on your hands.
So what’s not to love? I started off with a swatch test on paper:
I sprayed each with a  moderate coat:

Wow! That’s a LOT of Glitter!

As I was spraying the Glitter Blast, there was particles of glitter literally flying through the air!
(Note to self- you might want to use the spray outside or wear a dust mask.)
Here’s a shot of the spray box- you can clearly see how glittery everything is!
So then I decided to try spraying some dried allium blooms with Glitter Blast. I thought they’d be pretty in a vase as a part of my Thanksgiving centerpiece.

I used the flash so you can see the glittery goodness.

I was half-way through spraying the second bloom when everything came to a screeching halt. The nozzle stuck and it started sputtering and spraying. I tried shaking the can, turning it upside down, even running it under warm water….and still it sputtered and sprayed, discharging binder and propellant.
It made a HUGE mess- gunk all over my hands, sink, everywhere. I couldn’t stop the spraying, and the whole can was wasted.
Here’s a quick video I took:

Now, sadly, I’m not the only person who’s had this issue. The Scrap Shoppe posted a video of a Glitter Blast fail, too.

Now, Krylon reached out to her and offered to replace the can, so she is satisfied with that.  However, between my experience and hers I’d have to say this product isn’t quite ready for prime-time.I love the look and the results, but the problems/frustration with getting started on a project only to get stranded in the middle due to a clogged nozzle would make me avoid using this product in the future- at least until Krylon works out this issue.

Feel free to weigh in if you’ve used this product!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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  1. says

    I had the same stinking thing happen to me yesterday with the orange glitter blast! I had shaken it for at least 2 minutes prior to using it, my husband even asked me how long i was going to walk around the house shaking a can of paint!

    I was spraying away on the pumpkin and then it went kind of whitish and distinctly unglittery. So I thought I needed to stop and shake some more. HA! No.
    No stopping possible. I managed to get the nozzle off and the can still sprayed. I gave up and just left it outdoors in the cardboard box to fizzle and die.

    I had no problems with the can of bronze I used a few weeks ago.

  2. says

    I’m sorry to hear that, but not surprised. I bet if you contact Krylon they’ll send you a replacement. Good luck!

  3. Sheri says

    Can anyone tell me if this product be used on fabric or is it too much of a spray paint?

  4. says

    I wouldn’t use it for fabric- the glitter will brush off on your hands unless you seal it with something. I would think that it would fall of of fabrics- especially wearables. The regular Glitter mist (less glitter, more binder) might be better for light coats on fabric.

  5. Fooish says

    Epic Fail. I purchased Starry Night and the only thing that came out of the can was some glitter and something clear (propellant?). It was suppose to be grey/black. My project was ruined and I didn’t have time for another option. I should count myself lucky – at least it didn’t get stuck, spraying all over the place like others have reported.

    I’m disappointed that Krylon let this product go to market.

  6. Melissa says

    I’ve had the same problem with krylon’s regular glitter spray. I think that taking breaks to clear the nozzle every so often might help prevent it from clogging. Working with spray glitter is tricky.

  7. Melissa says

    I’ve had the same problem with krylon’s regular glitter spray. I think that taking breaks to clear the nozzle every so often might help prevent it from clogging. Working with spray glitter is tricky. Your review is very helpful. Thank you

  8. Kassi says

    Same thing happened to me. I tried 3 different cans. IT SUCKS! I did everything it said to do. Shake really well, turn upside down and spray until only gas comes out, shake, and try again,. EPIC FAIL. It was sooooooo frustrating and because all the crap keep spraying out of it, it basically ruined my project!

  9. says

    I’d have to say that the same thing happened to my wife and myself this afternoon. We were fortunate enough to get it to stop sputtering, but half the can’s gone, the nozzle won’t even push down anymore and I’m half covered in glitter. At least my watch always says glitter o’clock, which is nice.


  10. Margaret says

    I’m on my third can. Gold. So frustrating. The previous times it worked at first, then I turned it upside down and squirted to clean the nozzle–the next time I used them, they fizzed and I had to put them in the garbage can with the lid on to keep them from getting all over. This time I thought I’d just do everything at the same time. The first two squirts were fine–then it just fizzed and this clear stuff came out and wouldn’t stop. Just fizzing out. It’s in the garbage can as I’m writing this.

  11. Sheryl says

    I’m happy to hear I’m not insane. I had the same leaking and sputtering problems with the Cherry Bomb, Lucky Green and Golden Glow colors I bought a yesterday! I’ve had issues with Krylon spray cans in the past, but this problem is like nothing I’ve ever encountered!

  12. mr.lowe says

    Do u have to use krylon Sealer or can u use clear spray paint…doing large project ..tryin to save

  13. Stephanie says

    I used the orange and it sprayed fine. I was unhappy that I ran out halfway through my SMALL project. Now I have to buy another can at $8.99. I used it on ceramic pots and it has sat a few days and rubs right off. I hope the sealer works!

  14. su says

    Happened to me twice with the sparkling waters spray. I’m looking to a different brand. Too bad, these colors were fantastic .

  15. Kim says

    i bought this spray for a cake project. well the bottom is a candle holder and the top will hold the cake. i have a plastic bowl and cakeboard on the top before i place the cake on it to protect it. does anyone know if this is still food safe. i don’t want to get anyone sick. i sprayed the holder yesterday and the vapor is still strong and no i didn’t put a top coat of sealant. any good advise is welcome thanks

  16. says

    Kim- I’d hit it with a coat or two of sealant and leave it in a well-ventilated area for 48 hours to let the vapors dissipate before using.

  17. Tried it says

    I had the same problem, but I did read reviews before I purchased the item and I only bought one can. When the can started to sputter, I turned it upside down and smashed it into ground (I was outside, so the cement). This fixed the problem, but it sprays so fast I had to work quickly. I was able to use the whole can on my project, but I really need another one. Looks like a 30 minutes trip for me.

  18. says

    I used it and did not have that problem. I could see it happening but all paint can clog and it is very important to clear the nozzle after after use. I have seen people paint that don’t know what they are doing and part of this MAY be user error. I would not recommend it indoors as the flake flies all over the place. I like it. I hope it goes on sale because of this issue.

  19. says

    Same thing happened to me! I just set my can on the cardboard I was using as a drop cloth and let it go. It took about 10 minutes before it finally stopped. I think I’ll ask them for a can of normal spray paint to replace.

  20. janet says

    this has happened to me every time i have tried to use it, with several different colors!!! (and at $10 a can, its very frustrating!)

  21. Tricia Rackliffe says

    Just used Starry Night last weekend to spray paint some pine cones for a Hallowe’en project. Same sputtering fizzing thing happened to me. I was outside, so the mess didn’t do any lasting damage. I got 3 1/2 pine cones done before the can was unusable. This product is crap, which is too bad because I have another can for another project. I’ll probably return it.

  22. Leslie says

    This happend to me also! Not with just one can but 5! at $7.99 a piece i’m really dissapointed. I was spraying artificial flowers the ones 4 that i got sprayed before it clogged are awesome but i can’t spend eight dollars for only 4 flowers! I bought the gold glitter blast, i shook it for atleast 2 minutes and nothing came out but propellent! zero glitter! and then it got clogged! ughhh.

  23. Shannon says

    Sad to see that even after all this time the problem still isn’t fixed. I have 2 cans that I just bought and both are dead in my garage and my pinecones are only half sprayed. Boo!

  24. says

    Apparently I’m here to commiserate — this stuff is C.R.A.P.

    I wish I’d seen this review before purchasing seven cans of glitter anti-blast, but at least now I’ve discovered the Craft test dummies!

  25. kelsey says

    This just happened to me within less than a minute!! I’m so sad! I’m going to take it back to the store and hopefully they will return my money.

  26. Tracy says

    In the past, I used the Glitter Glow and tho I loved the look…half way thru, same as the majority of posters here..nozzle stuck and kept spraying everywhere. Luckily I had a paper sack nearby and managed to toss it in and close it up and just had to let it fizzle and die, wasting half a can. I thought it was just a bad nozzle. But another can on the next project did the same thing. I suppose I should have learned my lesson but I tried Glitter Blast tonight and now it’s a different problem. I shook the can a full 3 minutes and then sprayed but nothing but clear liquid comes out. Not one speck of glitter. I don’t understand what’s going on…but as I was put in charge of the table decorations for a Christmas party for 25 attorneys, judges and their spouses all on a shoe string budget….this is the LAST thing I needed!

  27. Dee says

    Okay, I was dumb enough to buy more of this paint before I saw that EVERYONE has the same experience I have had. Half-way through the can, it plugs and spurts out clear (sticky) liquid until it is gone. I called Krylon and they were very casual about the whole thing. Acted like it is an “infrequent” problem when it is obviously a consistent problem. I can get my money back if I e-mail receipts, but Hobby Lobby doesn’t identify items on their receipts, so that would be a waste of time during the busy Christmas season. Can anyone tell me what happened to business ethics? I thought Krylon was a name with some credibility and rather a long history of experience with spray paint. Guess not.

  28. Carma says

    This was recommended to me by a craft shop and I pushed the nozzle down once and it never stopped spraying for 3 minutes even after I let go of the nozzle. Then it continued to sputter gook out of the nozzle, but not spray. It sputtered and leaked for about 6 hrs. running all over a box and rags I put it in to try to contain the mess.

    I was also stupid enough to buy a 2nd can which sprayed about 2 minutes and then started to sputter and leak. It leaked less than the first, but won’t spray. I’m still not able to finish the project and it’s not a very big project!

    The spray nozzles of both cans are not blocked, it won’t come up out of the can right. At about $7 a can this is a major product fail!

  29. says

    Carma, I wish it was just an isolated incident- but as you can see by our other comments, it’s not atypical. Sadly, the product needs work!

  30. Rose says

    This has happened with the 2 cans of Krylon Gold Glitter Blast I purchased as well. First can sprayed okay folor the few minutes I used it, but when I tried to clear the nozzle it got stuck and kept sputtering. When I tried the 2nd can, it never worked at all – clogged from the get. Argh! Is there a way to convey to Krylon that it is quite a few of us who have bad product?

  31. Antonia says

    I read this on another site and am certain to try it myself on an upcoming project:

    A tip (for metal specks/ glitter spray paint). (Since it) has larger flakes than your typical metallic, This often causes the tips to clog. Be weary of drips. I usually buy 2 cans. I like to spray it very dry. Seems to bring out the most bling for me. I’ll spray with one tip until it seems to start clogging a bit. I keep put thinner in a jar lid or something and soak the clogged tip while I use the other. I just rotate them out as needed. Don’t leave the tip in the thinner to long though. It will eventually destroy it. I’ve metal specks several times and always get clogs, but this game plan has worked for me several times.

  32. kim says

    I found your site because I was googling the same exact problem. I had this happen with 2 cans of glitter blast last night. I was so mad because it wasted the entire can. I couldn’t stop it from spraying out everywhere

  33. Lauren says

    Will this product work on an Elmer’s foam project board? I’m making a giant star for a presentation and want it to be glittery.

  34. says

    Lauren- since the foam board is covered with paper, I think it should work without “eating” the foam- but be prepared that the board may warp since it’s a wet product. You might want to test a small sample first and buy 2-3 cans more than you think you need due to the clogging problems. If you end up not needing it, save the receipt and you can return the unused cans. Good luck!

  35. Jasper says

    Here it is April 2013 and the problem STILL EXISTS. I bought first can today, followed directions EXACTLY, and was stuck after 6 sprays with a sputtering can. It sputtered itself out and I was left with half-done project. FIX THIS KRYLON! The glitter is beautiful! MAKE IT WORK!

  36. Robbie says

    Just finished spraying a guitar with 3 cans of Citrus Dream Glitter Blast. Each can had minor issues with clogging, which were easily resolved by holding the can upside down and spraying for a few seconds to clear the clog – as instructed on the can. I sprayed several thin coats to avoid runs ad cover my primer coat completely. Just keep in mind that Glitter Blast is actually glitter suspended in a clear base, not “normal” spray paint, and it does not behave exactly like “normal” spray paint. Read the can, turn it upside down and spray to clear the nozzle, and you should be able to get good results with this product.

  37. Sherri says

    Trying to add some sparkle to the fans for my daughters dance class recital: HUGE failure!!! On my second can (didn’t check review of product earlier and thought it must be a fluke–NOPE!). Second can nozzle also got stuck before actually releasing much product…tried turning it upside down several times, twisting the nozzle, pressing down hard, leaving it alone–nothing worked. The nozzle just stayed stuck until all the aerosol ran out. Very disappointing.

  38. Crafty Crafty says

    I was excite to use this glitter spray for wine bottles for centerpieces. I had two of four cans do the spray continuously thing, making a huge mess and ruining the wine bottles. Not pleased.

  39. Morgan says

    Same thing happened to me, I’m on my 2nd can and it messed up quicker than the first. My project is almost finished so I’m returning it again for a new bottle so I can finish up then I won’t be buying anymore of this product.

  40. Jane Jane says

    Evidently this has been going on for two years! I plan on returning my can to where I bought it. The smell is really bad, too. I am afraid of the mess. I have the can in a box out in my yard. I did contact Krylon, so I will be looking forward to see what they say.

  41. kellie says

    :( just been look up reviews on krylon and not good so far ipainted some rocks with my baby girl and wanted to seal them to last forever :( WELL they lasted about 3 seconds they got all white gluie looking and i did what it said on the can :( and then it made the paint run which had been dry for over a week :( so so sad anybody else have this problem AND i only used one fast light spray.

  42. amy says

    I am relieved to hear others have had this same problem! I was spray painting some horseshoes. It started out great but then the nozzles all started sputtering and spraying out just the adhesive and not any of the glitter. Like you, I tried everything I could. I couldnt get the spraying to stop whatsoever. Finally I let the cans sit. I was using 4 different colors. After a few hours I went back to look at the horseshoes. They looked great, just needed a little touching up so I went to get the cans out. 3 of the 4 cans don’t spray at all now. No glitter comes out. I followed the directions on the can to a tee but still no luck. I spent just over $32 on the 4 cans and all I have to show for it is a half finished project. I’m sorely disappointed. I even emailed Krylon about my experience. I hope they will refund me my money or send me some coupons to use to make up for it.

  43. Nichole says

    Ok, I feel better after reading all these comments, and less inadequate. I just kept thinking “how could I screw up pressing a nozzle down?!?” Apparently it’s not me…it’s Krylon. However, I don’t feel 100% better, knowing I wasted $9 on a can of would-be beautiful light-blue Glitter Blast that is now outside hissing at me.

  44. Leigh says

    I too thought this was going to be a great product. And with my first few projects it was. Next season of crafting we purchased 2 cans, followed instructions and both cans made a mess and wouldn’t stop spraying. Contacted Krylon, and they replaced both cans. I figured I had a bad lot. Well the 2 they sent, both are in the garage spitting glue at each other and this is with the nozzles off! Also ruined my project. This time I think I am asking for a refund and moving on to try Rustoleum’s product.

  45. jenna says

    Gosh… looks like that “won’t stop spraying”
    thing is a “feature” of this product.
    I figured i had a bad can but my son suggested
    i look up “spray paint won’t stop spraying”, and the
    internet turned up this page with all these comments indicating people
    having the same problem!
    I guess we won’t be buying Krylon any more.

  46. says

    Jenna- to be fair, this has ONLY happened with the Glitter Blast Krylon paint. All of the other spray paints and sealants from Krylon have worked perfectly.

  47. says

    Same problem and ruined a piece I was working on!
    Glitter blast is a horrible product!!!
    I’ve used a hundred cans of spray glitter and can’t find the good stuff anymore. I would LOVE to know if anyone else has a good product to try.
    Anyone used Chase?

  48. says

    Marilyn- the regular spray glitter from Krylon works just fine. It’s the Glitter Blast that is so tricky. I went back to the 2-step process of a base metallic coat and then coat of Glitter Spray. Hope this helps!

  49. Michelle says

    I bought two cans of the Glitter Mist in gold…both have clogged…and yes, I know how to use spraypaint! I finally just purchased spray adhesive and glitter dust to do my project. Won’t buy this product again…luckily I didn’t buy the product that starts spraying and won’t stop!

  50. Julie C says

    Same thing here, I was so excited to use this spray for my daughter birthday, and the can would not stop spraying, what a fiasco! Too bad, a great idea, just not ready for prime time tv.

  51. bryant says

    JUNK…………..period……its been what 3 yrs..they did nothing to fix this…GARBAGE….same problem,,except i used this shit on my bike fender..well…krylon can bite me..repaint my bike dips..

  52. Jesse says

    I’m really glad I came across these reviews. I saw this product the other day at Walmart and was thinking about using it to paint some custom model car bodies. You guys saved me $7. Thanks!!!

  53. says

    Light coats- wait for them to dry and repeat until you’ve gotten the coverage you desire. If you have running spray paint, you are spraying it on too thick.

  54. Amber says

    Super glad I found these comments and review. I almost just paid $60 for this stuff for a float we are constructing. Glad I haven’t yet!

  55. says

    Amber- Did you find cans of Glitter blast that have the wide spray nozzle? They have just recently redesigned it and it supposed to be more reliable.

  56. Jules says

    Are the new cans more reliable does anyone know? I’m trying to do glitter on glass for a centrepiece.

  57. lynn says

    Sorry to say it has not improved. Bought 4 cans and only 1 made it to the end. All the others stopped working and started spraying clear liquid and wouldn’t stop.

  58. Jennie W says

    It is August 2015, and the problem still persists. I bought this paint as a possibility of escaping Mod Podge and Martha Stewart glitter for all my clothespins. It WOULD have saved me time and money if the spray can hadn’t gotten stuck and spluttered all after noon. It might be more time consuming, but I would opt for the Mod Podge instead. Awful product.

  59. Cl says

    Why didnt you just take the nozzle off the can and buy a new nozzle that costs 50 cents to fix the issue

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