Craft Product Review: Jumbo Cling Rubber Stamps


I like stamps. I like BIG stamps, too. So I agreed to try out Jumbo Cling Rubber Stamps from Stampendous, as well as their Jumbo Perfectly Clear Handle. These are foam-mounted rubber stamps feature bold designs. This is how they are described on their website:

Stampendous Jumbo Cling Rubber combines the drama of large designs with the ease of use you expect from Stampendous. These stamps work beautifully on regular cards, tags, scrapbook pages and home decor items. Be sure to get a Jumbo Handle for super easy positioning and use.

And when they say large, they mean LARGE! I’m not kidding, these are the largest stamps I own. Here’s a comparison with a ruler:

They sent me the Cameo Frame, which features two images- the silhouette, and delicate floral frame, and then also the Peony, which has a bold brushstroke flower image and an accompanying flourish.

I’m really glad that they sent along the clear frame. Really, it’s a thin piece of acrylic that has some fabulous static property that allows the Jumbo Cling Stamp to magically attach to it, so you can see precisely where you want to stamp. This handle serves as both a positioning tool and a way to reinforce the stamp, which might be too flimsy for a nice, even impression on it’s own. It also enables you to store multiple stamps in a smaller amount of space and use one handle for all of them. Thrifty!

So I got right down to stamping the frame and silhouette. It’s really lovely, and rather on-trend with the neo-Victorian look.

Stamped with VersaCraft ink pad. Frame embossed with Vintage Plum Embossing Tinsel. Silhouette embossed with Stampin’ Up detal embossing powder in black. Colored with Derwent Metallic Pencils and water-brushed.

Next, I decided cut out the center of the frame and do some layering patterned paper for a completely different look.

I felt that the image was nice and sharp, and really detailed. It has so many uses for scrapbooking, making tags, cards… it’s really versatile.

So then I decided to play with the gi-normous peony. Here’s a tip: place the stamp business-side-up and apply the ink that way. It has a really large surface and then you can make sure that the entire surface is inked up and ready to go.

I also embossed this one, this time with the Vintage Mahogany Embossing Tinsel that I reviewed last week. I used some kraft card blanks…

…and then I painted in some bleach to strip away the color….then added some chalks.

I think this is an amazing image…great for giftwrap too, right?

Metallic Paint by Martha Stewart

So then I felt compelled to try this same jumbo peony with some acrylic paint- first on Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Back Canvas:

Painted in with Derwent Inktense Blocks

Painted in with Derwent Inktense Blocks and then finished off with Radiant Rains “Pearl Gold.”

Then on some batik fabric..

I totally love these stamps with the metallic paint (this brand is the Martha Stewart Paint by Plaid) and think that they have so many applications for art quilts and mixed-media work!

So here’s the deal: if you like large-format stamps, you are going to love these. They are bold yet delicate, and just cry out for embossing and layering and altering. If you are into teeny stamps, though, these are going to confound you- they are not for the faint of heart!

You are also going to need the cling-mount handle, because the stamps are so large that they really need the support- so make sure you save room in your budget for it. At around $12.00 a set (which in most cases includes 2 images), it’s not a bank-breaker. And considering the quality of the images, I certainly feel that it’s worth it.

I seriously can’t stop experimenting with these stamps….and boy, do I have my eye on some of the holiday designs. I’m feeling matching cards, tags and gift-wrap. What would you do with them?

Disclosure: Samples provided for review.


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  1. says

    The first time I used the jumbo stamps I immediately fell in love with them too! Couldn’t believe how huge they were until I had them in my hands :)

  2. Cyndi Honor says

    I absolutely love the jumbo stamps! Great for filling large spaces on larger craft items! The images really jump out at you! So excited to obtain more for my collection!

  3. says

    That peony is one of my favorites! I love using them on scrapbook pages. The large size make them a great focal embellishment on my pages. Great review!!!


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