Craft Product Review: Hot Glue Gun Helpers


Do you ever use a glue gun in your crafts? If so, I’m going to tell you all about Hot Glue Gun Helpers developed by Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza and distributed by Plaid Enterprises…and then, you’re going to slap yourself in the forehead and ask, “why didn’t I think of this?” These tools are so simple and yet so useful, you’ll want to snag a set immediately.

The set comes with a large mat, three finger caps, a paddle, tweezers, and a press wand. All are non-stick and heat safe- up to 600 degrees!

I love the extra-large mat- it’s over 14 inches wide! It’s a great work surface.

To test out the tools, I decided to work on a spring floral Kissing Ball… so let’s hot glue some moss to a Styrofoam ball.

I slipped on some of the finger caps and applied some hot glue on the ball, and then pressed on some moss using my clad fingers. (By the way, you get 4 sizes of caps in each set, small through extra-large. Nice, right?) While some hot glue oozed up through the moss, my fingers stayed absolutely cool- just a little hint of warmth to let me know that I would have sustained a nasty sting if I didn’t have my caps on!

Here the ball is completely covered- but it left quite a mess. Time to see how the mat cleans up.

You can see that the glob of glue peels right off.

A quick swipe of a wipe and the mat is clean. Sweet.

Next I added some vintage ribbon, and I wanted to make sure I pressed it firmly enough into the moss. Enter the paddle!

I was able to press the ribbon down firmly to ensure good adhesion with the glue. I could even take up a little glob of hot glue with the corner of the paddle and put it right where I want it. It also came in handy when gluing loops- check it out:

The paddle allowed me to apply pressure precisely- and not stick to my project!

Then I decided to add some flowers- time to use the press wand. It’s really flexible, and allows you to do a “soft press”- you can keep from crushing delicate objects, like  silk flowers.


The pressing wand lets you apply pin-point pressure without crushing.

I love the tip on the press wand- really great control. Lastly, I decided to add some crystals in the center of my silk flower clusters. Time to bust out those tweezers! They have a rubberized, heat-resistant and npn-stick tip. This allowed me to place the crystal in the puddle of hot glue and position it accurately without the tweezers getting sticky and creating unsightly strings.

I also used the tweezers to hold a silk leaf to the ribbon while the glue cooled. Could you imagine doing this with your fingers? No way!

At the end of my play date with Hot Glue Gun Helpers, I ended up with a sweet Kissing Ball for Valentine’s Day and a respect for these tools. I can’t imagine ever getting out my hot glue gun again without them!

And, they can be used with any glue- Mod Podge, Tacky Glue- even with heat embossing! That mat alone can really save your worktable from scorching.  It will roll up for easy storage, but my bet is that you’ll want to keep it out and use it daily.

This 7-piece kit retails for $19.99- a great value, if you ask me. The only drawback right now is availability. I’ve not seen it in the big box or the local craft stores yet- but if you must have them ( and you probably do)- you can buy them at the official Etsy shop. And you know what’s cool? If you order set of two or three Hot Glue Gun Helpers, you get a discount. Sounds like a great opportunity to get some crafty friends together, right?

But first you might want to leave a comment for a chance to win a set! Yes, our friends at Plaid are offering the readers of CraftTestDummies a chance to WIN! To enter, just leave a comment on THIS POST sharing how often and what kind of projects you use hot glue with. I’ll draw a random comment via around 12 Noon EST on Friday, January 14, 2011. This drawing is open to US & Canadian residents only.

This Giveaway is now closed. Thanks for your comments! Check HERE to see the winner!


If you are going to purchase Hot Glue Gun Helpers, I’d appreciate it if you used my affiliate link:

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  1. Michelle Dyson says

    I would love to have one of these sets… And your right, why didn’t I think of that!

  2. says

    I haven’t used a glue gun in a long time because of the burn factor but reading your review I could see myself using hot glue a lot more. It’s quicker and stronger than most of the “cold” glues I’ve been using.

  3. Kasey Steele says

    I am using mine for all my things I break. A few seconds and it’s fixed. I also use mine for hairbows.

  4. Jo Karen says

    Depending on the time of year – and project at hand, I use the gun anywhere from daily to maybe once a month. Would use it more and with better efficency with this kit!

  5. Nancy Houston says

    I love using glue guns. I have done a variety crafts, some with kids (of course, with close supervision). My most recent projects are photo albums. I made one for a friend that got married and a retiring teacher. My favorite was the teacher theme. I sprayed poster paper with chalk board paint for the inside of the covers, then glued popcicle sticks around the edge for a frame. It was so cute. And, yes, I gave her some chalk, just incase she missed the smell……

  6. says

    One of my favorite projects during the holidays I love to make candy balls. This project uses lots of candy, pins, and hot glue. Oh my gosh, so many burnt fingers over the years. This kit would be FANTASTIC to have. Can’t wait to get one.

  7. says

    I use my hot glue gun EVERY TIME I make something crafty. Which lately has only been about twice a week, but usually is more often (darn life getting in the way of my crafty time!)

  8. jengd says

    How sweet is all of that?! I actually have a hot glue mat but it’s only big enough to hold the glue gun while I’m not using it so it catches the drips. This one is usable! I hot glue some things together (metal into a pic frame, glass ornaments to a wreath) and occasionally make some things (sisal around a piece of wood for a scratching post.)

  9. says

    Please enter me in the drawing! I would love that tool set as I’m always burning myself a bit when I use my hot glue gun! Thanks for creating such a amazing product!

  10. Amy in TX says

    I have a glue gun but rarely use it because I burn myself every time. This tool set is awesome for me, and as my girls get old enough to use one these tools would come in handy to protect them, too. What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Cheryl Clemons says

    I would love these. I am always burning my hands when working with my glue gun. It would also help my daughter out…she loves to use the glue gun but I am worried that she would burn her fingers.

  12. says

    OMG!Every time I use a glue gun I burn myself and I have the fingertips to prove it. I use hot glue to assemble my wall hangings that I make and sell at my etsy shop. I would love to win this set.

  13. Amanda says

    I’d use the mat everyday. My kids and I love using the glue gun for craft time and my table is covered in glue and burn marks :)

  14. says

    wow, this set looks awesome! Sometimes I just don’t use the hot glue gun because of exactly the problems that this set solves! I’d love to have one – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. Manderley Swain says

    I would love to have a set of these! My kids are begging to use the glue gun but I won’t let them because of the danger of burns. This would let them try it out sooner than I would have allowed!

  16. says

    You’re right palm to forehead! Why didn’t I ever think of those things? I keep a bowl of ice water ready to dunk scorched fingers when I make wreaths for different seasons.

  17. says

    I love this idea! I really enjoy using a hot glue gun but I have ended up with some really nasty burns! Steve and Cathy did a genius job of creating these nifty helpers. I would be using my glue gun weekly on my crafts. Thanks Plaid!

  18. Michelle Krisik says

    These things look awesome and I can’t wait to get my hands on these!! Who knew something so simple could be so clever at the same time???

  19. Janett Meyer says

    What a fabulous idea! I use a hot glue gun all the time for all my craft projects! This kit would be a blessing!

  20. Linh C says

    Your review of the hot glue gun helper is fantastic. I feel like I just got a first hand look at the tool. Recently, I’ve made wreaths out of paper products like coffee filters, cupcake liners, book pages, and crepe paper, and using hot glue as adhesive. My poor fingers have had to endure some hot glue “glued” on! It helped when I started using the eraser end of a pencil to hold the paper in place while the glue cooled. But I’d much rather use the hot glue gun helper’s accessories!

  21. Faye Scott says

    Okay now this is an absolutely wonderful idea. I will often avoid using the hot glue because I’m not in the mood to get my fingers burned. I think we have all come to expect the pain involved in using the hot glue gun, but not anymore. This really is awesome and would make a great gift for my crafting friends. I would use this for my for dried or silk flowers and fabric projects.

  22. Candy says

    The hot glue gun would be very helpful for making wreaths and some other projects I have..thanks so much!

  23. Cindy d says

    I never use my glue gun specifically because of the problems that these tools solve! I’d love to pull it out again. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Marilyn Wons says

    I would love to make seasonal door wreaths. I glue gun would be so helpful for this project.

  25. says

    If I don’t win this contest, I may break down and buy this for myself!!

    I’ve been glue gunning hair clippies, ribbon, bows & flowers. This would make my life so much easier!

  26. Serena says

    I love using my glue gun, even at the risk of burning myself! Nothing beats it for quick gluing and drying. I just completed a project that used a lot of the hot stuff and could’ve used something to protect my fingertips! Hopefully, I won’t have to suffer for my craft anymore!

  27. TeresaK says

    Ohmygosh! What brilliant tools! I use my glue guns primarily in the summer with my camp kids; hot glue is just the thing for a lot of the projects we do. It’s good for glass blob mosaics, adhering fabric and flowers to various shapes, jewelery, reinforcing dollar store frames, decorating plastic masks, designing with wood, reattaching polymer clay parts, and some of the leather projects. These tools would be a big help and would cut down on the time I spend with my finger in my mouth :o)

  28. Nan says

    Would love to win the Hot Glue Gun helpers. I love using my glue gun, but not the burns. You looked great on HSN this morning.

  29. Loreli says

    I use a hot glue gun all the time, and think I’ve burned my fingers so many times I can’t feel them any more. I would love a chance to win the set you reviewed and maybe not kill myself with burnt fingers.

  30. JIULIANA says


  31. Tabitha says

    This would have soo saved me from teaching my children new
    swear words (I swear they were the kind not invented yet) as we
    attempted to have some mandatory family fun making all the
    ornaments for the family Christmas tree. I guess you can say,
    “shoulda had Hot Glue Gun Helpers…” :)

  32. Tanya P. says

    Oh I really want to try this out! I am starting to use the glue gun more and more as my scrapbooking hobby has evolved into a much bigger world of crafting!! Thanks for the chance to win!!! :)

  33. Kelly says

    Wow! This is wonderful. I think if I had this set, I’d
    actually make more crafts with hot glue. Right now I don’t because
    I hate getting hot glue burns! This product is amazing!

  34. Denise Malbrough says

    OMG! Why didn’t I think of that? LOL I have a love/hate
    relationship with my glue gun…I love to craft with it, but I hate
    the way it burns my fingers. Thanks so much for the chance to

  35. says

    This was an excellent review of this new product. Your project is wonderful, and really showed the value of this set. Thanks for the information…

  36. says

    What don’t I use a glue gun for. Mending things around the house, creating awesome gifts, crafts and more for my friends and family. This looks like an awesome product!

  37. Corinna says

    This is awesome and your review and write up make it feel like “i gotta have it now”!! Great article and great product too!

  38. Connie Haack says

    I use my glue gun alot and have burned finger alot also. I can see doing more detailed beads and flower projects with this. Love the mat (I have several little glue dots permanently on my countertop). This would be the handiest accessory!

  39. Cindy F. says

    I came across this glue gun helper set a couple of weeks ago and at sight I screamed with excitement in which made my hubby look at me strange. I so want one, and it is a must that I purchase one for my mom I know for a fact she would be thrilled to have one.

  40. says

    I love the idea of these tools, but haven’t had a chance to pick one up yet. I use my hot glue gun all the time for all kinds of different crafting projects, but I probably use it just as much for repairing broken toys. My son is pure torture on toys – you can hear even them scream in pain! LOL!

  41. Priscilla Schafffner says

    I am excited about this product. I made all my Christmas gifts this year. My nieces loved the headbands and hairclops with flowers and jewels. The Hot Glue Gun Helper would have saved my fingers in many ways from the tweezers to the mat. I would love to have this!

  42. says

    OMG! I am slapping myself on the forehead! “Why did I not think of this?”
    Seriously, I use my hot gun for just about anything I do. Floral arrangements (including wreaths), hair bows for the grand daughters, repairing broken items around the house….heck in a pinch I’ve even used it to ‘hem’ my jeans!

    I want a set!
    Thanks for the contest.

  43. Ashley says

    I love this set. I am forever burning myself with glue. I always could use tools to help me not do that anymore!!

  44. says

    WHY did it take so long for someone to come out with this? I haven’t been able to find it here in town and am crossing my fingers that you pick ME! I have a ton of craft projects coming up that I’d love to use these tools for including embellished picture frames, refashioned lampshades and some floral clips to use on a top/sweater, purse or even hair. Thanks for hosting!

  45. Nicole says

    Ohhhh Fancy. I want one I want one. I am an avid hot glue gun user – although typically it sticks to my fingers. I’ve used it to fix kids toys, make snowman decorations, and in the last week make hair ties.

    Super awesome tool!

  46. says

    How often and for what projects, huh? Well as I look around my scrap room then down at my burnt fingertips, lol, I know there I can find hot glue in every nook, cranny and niche. In fact, I just posted pictures on my blog of cake slices that contain this glue! It is an absolute staple to a crafter and a hero when it sticky spots, sorry for the pun, lol. If you could save my fingers, I would be ever so grateful, :)

  47. Sarah says

    What a great tool! What a great way to avoid those accidental burns. I would love to use this to create party favors since I am hoping to get involved in party planning!

  48. says

    I really *do* wish I’d thought of this! I most famously have used my glue gun to decorate my disco bathroom (which you have to see to believe), but I firmly believe you can make or fix anything with hot glue. It’s one of my favorite toys!

  49. Kathryn Harpold says

    Wow! This product looks totally awesome and the timing of your review could not be better for me. I’ve recently re-newed my relationship with my glue gun and holy smokes, nothing in my house is safe. Do you think you could do a review of glue gun holsters next?

  50. CraftyLinda says

    I love these tools and would love to have a set of them. I don’t use my guns as often as I used to either because of burnt figures.

  51. Rebecca P says

    Yep, I sure do wish I would have thought of that! I burn myself terribly EVERY time I use my hot glue gun. I’m always trying to use any other kind of glue to avoid my glue gun. This is an awesome product!

  52. says

    oh man, i usually use my glue gun at least once a day. if i were stranded on a desert island, besides my family, all i would want is my glue gun & and endless supply of gluesticks! i guess it would have to be solar powered…

    these tools look awesome, thanks for the chance to win!

  53. says

    The glue gun and glue love to attack and burn my fingers!! These would be so helpful! I saw these online and thought ” I NEED” these!

  54. Sandi T. says

    My hot glue gun lives on my table all the time! I use it for all sorts of projects and repairs, but I really used it extensively for the florals I made for my daughter’s wedding!!! Just got her a nice gun for Christmas, too! This looks like a fabulous product for both of us.

  55. Angela says

    I haven’t played with my glue gun lately – in part because of the problems this set seemingly eliminates. I would love to pull it back out and see what else my crafty little brain could think up. Thanks for the chance.

  56. Clare G. says

    I’ve already ordered mine! I use the hot glue gun at least
    once a week, and use it on a variety of different projects. I have
    friends that would love these too.

  57. Betsy J says

    I like to use hot glue to attach flowers and bows to,well,everything,hahaha :) And rhinestones Never too much bling…

  58. says

    Oh the mighty hot glue gun! How I adore thee! I think this awesome kit has me even more interested in getting hot-gluey. Most recently my glue gun was used on a variety of holiday crafts. Wreaths, ornaments and advent calendars to name a few. I think it is the quick cure-all for most crafting, a fantastic idea indeed.

  59. Erika Brown says

    This looks so cool. I really need this kit. What a great
    idea. I also want to make that kissing ball

  60. Heather says

    This is a great product! I use my glue gun several times a
    week making crafts, shadow boxes, bows for my toddler, etc. This
    would eliminate painful burns & the tools would help with
    little details. I hop I win!

  61. says

    There are so many times I need to use my glue gun, but the
    thought of the drippy, stringy mess and/or pain (literally) make me
    not want to use it! So I opt for some other glue and usually end up
    frustrated. This little kit seems like it cures lots of those
    problems. You are right… why didn’t I think of this? =) thanks
    again for another great giveaway!

  62. says

    I’ve been DYING to get my hands on this set! I’m so glad to
    hear you have had success with it! I still have a scar on my hand
    from when I was about 5 when I tried to hot glue gun together some
    clothes for my cabbage patch doll… and to think, my mom wouldn’t
    let me use the sewing machine, but the hot glue gun!!!

  63. says

    I teach kids classes at a non-profit and, of course, I and the helpers have to do all of the gluing for the kids at certain stages of the process…sometimes 12 or 20 kids in line with a “put this here”, “put this there”…boy, would this save my fingers…and set a good example of working “safely” for the kids!

  64. Jill L says

    My hot glue gun is used at least a couple times a week when I’m not involved in any big project. It’s amazing what hot glue can do!!

  65. says

    I want the thimbles!! (Ok, the whole thing would be neat too- but the thimbly things would have saved me tons of scorched fingers!

  66. MJ Skow says

    IF ONLY….I would have had this 9 years ago when I started making homecoming mums every year. I have 6 or 7 really good scars from hot glue…boy this would have prevented them!!! I’ll be on the look out for them that’s for sure!!!!!!!!! Great idea Cathy

  67. says

    I would so love to win one of these!

    Lately, my glue gun crafting has been making barrettes for my niece. There’s something so satisfying about being able to get something to stick without having to hold it down forever or hope it doesn’t move …

    Thanks for the opportunity, Jenny!


    shonijunk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  68. says

    Honestly I avoid hot glue because of how much I burn myself. This would be the perfect tool kit to get me going on tons of hot glue projects! Thanks for the chance to win

  69. Nancy Meyer says

    I use hot glue for all kinds of projects, mainly home decor items such as gluing faux flowers on picture frames, attaching ribbon to stuff.

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  70. Shannon says

    One of these sets would be great. I use my glue gun a lot to repair my nephew’s action figures and he’s always asking to help but I’m so afraid he’s going to burn his fingers or hands… He’d love the little tips you can add to your fingers and the tweezers for positioning arms or heads :)

  71. Kim Champion Barnes says

    I would be so happy to win!!

    I could use the everyday…and it will save my fingers some pain! I use it everyday and hate the drippy stringy stuff! I really want this!

  72. says

    You are right it was a slap myself on the forehead moment. What a great idea! I worked on some instant books over the weekend and this would have come in really handy.

  73. Lynda E. says

    I work with adults with developmental disabilities, so we use hot glue in art class two or three times a week. Money is tight, so this would be great!

  74. Shirley says

    This is so COOL and so needed! I cannot even count the times I have gotten hot glue on my fingers. Excellent!

  75. Jeanne Lobsinger says

    I have been waiting for this to become available since CHA. Thanks for the review, it is nice to know what all is included and how they work!

  76. Holly R says

    Wow, someone should have come up with this sooner. I can’t imagine all the burnt crafting fingers across America. I’ll certainly have to pick this up.

  77. Vickie Bragg says

    Sometimes crafting makes me think of men, men are like hot glue guns, they like to burn us and that smarts, but, at least we can control the stings of the hot glue gun, if we had one of these helpers,cause I know I am always using my hot glue gun for something, and I am getting tried of being burnt.

  78. Jody says

    I just got back into crafting that I need to use the hot glue gun! Great idea! Would be great new addition to the rest of my tools!

  79. 409cope says

    I use my hot glue gun for my Christmas ornament making and for some of my jewelry making every couple of weeks.

  80. Heather B says

    I use my hot glue gun for making hair accessories for my
    daughter and her friends. My fingers would thank you!

  81. Theresa Bailey says

    This does look great. I think that I’ve burnt my fingers so much I don’t have any fingerprints anymore!

  82. Erin Glee says

    This does look like a great kit to have! I tend to not reach for my hot glue gun because of burns… the last project I did with it was hot gluing shells and sea glass to a mask I made.

  83. says

    My crafting time has dwindled lately so I mostly hoy glue
    gun crafts my son is working on. He always has something on the go.
    He has never seen a piece of cardboard or wood that he can’t turn
    into a great little project.

  84. Katie R. says

    I use hot glue on numerous craft projects. The last thing I used it for was to make snowmen

  85. says

    I use my hot glue gun all the time. I use it for paper
    stuffs alot. I have scars to prove it too. 😉 just kidding… it
    doesn’t burn that bad, but it seems like it at that moment doesn’t
    it?! I would love to win this set!

  86. says

    I use a glue gun in almost every one of my projects; I’m
    not sure how I lived without one before. The one I have now I
    bought at Goodwill so you can imagine how well it works :)

  87. Brandi Michalk says

    I love my glue gun, I do a lot with ribbon, this mat and
    tool set would be a great help, a time saver too! I love the
    paddle, a stick from outside just won’t do it for me now that I see
    all those tools! :)

  88. says

    Seriously brilliant, and I use my hot glue gun several times a week – on lots of types of projects…altered items, paper crafts (like bazillions of rosettes!), hair accessories…and a multitude of NON-crafty endeavors like fixing things my many small children bring me!!

  89. Dana says

    “how often and what kind of projects you use hot glue
    with.” I haven’t been using a glue gun as often as I used to….
    been doing a lot of cards which don’t require hot glue… but I do
    occasionally use one. The last project I used one on was on a
    diaper cake that was a baby shower gift. (didn’t put glue on the
    actual diapers… I stuck little toys to clear packing tape and
    then hot glued the other side of the packing tape to the ribbon
    that ran around the diapers.) Would love to win this set so that my
    glue gun crafting could be less painful! 😀

  90. Jane Hunter says

    I have stayed away from my hot glue gun lately because of
    the burning fingers. Tried many ways to avoid the burns but no
    luck. I had used mine for many crafting projects. This would bring
    my glue gun out of storage.

  91. Art, Space & Time says

    You’re right! Why didn’t I think of this! How many times
    have I peeled skin along with the hot glue off my fingers and
    wished I could work with it? Excellent!

  92. Renee J. says

    Oh, I love what you created. It is so pretty! I use a hot glue gun for adhering embellies to a cross-stitch project. I have also use it for covering an album. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!!

  93. Crystal says

    My favorite thing i want to make with Hot Glue is to
    decorate my straw broomsticks. I am looking forward to making a
    broom for each of the four seasons. Thanks!

  94. melinda smith says

    I bring out my hot glue gun every christmas and make evergreen,candle centerpieces,and door wreaths.

  95. Erin E says

    I’m currently decorating a nursery, and the hot glue gun comes in very handy. I also love to create figurines, so it comes in handy then also. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  96. Debbie Criss says

    I’m constantly burning my fingers, this would be great.
    Please enter me, thank you

  97. says

    We use a glue gun on several different craft materials – most recently holiday wreaths.
    discriminating_diva at yahoo dot com

  98. Trina Coleman says

    I haven’t been using my glue gun as much lately becuase of the little one. But I love to use it for some of the crafts I create for my MOPS group.

  99. Valeen N says

    I use my glue gun for just about everything. Right now I’m busy making props for a theatre production! I used it to make some Christmas ornaments right before Christmas!

  100. hbomb says

    I haven’t used mine in a really long time, but I love making Christmas ornaments and cards.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  101. kai says

    I use my hot glue gun for everything from fixing carpet thats coming up to building scenery and props when I help out at the highschool drama department, to at home crafts. This would be so awesome to win.

  102. Veronica Garrett says

    I use a hot gun mostly at holidays such as Halloween and Valentines to make ornaments and decorations. I use it at other times when I have a project I want to make.

  103. Debi fraser says

    I sure could use these! What a brilliant idea! Now maybe I can save what little I have left of fingerprints! Of course After over 20 years of burning my fingers I could rob Ft Knox and get away with it…no fingerprints could be found!

  104. says

    Wow I never seen this before. now that would save a lot. as well as your finger’s.. I always seem to use my fingers and this would help.. no more burnt fingers ya!!!

  105. Belinda says

    I have not used my glue gun much in the last few years. This set would definitely make my glue gun a favorite tool again.

  106. Kelly P. says

    Wow…I’ve been looking for these for a year now, but can’t find them anywhere. We use hot glue for EVERYTHING! Crafts, beading, school projects, home decorating… Would love to win these tools! Thanks for the contest!

  107. Crystal Wessley says

    Brilliant! If I must say so myself!!! I avoid the hot glue gun like the plague for all these exact reasons. I will now get it out and use it again. Thank you for making this product it is truly brilliant and long time coming. If I win I will use it with love!

    Happy Crafting!

  108. says

    I haven’t used mine in a few months. I do everything from woodcrafts to ornaments and cards. This would be really helpful for an upcoming valentines day “fortune cookie” project!

  109. Ashley says

    I would love one of these. I make wipe cases and other items that I use my glue gun OFTEN for and this would be amazing to use to help me from burning myself all of the time.

  110. says

    It’s about time someone invented this kit!
    I have two glue guns, I use them both fairly often, and my two daughters use them, too.
    Our latest projects include a denim bible cover, barbie furniture, a cardboard doll house, coasters from tiles and fabric…not to mention household repairs here and there.
    Great product, hope I win it!

  111. Janie Haislip says

    Could have used this yesterday ! ! ! Such a nice set of supplies. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  112. Laura says

    My daughter is a Girl Scout and is always in need of some SWAP or another for their activities. This is where the glue gun comes quite in handy for those teeny-tiny cute SWAPs they all enjoy!

  113. says

    my little hot glue gunned fingers NEED this! how awesome! i use my hot glue gun just about every day. any tips on “the perfect glue gun?”

  114. says

    Oh, that’s really cool! I have a friend who just burned the heck out of herself putting googly eyes on a project, so I’d love to be able to share this!

  115. says

    I often use another kind of glue when I should be using hot glue because of the hassle. Looks like this product would get me to use my hot glue gun more often.

  116. JJ says

    The miracle I have praying for, for the glue funs. Thank you Cathie and Steve. Please keep these wonderful ideas and supplies coming

  117. Jenifer Bellas says

    What a GREAT idea…my daughter and I use glue guns to make mums for Homecoming, and we are always going OUCH OUCH OUCH. This would not only save our fingers but allow us to use the glue gun more often! Becasue after all, who wants to use something that always burns you?

  118. Robin says

    love this! I would use to it to help my Girl Scout troop with their craft projects! yay!

  119. erica rix says

    Wow… Very cool. I’m mostly impressed at the easy clean up aspect. Great, now there’s something else “I MUST HAVE!”. lol.

  120. susanmeep says

    My poor fingers need this! this would be great for crafts with my daughter suelee1998 @

  121. James says

    I avoided using hot glue for this, as it seems too dangerous for clumsy old me. I simply usedElmer’s glue and it turned out terrific!

  122. says

    I’m glad it worked for you…but personally, I didn’t want to wait for the white glue to dry. After all, when you are working on a sphere things will slide right off if it’s not dry…which is why the hot glue is optimal. You just need some Hot Glue Helpers- it takes all the fear of being burned away!


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