Craft Product Review: Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive


Hello and Happy Holidays crafters! I know we’re all rushing to finish those last minute handmade gifts and cards!  (I know I am!)  What perfect timing for a quick-dry adhesive review by the fabulous people over at Helmar!  Adhesive is one of those main staples that every crafter needs.  I was so impressed with their Acid-Free glue I reviewed, I couldn’t wait to give this one a try!  Helmar describes 450 as

“A high performance premium glue that sets quickly, dries crystal clear and is machine washable.  Bonds to almost all types of fabrics, ribbons, plastics, leather, balsa and other soft woods, paper, cane, most hand craft materials and more! Excellent for bridal wear, costume making, lamp shade making, paper crafting, acetate albums, millinery work and general household use.”

Wow!  Quite a lot of uses, eh crafters?  Since the possibilities and combinations of materials are endless with adhesives, I’m going to show you how this adhesive worked for me with various applications in my projects and samples as opposed to a traditional swatch.

First off, is this truly a, “Crystal clear,” adhesive?  Why yes it is!  There’s some slight bubbling, but no big deal!  The less you apply, the quicker it fully dries.  This little blob above “gelled” within a few seconds and was fully hardened within a couple minutes.  The glue has a slight smell to it, almost like an E6000.  The 450 glue contains acetone which could be the smelly culprit.  When working with it, it almost reminds me of hot glue because it can sometimes have those little glue strings.  I didn’t find this to be a problem at all, though!  Just yank’em off!

I will admit, I *kind of* used the 450 glue prior to the review.  Remember that fabby little pumpkin I made for the Heidi Swapp color shine review?  Well, when creating it, I ran into a problem; I couldn’t figure out how to attach the stem on top because any other liquid adhesive wouldn’t have been able to hold up the thick, glossy paper unless I sat there and held it in place for several minutes.  I was able to use the 450 glue, hold the stem in place for less than 30 seconds, and it was dry and ready to go!  And I can actually pick up the pumpkin by the stem and bounce it up and down and it won’t come apart!  The fact that it was clear was an extra bonus.  I also used it to attach all of the little twirly stems and leaves quickly!

Then came Halloween time.  The velcro that attached my daughter’s cape to her Super Girl dress fell off just as we were getting ready to leave for trick-or-treating.  I can’t sew well and there was no time heat up a hot glue gun! Helmar 450 to the rescue!  Within minutes I was able to re-attach the little velcro piece to her costume and she was on her candy-collecting way!

For this fun sample I used the 450 glue for just about everything!  From gluing all of the paper pieces together, the colorwashed muslin leaves, the metal birdy and the muslin fabric.  It was great for all of the paper corners as I was assembling the box; I knew that the adhesive bond would last and I didn’t have to hold the edges together for a long time to wait for it to dry.

For this fun project, I took random grungeboard alphas and glued them to a wooden box. (I used grungeboard because of its bendable quality)  I can’t imagine using any other glue to complete this box.  Any other liquid adhesive would have taken forever for the dense grungeboard to adhere to the wooden box.  A dry adhesive, like a tape runner, would have allowed the edges to pop up and not last very long.  I was able to glue down one part of the alpha, hold for a few seconds and move on continuing to glue the pieces as they wrapped around the box.  After I was done gluing on al of the alphas, I painted the box with a shimmery red acrylic paint by Jacquard and then used a clear varnish to really make it shine.  I love the way it turned out!

So let’s see, through my tests and samples, Helmar 450 quick dry glue works well with:

– Paper on paper

– Grungeboard/paper based product on wood

– Fabric on fabric

– Fabric on paper

– Metal on fabric

– Metal on paper

– Glossy paper on glossy paper

The only real problem I ran into with the 450 adhesive is when my bottle got low.  It seemed to take a long time to get the glue to the tip and then it took a bit of muscle to get the glue out.  I tried to clear the bottle of any clogs but couldn’t find any.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with this adhesive.  It gets a rating of, “Super Awesome,” in my book when it comes needing something for a quick fix and especially when your project requires a liquid adhesive and you want a fast bond; not where you want to sit and hold your pieces together forever until they dry.  Because really, who has time to wait for things to dry these days?  Helmar products are beginning to be sold in the United States at select Hobby Lobby stores and at Helmar’s own website.  The 450 glue is available in two different sizes; 1.7 oz and 4.23 oz and approximately $5.80 and $10.15 repectively.  For being such a versatile glue, I wouldn’t have a problem paying this.  What do you think crafters?  Think this would come in handy-dandy for any of you?

Make sure to stay tuned for more Helmar adhesive reviews. Don’t forget to check out the Acid-Free adhesive glue review here and the Helmar Remove review here!



(Disclosure: Product provided for review.)



  1. says

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I love my Loctite Gel, but it isn’t suitable for everything. This looks a lot more versatile.

  2. says

    This sounds like something everyone could use, and I love that it grabs and dries quickly! Thanks for reviewing another promising product!

  3. Alice C. says

    I’m always in search for a better glue, a quicker glue, a versatile glue. It looks like my quest is over! Thanks for an in-depth review, Sara!

  4. says

    I had purchased this glue because it was so highly recommended on one of the blogs I subscribe to. It hasn’t gotten much use because my new bottle tends to keep the glue flowing even when I stop squeezing and sit the bottle upright. Continuing to have to clean that off and knowing that half of what I paid for is gluing together the paper trash in the can next to me is not my idea of a good thing. For my card making, I still prefer Glossy Accents for quick drying with paper elements and Aileen’s Super Tacky for almost everything else. I also like to use the glue tapes. That said, I have to admit that I just haven’t had a project (like your pumpkin) that needed super strong, super fast adhesion. Having read your review, I will know what this glue can do when I need something for the uses my other glues don’t do well with. It is a big help to get this kind of information because the labels may tell you all kinds of things but, until you see it done, you don’t really know if the claims are true. I have bought glues that made claims they couldn’t stand up to. Thank you for your help in keeping me well advised!!

  5. Rebecca Bodine says

    Boy am I happy to see this. I have often had that curving problem with glue and even using clamps wasn’t good enough. I will get some of this today!

    PS thanks

  6. Maureen says

    Hi. Does this glue work to adhere fabric to leather? This would be for a leather cuff and I want to adhere various fabrics including lace and silk sari ribbon without the glue seeping through the fabric. I also need it to be a strong permanent bond. If not this glue, please let me know what you may suggest. Thank you for your time.

  7. says

    Since I haven’t tried this specifically and no longer have this product in my studio, the answer is, “probably.” It lists both fabric and leather on the bottle and it has minimal seepage through fabric. Do a swatch test and give it a go!

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