Craft Product Review: Heidi Swapp Color Shine Spritz


Every crafter has their “idols.”  You all know of my undying love for all things Tim Holtz.  And in my creative Bible, if Tim is God, then Heidi Swapp is definitely my crafty Jesus. (Jennifer McGuire is my Holy Spirit of inspiration.)   I have always enjoyed seeing Heidi’s clean, happy and identifiable style.  I’ve also hoarded her products over the years and refuse to use them unless the project I’m working on is deemed worthy.  Heidi’s products are always so versatile, too.  And this is nothing short when it comes down Heidi’s new sprays, Color Shine Iridescent Spritz.  I was so impressed with these at CHA that they even made my Top Five Product Picks fom the show.

What exactly are Color Shine Spritz?  In the words of Heidi,

“Color shine combines a vibrant splash of color with a luminous glow. Quickly add color to paper, chipboard, wood, fabric & trims to customize your crafty creations. Acid free, non toxic & water based.”

These two ounce bottles pack a colorful punch in traditional “Heidi” colors like, cheerful teals, pinks and yellows and fabulous metallics.  And the best part?  These bottles have roller balls to help mix up that color and shine! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?  Heidi was kind enough to let me take a few bottles home from CHA and I was in absolutely in love!  So in love that I had to get ALL of the colors as soon as it was possible!  I can honestly say this is the first set of color sprays where I felt I have needed each and every color. They are that great.

Let’s do a test and see how these work on different mediums:

Since these are water-based sprays,  they will work best on porous surfaces like paper and fabric.  The ink didn’t quite absorb into the glossy cardstock or photo paper, but it did dry after time.  The colors are slightly translucent and get more vibrant with each added layer of color.  You can also blend and mix the colors!  These are great to play with and have fun!

Here’s a fun layout I did using some of Heidi’s Color Magic papers and accessories.

And to get into the Fall season, here is a paper pumpkin I made.  I first sprayed it orange (georgia peach) and decided I wanted it a bit darker.  I lightly spritzed brown (bronzer) over it and blended it in!  Perfect!

Here I made a frame by using a chipboard base and put modeling paste on top of it.  Then using a toothpick I created the little swirls and let it dry.  The Color Shine was so pretty and vibrant on the modeling paste!  I also spritzed the flower and the background Color Magic paper.

So, after all is said and done, let me give you a few tips with this spritz!  I highly suggest wiping the nozzle after use.  It never clogged for me, but the problem I ran into was that if any spritz got on the nozzle after spraying and then you shook it up again, it would make a big old slippery mess out of the cap and nozzle.  And I don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep my bottles nice and pretty!  I would not recommend these sprays for larger projects as they tend to go a bit fast, but maybe that’s just because I loved them so much!  They’re perfect for scrapbooking, card making and anything on that scale!  Color Shine can be found at many online retailers at approximately $5.99 a bottle.  These are the highest quality “shine” or “glittery” sprays that I’ve come across, so this is a great deal to me!  I’ve seen other sprays at the same price point, in the same sized bottle and that clog within a few uses.  The only problem you’re going to have is deciding which colors you want.  And in that case, I say, “Get them all!”

(disclaimer: product provided for review.)

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    I’m sorry, but any gal who says Tim Holtz is her god and Heidi Swapp is her Jesus is JUST TOO STINKING FABULOUS!!! Thanks for the laugh and great review. And really, your layout is A. Maze. ZING. Needs to be in a magazine, like, yesterday. You rock.

    Stay Crafty!

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    As a matter of fact, you can! Your question prompted me to go try it. The results are more subtle-presumably due to the inclusion of mica particles in the Color Shine Spray-but it works! Thank you for asking!

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    Well, Jenny beat me to it, but I thought I would put in my two cents as well! I just tried spraying the Color Shine in my art journal and reusing it and it totally worked! I wasn’t able to get as many “transfers” as I would if I was using Dyan’s sprays, but it definitely works!

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