Craft Product Review: Dimensions Needle Felting Kits from EK Success


This week has been rugged at my house. Hurricane Sandy became a Superstorm right over Ohio and left us with a week of rain, downed trees and…no power. Over the past few days we spent 51 hours without any electricity. But no worries- my house of intrepid crafters turned to Needle Felting Kits by Dimension from EK Success to pass the time!

We all needed someway to pass the time without electricity, so these little kits fit the bill. Each one comes with the instructions, all wool necessary for the kit, a felting needle and block, and even embroidery floss and needle if the design called for it.

Everything you need comes in the package. Everything! Perfect for gift-giving and crafting on the go.

Even the special felting needle comes in the kit.

Here’s the description on the website:

Dimensions lets you create 3-D characters with our fun needle felting kits—easy enough for a beginner! Bring this pudgy little Character to life using freeform needle felting techniques. Our detailed instructions with photographs and patterns make it easy! Embroidery thread is used to add details. Finished size: 3.5″ x 2″.

This needle felting kit includes everything you need:
• 100% wool roving
• Felting needle
• Felting mat
• Easy step-by-step instructions

NOTE: As this is a freeform project, no molds or stencils are included. 

Alrighty then! I enlisted my junior assistants, ages 7 and almost 12 to help out. We followed the directions in the package.

We set up a cozy space in the parlor using firelight and natural light.

Little Girl worked on the Hedgehog. She’s done flat needle felting, but never 3-D before.

She quickly latched on to the idea of making the poof of wool three-dimensional by using the felting needle to create a shape.

My middle-schooler had never felted before but was game to try.

I worked on the Snowman kit. It was easy enough to follow the directions, but it’s not a “quick” craft. It takes mindfulness and time. Both good skills to develop.


We found the directions to be clear enough to follow, even for the seven-year-old. However, she did encounter some frustration issues, but we worked through them. (After all, this is one of the reasons WHY we do crafts- to problem solve and take measured risks.) My son worked for over an hour on the first day and then got fatigued. However, he was the one who asked to work it on the next day. He also started coming up with ideas for similar projects that he could create on his own! SUCCESS!

On day two, Little Girl and I had finished our projects:

Little Girl’s hedgehog. She says it was, “very interesting and fun.” She also said she’d like to do another one.

Here’s my snow-man, minus the twig arms. I really enjoyed the process. It’s very quite and meditative.

Dear son isn’t quite done with his yet- but he said that the experience was “therapeutic” (all that poking!) and it helped him get his frustration out. And like I mentioned, he’s dreaming up his next project.

So, I have to say these kits went over amazingly well for both my kids. There were moments of frustration which they worked through, they learned a new skill, they even got to be creative and put their own spin on it. Even I was amazed at the enthusiastic reaction when I asked them if they would do another sometime. (Especially my son. Really? Really.) The MSRP on these kits is $9.99 USD, and everything is included- so this would be a FABULOUS holiday gift/ stocking stuffer/ travel-in-the-car project! I see some more of these in my future….

Disclosure: Sample provided for review. Opinions are 100% honest – trust me, you can’t bribe my kids. 

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  1. jet says

    Gladly your house has done his job very well during the huricane!!!
    We hard alot of it here in Europe.
    Not fine news.
    wooow so great that you had those package kits , they are cute.
    great job of your children!!!

  2. laura says

    I love this craft, and the finished product is adorable. I will be buying these for Christmas!

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