Craft Product Review: DecoArt Glass Paint Markers


I was lucky enough to get to try out the glass paint markers from DecoArt.  I have wanted to play with these for some time.  I dove right into the product I received.  I tested seven different colors.

The DecoArt website has the following to say about the markers:

DecoArt glass paint markers are designed for glass and glazed ceramics. They can also be used on porcelain and metal. Great for personalization, outlining or drawing. Available in 14 vibrant colors. Bake in oven for a durable, dishwasher-safe finish.

The back of the package had further instructions on use and baking for a durable finish.  Let’s test them!

I grabbed an empty jar and a white porcelain plate.  I drew lines on both in each color.

I thought the colors would appear different on different materials but really they looked very similar.  So far so good.

I then doodled around on the opposite side of the jar.  Getting a feel for how the markers work.  I will say that you can see anywhere you stop or start.  Also at times they seemed to “run out” of ink or leave a place that was not as pretty as I had hoped.  Also these dry remarkably fast.  That is great for smears or fingerprints.  However, do not try to go back over the same area after it has dried even for just a few minutes.  The results are NOT pretty.

Let’s test the “dishwasher safe” claim.  I baked the jar according to the instructions.  I then washed that jar in my dishwasher seven times.  Guess what?  It looked the same as if I had just painted it.

The DecoArt website says to use a soft cloth to wash your painted glass.  A soft cloth worked great and the paint did not budge.  But I wanted to test something a little stronger.  I broke out my scrub sponge with a hard scrubbing surface.  Yes it will remove your paint.  Stick with the soft cloth recommendation from DecoArt.

Now it is time to have a little fun and create some great projects!  I started with some plates.  I free handed all of these.  The beauty of having glass paint in a marker is that it is so easy to control.  I did a pink zebra, gray faux bois, and a colorful vine and flower pattern.  Any of these would be a great addition to a plate wall in your home.  I will have some more pictures of these up on The Country Chic Cottage — come visit if you want to see more.

Next up I made a cupcake stand.  You can read all about how I made this DIY Cupcake Stand over on my blog.   I used these at my daughter’s graduation party and they were a huge success!

Last but not least I made a modern striped vase.  This one is very, very easy.  Head on over to The Country Chic Cottage today for the full instructions on making your own.

All in all I love the glass paint markers from DecoArt.  They took some practice to get the hang of using them.  Now I feel like I can tackle any project.  These are perfect for using on items that you want to be dishwasher safe and retail for $3.99 each.  This is fairly expensive for a paint marker, however the dishwasher safe aspect puts these markers ahead of the rest.  I hope you will try some of these for yourself and love your projects as much as I love mine!

Disclosure: I was provided this product for review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Amber says

    I want to use these to TEMPORARILLY write on wine glasses and then wash it off at the end of the night. Do you know if they would work for that? Will the paint stay / not smudge when a person holds the glass, but then wash off with soap and water at the end of the evening? Thanks!!!

  2. Becky says

    I used the these markers but I have done something wrong. I painted, baked two days later, once out of oven washed and used. Paint came off. What did I do wrong?????

  3. says

    Becky- did you prep your surface with alcohol? And did you actually put an oven thermometer into your oven? In my experience (with polymer clays) a home oven can be off by as much as 15 degrees and that can make a huge difference….

  4. Christine says

    Becky, I believe you are supposed to bake them within a few hours.

  5. says

    Thanks for the informative review. I think these markers are what I am looking for. Has anyone successfully used them on glazed ceramic pieces without prepping the piece first? I’m planning to decorate some off-the-shelf glazed items to add to packages our craft group distributes at Christmas time.

    I’m planning to follow Becky’s instructions, except I will bake them within a few hours and use an oven thermometer as suggested.

  6. RT says

    Hi, I was going to use this pen to write on porcelain cups. will the paint come off if i wash the cups in dishwasher?


  7. says

    If you follow the directions, probably not. But always do a test before launching into your project just to make sure.

  8. Erin Davis says

    I want to use these on the inside of a coffee mug. I know it says they are not food safe, but does this apply before or after they are baked?

  9. says

    Erin- you do not want this paint coming in contact with your food even AFTER it’s cured and baked. Keep the decorations to the outside of the mug.
    If you absolutely must decorate the inside of a mug, then you should start with bisqueware and use food-grade glazes. Your local “paint your own pottery” place will have what you need (including the kiln.)

  10. says

    I used these markers on a glazed mug and found that within a few minutes (while I was still working the design), I could use nail polish remover and a Q-tip to remove any mistakes very easily. I have baked the mug now and will do the dishwasher test next (crossing fingers as neither acrylic paint markers and sharpies survived the dishwasher : )

  11. says

    Hi! Love the paint markers by DECOART! However even after i wipe the surface with rubbing alchohol the marker tends to “bleed” Any advice? Is it maybe because the rubbing alchohol has expired? Wierd question but looking for an answer….ugh frustrating! Thank you! Betty

  12. says

    Betty- I think it’s “bleeding” because a) the surface isn’t dry or b) the markers aren’t properly mixed. Try shaking them for a minute before using them. Good luck!

  13. Mery says

    Tengo un horno de sobremesa para cocer arcilla polimérica.
    Me sirve este mismo para cocer la loza pintada con los paint marker ?


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