Craft Product Review: Daily Junque Paper Line by Pink Paislee House of Three


Daily Junque by House of Three

In the years since scrapbooking and paper crafting became big, the paper lines and their coordinating accessories have just gotten better and better each year.  Every season, I am amazed at what beautiful papers are released, along with so many gorgeous stamps, tags, tickets, labels, stickers, etc etc etc…to go along with the papers.  And just in the past year or so, the paper crafting companies have really begun to up their game, it seems, coming out with even more inventive products as scrappers become paper crafters and crafters become artists, trying to appeal to a broad range of tastes.

The Daily Junque line released by Pink Paislee House of 3 at Winter CHA is no different.  When I opened the box of Daily Junque goodness from them, I was immediately awed by the variety of products in the line.  Beyond the expected 12×12 papers (which in and of themselves are stunning with their unique color palette of turquoise, yellow, pink, orange, navy and grey), there were metal flags, chalkboard stickers, colored twine, felt clip-on flowers, printed tissue paper, a fun set of acrylic stamps, a package of mini-notes and labels, and a package of ephemera.  It’s hard to pick favorites, but I will definitely be using the stamps over and over again, the chalkboard stickers were super fun, and the mini-notes and labels…well, lets just say that when these ones are gone, I’ll be hoping to find another pack!  They will be great for using in collage backgrounds!

You should note that the ink used on these papers are made from soy; this could be considered earth-friendly, and IS less harmful to the earth than chemical-based inks.  However, it is important for consumers to be aware of this fact, as an increasing number of  people are actually allergic to soy, and this could potentially become an issue.  Just something to take note of.

I had fun playing around with the various pieces of this line, and since April is all about recycling, I have two recycle projects to share with you, using the Daily Junque line.

My first project is an altered, up-cycled Cricut cartridge box.  I was recently doing some reorganizing in my studio, and decided that my Cricut cartridge boxes (all 9 of them) were simply taking up valuable space (every spare inch is valuable these days!).  So I had a crafting party, and invited some crafty friends over to alter the abandoned cartridge boxes and turn them into something pretty and useful!

Upcycled Cricut cartridge box

I covered the entire outside, including the sides, with the patterned cardstock.  I added pieces from the ephemera pack, as well as did some fussy-cutting around pieced of the patterned cardstock to use for embellishments.  I used my Tim Holtz mini-rosette Sizzix die, and the cardstock held up well to the perforations in the die and the assembly of the rosette.  I made a layered flower from tissue paper circles, and added buttons from my stash.

Close up of the flowers on the Cricut cartridge box

Embellishments from the ephemera pack and fussy cuts from cardstock

My altered, up-cycled box – which otherwise would have ended up in the county dump – is now gorgeous, and is sitting on my work desk in my studio.  It holds several small items that I had no other home for, but which I use on a regular basis…my Embellie Gellie, my smallest acrylic block, the center point protector for my circle cutter…you get the idea.  And as an added bonus, I just love looking at my box!

My second project was actually a spur-of-the-moment project.  It was the night of my above-mentioned crafting party, when all my friends were coming to alter their Cricut cartridge boxes.  I had oodles of craft supplies to put out for my friends to use, and was quickly running out of places and containers to put the supplies.  One thing I NEVER run out of, thanks to having a baby in the house, is formula cans.  (For another cool recycled formula can project idea, check out a tutorial on my craft blog, My Crafty Friend Jen.)

I took three cans, removed the paper from them, and used Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage to cover them in the Pink Paislee cardstock.  The cardstock didn’t quite go all the way around the cans, so I used some of the printed tissue paper, scrunched up to look ruffled, and added it over the area where the paper didn’t meet.  Then I added one of the self-adhesive, removeable chalkboard stickers to each can.  [Note: I discovered that the chalkboard stickers work best if you “prime” them first – simply take a piece of chalk on its side and rub it all over the chalkboard sticker.  Wipe it all off, and your piece is ready to use.]  I then used chalk to label the contents of each can – they turned out super cute, and everyone loved them!  It was a quick, economical, and earth-friendly solution to my storage problem for the party…and I’ve continued to use them since that night!!  They are now on my work desk, and I am still loving them!

Formula cans covered in cardstock, with chalkboard stickers added

Ruffled tissue paper used to cover where paper didn't meet

My third and final project was a traditional 12×12 scrapbook layout.  I honestly rarely find the time to scrapbook, so when I am doing product reviews, it gives me a reason to do scrapbook pages…which makes me AND my kiddos happy!  It’s also SO easy to put together a great looking page when you have such wonderful coordinating products to work with.

I knew I wanted to do a page about us being just a few weeks away from finishing my son’s first year of school.  The ephemera pack has several vintage-looking flashcards in it, which were perfect for this layout.  Since I homeschool, I wanted the page to reflect the great balance we have between school time and play time throughout the day, and both the ephemera and the stamps helped me to portray just that.  I also LOVE that most of the papers have various little tags or spots around the edges where there is space for you to add bits of journaling.  I am one who absolutely believes in adding your own handwriting to a scrapbook page…I think my children and grandchildren will one day treasure that, so regardless of what *I* may think of my handwriting, I am thankful for papers which encourage journaling on the page.

Stamping and journaling above ephemera vintage flashcard

"Tags" and journaling spots around edges of cardstock encourage journaling on the page

Completed scrapbook page

Okay…so I think I’ve pretty much made it clear that I *heart* this line.  I honestly wasn’t sure about it when I saw it at CHA…but once I started playing with it, I completely fell for it!  And now, especially knowing that House of 3 has announced that they are disbanding and will no longer be in business together…well…I think I’m going to have to get myself a bit more of this line.  I know without a doubt that I will use the stamps over and over again!!

Now here’s the lowdown on the prices, since I know that is important to all of us!

  • 12×12 Paper Pack – 24 double-sided sheets – $18.99
  • Individual sheets of paper – $.85 each
  • Stamps – 8×8 sheet with 33 stamps – $11.99
  • Twine – 4 colors, 10 yards each – $4.99
  • Ephemera pack – 27 die cut pieces – $5.99
  • Mini Notes & Labels – 43 pieces – $5.99
  • Chalkboard Stickers – 6 vinyl stickers plus white chalk pencil – $5.99
  • Felt Flowers – 2 clip-on felt flowers – $5.99
  • Printed Tissue Paper – 3 sheets of 20×26 tissue – $2.99
  • Metal Flags – 5 embossed flags with sticks – $5.99
  • Wood Pieces Alphabet – 61 pieces – $5.99  (I did not receive this and have not reviewed it)

So…have any of you played around with this paper line yet?  Or any of the other three new Pink Paislee paper lines released at Winter CHA?  What do you think of them?  Are you as in love with them as I am?  I can’t wait to incorporate some of my scraps into my next collage background!!

Happy crafting!!


  1. Pam Jensen says

    What a great bunch of projects out of the box of goodies you’ve created. I love the upcycled Cricut cartridge box. It’s beautiful!

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