Craft Product Review: Cricut Expression 2 (E2) by ProvoCraft


Just when you thought the brilliant folks at ProvoCraft couldn’t take the Cricut line any further, they come out with something new, innovative, and completely want-able. Meet the Cricut Expression 2!

Here’s an overview from the Cricut website:

With the Cricut Expression® 2, you’ll be able to bring all those wonderful ideas swirling around inside to life, because it’s chock-full of all-new features to love. Cricut Expression® 2 is perfect for new and not-quite-so-new users alike — it’s easy and fun to use for all your personal creative projects. A sleek, new exterior and thoughtful innovations make Cricut Expression® 2 a must-have for any craft room.

Each Cricut Expression® 2 comes with 2 cartridges already loaded on your machine:

Cricut®   Alphabet Cartridge: Your words never looked so good. Whatever the message may be, this font cartridge, with its set of letters, numbers, and designs, is sure to help your writing jump right off the page.

Cricut®   Essentials Cartridge: Dress up any of your projects with this multipurpose cartridge. With it, you will have access to hundreds of shapes, designs, and artwork to inspire a new creation or even apply the finishing touches on something you’ve already started.

You’ll enjoy these great features and many more:

Sleeker design with all-new colors and finishes

  • Cuts with all Cricut®   and Cricut Imagine®   cartridges
  • Wireless compatibility (optional accessories)
  • Full-color LCD touch screen display with stylus
  • No keypad overlay required
  • Mat preview
  • Material setting
  • Cutting area light
  • Exclusive cartridge content preloaded on the machine
  • Swappable side-trim pieces
  • Settings menu

So, in other words….it’s almost a brand-new machine. It’s got the same great die-cutting features you love, but also many of the features of the Gypsy. Now everything is run from the full-color touch pad and you can really see exactly what you are going to cut and where you are going to cut it.

(If you already are used to the Cricut Expression or Create, you may be interested in this article I wrote comparing the the original Cricut Exression with the Expression 2 Anniversary Edition.)

However, for those of you who have never used a Cricut, I decided to approach the E2 with fresh eyes- and take you through it step-by-step on how the functionality and usability stands up. (After all, we already know that the Cricut line is renowned for it’s excellent cutting capabilities.)

First off… what is inside the box?

You get your machine, two pre-loaded cartridges with the image books, user manual, power cables, a USB adapter, a stylus, and little silicone protectors for your ports for when they are not in use. There is also a quick-start guide. (You can absolutely get started with the quick-start guide, but you can get detailed tutorials online.)

So let’s talk about getting started. All you need to do is plug your E2 in, and it will boot up for you. The only task you need to perform before you make your first cut is to calibrate the machine. The E2 will walk you through the process, and it isn’t any more complex than tapping the screen with your stylus.

Now you are ready to go! And yes, there are TWO pre-loaded carts so you can get going right away. (By the way, that means that they are IN the machine, so you won’t get the physical cartridge. Or the silicon overlay, for that matter.) You’ll need to get familiar with the icons, so be patient with yourself. The main one is the folder icon- it’s where your images are stored.

Home screen- mat preview on the left. The folder is where you'll find your artwork.

From there you’ll see a silhouette of the Cricut and/or the silhouette of a cartridge- it will determine where the E2 “looks” for images. For this review, I’m working with artwork that is built into the machine.

Artwork screen.

You can select your images just by tapping on the icons. The function buttons are along the left hand side. You cannot select the size of your image from this screen- we’ll do that later. Once you’ve selected your images, tap the “HOME” icon in the lower right hand, as I’m doing in the above photo.

Tap on the image and you can then edit it.

Now you will see your images previewed on the mat- just as they will be cut. If you want to edit the image- such as change the size- you can tap the image with your stylus. A box will pop up like the one you see in the above photo. To change the size, tap the “pencil” icon, and you will be let to the screen where you can increase or decrease your image size. When finished, you tap the icon of the hard disk- the “Save” icon- to return to the mat preview page.

Load Mat icon.

When you are ready to cut, adhere your paper to the sticky mat- and YES, new mats are REALLY STICKY. Then load your mat using the “load mat” icon. Super easy. Then you can tap the “cut” icon- the one that looks like a craft blade- and the cutting menu will pop up.

Cutting menu.

So here’s where the E2 feels like a whole new machine. In the previous Cricut machines, you just tap the cut button and it does-whether or not you’ve got the right pressure selected, or blade depths, or whatever. But with the new E2, cutting is almost goof-proof. First, it asks you what weight of paper you are using, and there are 4 presets already there for you to choose from: light paper, medium weight paper, heavy weight paper, and vinyl (kiss cut.) It will ask you to double check if the settings are correct, and then ask you if you’ve got the blade at the right depth. All in all, you have to tap the “cut” icon four times (!!) before it will actually cut the image out.

I’m a little impatient going through this double-triple-quadruple check every time, but I guess it’s better safe than sorry.

Changing the cutting location.

One of the functions I liked best in the Cricut Expression was the ability to change the blade position with just a push of a dirctional arrow. To change the cutting position on the E2, it’s a bit more complex. First you have to tap the “wrench” icon on the home screen, then scroll through and find the icon that looks like a mat with a target on it.

Once you tap that, a window will pop up and ask you how far to the right and down you want the blade to be. (Remember that with the E2, the default cutting location is in the upper LEFT hand corner. Also a change.) So the days of eyeballing the blade to a place on the mat is over- you now have to measure how far across and down you want the blade to be. Once you make your selection and save it, the E2 will re-render the mat preview, showing you exactly where the images will be cut.

I’m not sure this is an improvement- to me, this is far more time-consuming that the original way of eyeballing it!

Also, I ran into another little issue: sometimes the images are way too tiny on the preview screen to see what they are. Take a look at the bottom row of these images.

Some of the images are too small on the screen.

Even if I got really close, there was just no way to see what those images are until you select them, enlarge them, and see them on the preview screen. I was kind of longing to be able to do an “iPhone” move and enlarge the screen and zoom in so I could see them better. So note- keep those booklets handy- you will need them to use the touchscreen in some cases!

By the way, the E2 is theoretically wireless- but you need to buy an optional accessory package to make it work. Since it wasn’t included in the kit I got, I can’t report on how that works.

By the way- here’s how my card turned out:

The Cricut E2 cuts beautifully- I found that in most cases the cutting setting were accurate and needed no adjustment. (The card above used Core’Dinations Cardstock and I cut it on the “heavy paper” setting.)

I had my junior apprentice do some Cricutting with me, too. He made a sign using the Post It Craft paper (Which I cannot speak highly enough of!) Note that the 10-year old caught on quickly and used the machine almost completely independently.

The new Cricut Expression 2 retails for $299.99 USD, which is on par for what “new” die cutting machines cost. This is certainly is not cheap, but if you are a die-hard paper crafter you can certainly justify the cost. (Or rationalize!)

As I mentioned before, despite the learning curve, I really like the E2. It’s a machine my kids love to use, too- giving us some real quality family crafting time together.

Feel free to weigh in if you have an E2- I’d love to hear your thoughts, as well!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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  1. says

    Have you done a comparison article/search between all the available die-cutting machines? I am leaning toward the new Silhouette Cameo, due out later this year… but as a total novice, with only funding for one machine, I am hesitant to take the first move! GREAT review, great detail and photos too. Thanks!

  2. says

    I have the cricut personal, and am dieing to upgrade to the expression… might need to upgrade to this bad boy though. It looks awesome!

  3. says

    Laura- Sadly, I have not done a comparison of all the die-cutting machines- because I could never afford them all to test them side-by-side! (Can you imagine?) Anyway, the big factor is what kind of art you want to use. If you are satisfied with the ProvoCraft art, there is a LOT to choose from and you can almost always find carts on sale. But if you want to design your own artwork, then the Silhouette is absolutely a better choice. -Jenny

  4. Sharon Hallman says

    I have never used any of these machines, but I would love to I am just getting back to crafting after a long illness and have a lot to catch up on Thanks, Sharon

  5. Mary says

    FYI – you can enlarge the image to view it full screen.

    On the top of the machine, to the left of the screen is a magnifying glass. Hold that down and touch the image you want to enlarge. Voila! And when you are done viewing, simply touch the screen again and it goes back to the regular overlay picture.

  6. says

    Great review!! I have the E2 and I love it! I love everything about it and how easy it is to learn and use! For someone on the fence about getting a die-cutting machine, I say that you will not be disappointed if you get this one! There are so many choices when it comes to images and fonts – all I would ever need. Thanks for a great review!

  7. Mary says

    BTW – LOVE my E2! I agree with you about the extra steps to set the blade position, it seems much easier to use the arrows and eyeball it. But the more I use it the easier it’s getting for me.

  8. Susan M. says

    I have an E2 and love it. It’s my first cricut so I can’t compare it to the others. I will say it would have been nice if it had come with an instructional video. But, there are several videos online that are very helpful. I give it two thumbs up.

  9. Deb Palmer says

    I sold my Cricut Expression on Ebay last night, now I am going to order The Cricut expression 2 thru my Creative Memories consultant. Reason: if you order from CM you get a exculusive cartridge of CM and you can get hostess benefits so I will be able to get the Travelers cartridge. And because I will sign up for their club and earn rewards on this I will order the new holiday cartridge that they are coming out with on Nov 1. I figure out of pocket with shipping & tax will be around $75. Machine and 5 cartridges, SCORE!!

    last weekend i played with my girlfriends Expression 2 and LOVED it!!! So much easier to use.

    Happy Scrapping

  10. Deb Palmer says

    Just thought I’d point out the CM deal as I love helping my fellow “scrappers” in getting the best bang for our buck!! Of course I might have to do fast shipping! :)

  11. Glen Ann Huneke says

    I bought the E2 after using my Expression since it first came out. I was so happy when I took it our of the box! However, after trying to cut for the first few times, I put it back in the closet and got my good old Expression out to use again. I don’t have time with the holidays coming up, and lots of birthdays around now, to learn to use the E2. My original one is soooo easy, and I agree with you so much about the ability to move my blade where I want it, and set things very quickly by scrolling…..and then push “cut”…the end. It seems like there are way too many steps with the E2 to do the simple things we could already do. Make sense?? I like the light on the blade, and I thought I would like the ability to work wirelessly. I read that the wireless capability isn’t ready yet. I don’t know girls….maybe it’s too hard to break old habits, but I LOVE my original Expression.

  12. Maureen says

    Ive spent 3 hours trying to cut out the haunted house B on “Happy Hauntings” anyone else have problems. It like its not there. Should I return the cartiage?

  13. Sue says


    Are there any differences between the Cricut Expression 2 and the Cricut Expression 2 anniversary edition?


  14. says

    Sue- Yes, indeed. The C2 anniversary has 4 preloaded carts and is only available on the secondary market. The C2 has 2-preloaded carts and has a wi-fi functionality with an add-on package, and what is widely available at this time.

  15. Ron says

    Thanks for the review! I found it very helpful. I’m actually getting it for my wife for Christmas. She’s going to love this machine, I hope!! Now she can put all of her ideas into anything and everything she wants! Great post!

    Where are the best deals to get the E2?

  16. g says

    i keep seeing something about changeable colors or sides but i dont see anywhere to get the pieces or anything… anybody know how to get the e2 in a different color? please email me the reply to this at
    thank you

  17. Eloisa Navarro says

    I just bought the cricut expression 2 for my mom she makes cakes. Did I get the right cricut machine?

  18. says

    I know that there are many crafty people out there who also love to cook. If this sounds like you then here is the Cricut Cartridge that was made just for you!

  19. Valerie Ward says

    I got my very first Cricut, the E2, for Christmas! Score, right? Well, I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve waited years and years for my first Cricut machine, and I really thought this would be amazing. I have been scrapbooking & card-making for years, and I really thought this would have more ease to it. First of all, I saw on a video, you can just move the images with your stylist by touching the screen and dragging it, like I saw on a Gypsy video; well, you can’t! You have to program it to move; how archaic is that? And then I have STRUGGLING (and wasting so much precious paper) to make one of the cards is available on the Essential line; well, that’s been a total nightmare. First of all, there are no instructions except the one example they show in the little book. Second, getting the pieces to size up correctly to the card (btw, WHICH ONES do you use?) is a nightmare. Sure, they make it look like it’s no big deal, but it is. Third, they don’t really tell you enough, period. Oh, and the machine is pretty darn LOUD, too. I don’t know, folks, I’m pretty disappointed.

  20. Brandi says

    I am interested in just vinyl letter cutting for crafts. Wood and glass.
    What machine would you sugest? Thanks.

  21. says

    It depends on the size you need. The Cricut machines work marvelously with vynil, and you can get a “baby” bug (AKA the V-1) or the Create really cheaply if you’re letters are under 5.5 inches. Hope this helps, -Jenny

  22. says

    Wow, cool blog! Where have you been all my life?? apparently right here for the last 4 years! I am so glad to find you! Congrats on your blogiversary! I am anxious to check out the rest of your site, since I have enjoyed your product reviews I have read so far! Thanks for the chance to win those awesome prizes too! Subscribed… check!

  23. Nicole says

    I want to be able to make cut outs for cheer bows, such as stars and megaphones, they will never be bigger then 3″ , what machine do you recommend. The material of the cut outs will be spandex. Thanks!

  24. says

    Nicole- you could certainly get away with either a small Cricut- like the V-1- or a Slice for that size. However, I think your real issue is going to be stabilizing Spandex. It’s so stretchy, it will be hard to cut with any electric machine. You might be best off with manual dies if you must use spandex. Hope this helps, Jenny

  25. Jacquelyn says

    I was wondering if with the Expressions 2 I can download inamges or create my own to cut, not just one provided on the cartridges. Any info would be great! Thanks!

  26. says

    Jacquelyn- the simple answer is no, not yet. HOWEVER- you can use free Craft Studio software (from ProvoCraft) to alter images OR you can use 3rd-party software like Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) to cut images other than what Provocraft supplies. Hope this helps, -Jenny

  27. Jennifer says

    Can you use the older versions of Sure Cuts a Lot with the cricut expressions 2? I have heard so many different things and hope you can help with any information!

  28. says

    Jennifer- I will not comment on SCAL and the Cricut 2. It’s an aftermarket software that is not sanctioned by ProvoCraft (indeed, SCAL was sued over it.) Use it at your own risk.

  29. says

    Wow, I love this post…getting ready to buy one of this. I make invitations, banner, tags etc. cant wait to try it.

    thank you for posting

  30. llig says

    Wish cricut would ship to uk no point collecting the rewards as cant use them here come on cricut play fair

  31. Peggy Anderson says

    I am disappointed that this machine will not weld letters. Am I missing something?

  32. says

    Peggy- You still need software, like Design Studio, the Gypsy, or the online Cricut Craft Room for advanced functions like that. The E2 is still just a cutting tool.

  33. Carole Corey says

    I bought the E2 anniversary edition from HSN and have never used it because I could not get it set up/hooked up. I called ProvoCraft to guide me but they never returned my calls. I’ve offered to sell it for $100 but now am wondering if there is someone (like ProvoCraft) that would help guide me in hooking it up. I paid $345 for it. Any suggestions for me?

  34. says

    Without more information, I can’t help much. Does it turn on? Can you see a home screen? Let’s start with that.

  35. myrtle says

    Hi jenny can you tell me what the difference is between the cricut expression 2 and the silhouette cameo and what you think is best for a first time user.

  36. says

    Hi, Myrtle. This is a fairly complex question and it’s tough to answer. The Cricut utilizes cartridges with artwork on them- you cannot create your own without “hacking” the machine with 3-rd party software. The cartridges can be pricey and you will pay for a whole cartridge, even if you only need one image on it! However, you don’t need a computer with the Cricut Expression (you do need one with the Cricut E2, though.) The Silhouette, on the other hand, is computer-driven. It also allows you to download images via your computer and design your own with design software (which can allow you to save some money on images and get more creative with your own art.) I think the Cricuts are much easier for general crafters and first-time users- but if you want to cut you own images and are more computer savvy, then the Silhouette is a better choice.

  37. Lisa says

    Hi Jenny-
    I just bought the E2 and love the possibilities, but when I was trying it out (this is my first machine) the machine asks if I’m sure of the blade and pressure. How do I know?? I feel silly to ask this but I don’t understand. Once I choose the type of paper (light, medium etc) and then hit cut it asks to confirm that I have the right blade size. When would you change pressure or blade size from the pre-programed blade chosen for a specific paper type chosen? Hope this makes sense. Any help in understanding this is appreciated.

  38. says

    Lisa, just trust the machine. Choose the paper or material to the best of your ability- and when it asks you if confirm the blade depth, just double-check the number on the blade cartridge. It’s really just a fail-safe and not a commentary on you Cricuting ability. : )

    Have fun!

  39. says

    I believe so- but I thought that product had been discontinued since SCAL was sued by ProvoCraft? And don’t forget that using it will void your warranty on your Cricut.

  40. JD says

    Please help! I used my Expression 2 for the VERY first time today. I put in the “Tags, Bags, Boxes & More” cartridge, and I did figure out how to cut a tag, BUT the tag had a “slit” at the top, and I don’t want a slit, I want a “hole”. I can’t figure out how to change from slit to hole, can someone help? Thanks

  41. says

    JD- Images are cut as shown in the book- you cannot alter them. However, if it SHOWS a hole, yet it CUT a slit, then I’d make sure the paper isn’t shifting. Also, you could try resizing it up an seeing if you have the same issue. Let us know!

  42. JD says

    Thanks, but I don’t understand… I had an “original” cricut machine and I had an option to choose “hole”, “slit” or “no hole/slit” with this same cartridge… but on my E2, I can’t find an option like that. I figure it SHOULD be there somewhere, just that I’m not smart enough to find it, lol. If the “book” you speak of is the spiral bound book that came with the cartridge, yes, there are options for hole, slit and none of the above.

  43. says

    OK, then…the options that you describe often come by pressing the “shadow” “blackout” or shift keys…so whatever one you press on the Expression, you must also select on the E2. The function buttons will be in the left hand side of your screen…..

  44. JD says

    Thanks, a nice woman on facebook told me to try the shift button, and I did so about 10 minutes ago… cut 15 tags with a hole! :)

  45. Brent says

    I’m buying my wife a cricket for Christmas is the first expression not as good as cutter better than cricket to expression 2 you tell me the difference?

  46. Bonnie says

    I have the older expression and design studio which allows me to weld fonts into words. Nothing I have seen about the expressions2 says anything about the ability to weld fonts or images. Is it possible?

  47. Cathy says

    I have a 15 yr old who LOVES to do crafts of all kinds, but not much scrap booking. She also babysits and does things with the kids. She thought the Cricuit would be a fun, cost-saving tool for making shapes & things to make cards, pictures and other decorations. I was advised at the craft store to go with the Cricuit Expression instead of the Expression2. Do you agree?? Is there anything that is not in the original packaging that she HAS to have to get started?? I know NOTHING about these machines & the more I try to read & learn, the more confused I get! I like your blog about the E2, but I don’t know anything about the original Expression for it to help me…SORRY!

  48. says

    Cathy- actually both machines work the same way- just one has buttons and one has a display screen. Since the gift recipient in question is 15, she will probably be better at navigating the touch-screen system than I am! So really, the question is how much do you want to spend? The Cricut Create is smaller and is usually priced under $100, but will only cut images up to 5 1/2 X 12 inches wide. The Cricut Expression and E2 both will cut up to 12X24 if you buy the larger mats. You can find great deals on the Expression ($150 for once was a $300 machine) and $200-ish for the E2.

    If you are looking for a personal recommendation, the Expression has a quicker learning curve and you do NOT need to hook it up to a computer to make it work- so it’s the easiest to use right out of the box.

  49. butterfly says

    are there any free designs anywhere for the cricut ex2 on the net?I heard there were some on cricut craft room but i cant seem to cut any at all on there. It just asks for a cartridge. also what can i do with the wifi option?

  50. Sommer says

    I bought a Cricut Expression 2 and I have used it about 4 times. However, it decided it wasn’t going to turn on anymore. It died last september but I just now called because we have been building a house because of the flood, moving and the holidays. Its just barely past the warranty date so they wont do anything. Im beyond aggravated as it was really difficult to use to begin with…didnt seem to cut right or respond to depth settings or something. Now when I push the power button it turns green but nothing else turns on. ANy ideas? I think I just lost $300 plus all the accessories I purchased for it.

  51. Kimberly Towers says

    I have the original Cricut machine butbjust bought the E2….will the original cartridges work with the E2? And do you HAVE to use a computer with E2? Must it be connected to the internet? I am Craft challenged!!

  52. says

    Kimberly- YES, the original cartridges will work with the E2. You only need a computer (with internet access) to UPDATE the firmware of your machine. (Which is optional, actually.) I took this from

    The Cricut Expression 2 can function as a standalone machine. The LCD touch screen and Cricut® cartridges allow you to create projects without being connected to a computer.
    A computer is required to update the machine.
    If you prefer to design on a computer, the Cricut Expression 2 machine allows you to do so with the free online Cricut Craft Room® design software—just connect and start creating with the Cricut images you own.

    Start experimenting an have FUN! Good luck-

  53. Lisa says

    I just got the Cricut Expression 2 as a gift. I love it! Well….. at least when I am in Craft Room on the computer. My question is ………. I am the creative type…. will Sure Cuts A lot software work on it. I am struggling with being limited?

  54. says

    Lisa- SCAL might work- I haven’t tried it. Be aware that if you do, you will nullify your ProvoCraft warranty. You might have been better off with the Silhoutte. which is geared toward SVG files to begin with and is more geared for folks who want to make/alter their own artwork. (Versus paying for cartridges or bundles.) If it’s not too late, research it and perhaps reconsider. Good luck!

  55. victoria says

    just got my expression 2 and i watched all the tutorials but nothing is telling why the paper keeps moving during cutting i have changed and rechecked all the setting i beginning to think its a faulty mat why wont the paper stick and stay in place HELP!!!!

  56. says

    Victoria- your instincts are correct. If your paper is moving, it’s because the sticky mat is not holding your paper securely. Try placing the paper down on your mat on top of a nice, firm surface like a table and rubbing the paper down so that it sticks more firmly. However, if the culprit is the mat (and not super-textured paper) then I’d recommend getting some quilt basting spray (or other repositionable/temporary spray adhesive) and giving your mat a nice light coat. OR, you could replace your mat. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  57. Tori says

    I have the first cricut and I love it. I just need to do bigger projects. My friens Is selling the E2 anniversary edition like new (like 10 times) for the same price as the E. Nothing wrong with it she just got the one that prints. Which one would you recommend?

  58. says

    Tori- the machines have identical functions- the E2 just has the touch screen. Which you may or may not like. So it’s up to you! ; )

  59. Elle says

    Can anyone tell me if you can word weld on an Expressions 2 without being in Craftroom and is there any software that will let me hook up the machine to my laptop without being on the internet? I have heard that Design Studio Software does not work with Expressions 2.

  60. says

    Elle- the Gypsy tool was designed for just that- welding and manipulating your images without extra software or a laptop.

  61. Sharon says

    I would not purchase the cricut exo 2. I have one I wish I would have done more research before the purchase

  62. Shelby says

    I have the E2, I also have the original, I have tried connecting my machine to the online craft room and it is telling me that I need the wireless adapter even though they are connected with the cord, I have looked every where and can not find anywhere that I can buy the wireless adapter. I am also trying to find a way to use multiple cartridges and then make one cut. (i make tile and canvas items with vinyl sayings on them, I am trying to take them from my circut mat with the use of contact/transfer paper and place it all on the surface). One last question, when viewing my letters on the screen, I am wondering if there is a trick to get them all in a line, I have some letters higher then others, I have tried the paper saver option, not using the paper saver option. Do you have any tricks to get the letters placed in a straight line?

  63. says

    Shelby, I hate to tell you this but if you cannot connect to the online Craft Room and you are using a cord, it may be a defect in the software in the machine. Have you tried updating the firmware first? I’ve never seen a wireless adapter, either.

    To make an image using multiple cartridge images, I think you need to have them uploaded to your Online Craft Room Library and then select them from there.

    Lastly, can you change the setting so that you see a grid on the mat? That could help you line up your letters. For more help, I think you should contact Cricut and get some support from them. :)


  64. Nancy says

    I was wondering if you can use the juke box with the E2? And can I use the design studio with it?

  65. Nancy says

    Thank you for your reply and the knowledge you have about theses products .

  66. Linda Hull says

    Hi Jenny: I have the E2 and really like it except when layering! I have wasted so much paper. I have the real dial size off as the book says, but I still can’t get my layers to come out correctly. Suggestions please!

  67. susan aguirre says

    I just got the E2. I’ve never used any of these machines before. I want to make tags. Is it possible for me to create my own sayings for the tags and print them onto the tags? If yes, how do I do that? I would also like to design how the words print out on the tags.

  68. says

    Susan- I want to answer your question, but we have to make sure we are on the same page. You say “print”- the Cricut Expression doesn’t have a printing feature- it’s only a die cutter. If that is what you mean, then you can go into the Cricut Design Space ( to create designs that your E2 can print- but you must have your machine connected to the printer, have the software booted up/downloaded, and your machine’s firmware updated. Good luck!

  69. susan aguirre says

    Thank you for responding. I guess what I mean is not print, but write with the pens. I am wondering if I can type somewhere what I want to say on the tag and design where that writing will be written on the trash with the pens. Or do I only get to choose from the sayings on the cartridges? Is this any clearer? Thank you, again.

  70. Michele green says

    If my cricut it connected to the lap top and wifi through the lap top do I have to have a wifi adapter for the cricut????

  71. says

    Michele- if you want to connect to the Cricut wirelessly, then you need the wifi adaptor. If you are connected to the Cricut via your laptop, well then, you don’t.

  72. Lindsey says

    I have a cricut expression 2 I am having trouble buying things online and importing them into a program to be able to cut. Any ideas


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