Craft Product Review: Craft Geek “Wind It” by Purple Cows


I’m a fan of wire- I like it in jewelry, paper crafting, and mixed media. One of the challenges, however, is how to make consistent shapes. The new “Wind It” tool in the Craft Geek line by Purple Cows seeks to solve that problem with an easy template system.

The kit consists of a base with lid, 4 template shapes with overlays (10 designs), instructions, and two spools of soft wire to get you started.

Here’s how it’s described on the website:

CraftGeek Wind It winding base and templates make winding wire embellishments easy and fun.

  • Includes Wind It base and lid with 4 winding templates featuring 10 pattern guides and 9′ of gold and silver wire
  • Choose from 10 unique designs then follow the pattern to easily make intricate wire shapes
  • Create decorative wire embellishments for craft projects
  • Fit one template in the lid and the other templates store in the base

Using the tool is super easy. Just set a template and overlay on top of the base, and place one end of the wire in the hole. Wind the wire around the path following the black line until you’ve reached the end of the design.

Then you cut the wire, lift off the overlay, and POOF! You’ve got a wire shape.

I used the included wire in this first sample- was really soft, and I got to thinking about how the tool would work with different gauges of wire. So I made some swatch samples. (Of course!)

As you can see, it worked great with all these gauges. It was a little tricky with the thinnest wire- but here’s my tip: after you place the wire in hole to secure it, anchor the wire with your thumb and then turn the TOOL around instead of trying to man-handle the wire.

It didn’t work so well this sparkly pipe cleaner, though.

Since I’m also a fan of coiling wire, I wanted to see if I could put a wire coil through the Wind It tool. Take a look:

Yay! I turned the coiled swirl into the stem of a flower. I then made a few more projects….

You can see here where having precise, matching embellishments is key!

Then, lastly, I took one of those heart shapes- it was 20 gauge- and finished the spirals a pit with my round-nose pliers. I then hardend the wire by tapping it with my hammer.

Now you’ve got your own paper clips or book marks!

Oh, and by the way- did I mention that the templates and overlays fit INSIDE for easy storage? I love that I can keep them all tidy and accessible!

So now here’s the nitty gritty. It retails for $19.99 and is currently available on the Purple Cows website. I know some of the other Craft Geek items have shown up on HSN, so I’m hoping Wind It will show up at a faboo price there, too!

Stay tuned, because we’ve got more NEW, COOL products in the “Craft Geek” line coming up for you…because yes, yes we are. And we’re willing to bet that you are, too!

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