Craft Product Review: Chalkboard Paper from DCWV


Chalkboard projects are all the rage.  When I saw these chalkboard card stock stacks from Die Cuts With a View (DCWV), my first thought was how much easier those projects will be by using this paper.  No more waiting for chalkboard paint to dry for 24 hours before being able to use it.  I dove right in to test both packs.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

First of all the manufacturer’s website states:

Classroom chalkboard meets craft paper stash in our one-of-a-kind new material stack. In this collection of neutral, solid chalkboard sheets, you will find paper that’s perfect for all of your crafting adventures.

Give your home decor projects and mixed media art the look of a true masterpiece using chalk, watercolor pencil, oil pastels, and more. Perfect for all ages—this is a stack not to be missed! Stack comes with 36 sheets; 6 of each color.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I tried both the stack with neutral colors and another stack with bright colors.  There were not any instructions or warnings on the packs themselves.  I would like to have seen what I could and/or could not use to write on the paper. This card stock is very, very thick. Each sheet is large at 12 inches by 12 inches and two sided.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

Let’s talk about the variety of colors. The swatches below show the colors from both stacks of paper.  The ones on the left are from the neutral stack.  The ones on the right are from the bright stack.  I wanted to see how well the paper would work with both regular chalk and chalk markers. So I wrote on each swatch with both.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I waited a few hours then erased them with a damp cloth.  Both the chalk and the chalk markers came off flawlessly from the paper.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I was excited to be able to use both on this product.  I have had some materials where the chalk markers leave a “witness” mark after being erased.  These papers performed excellently on my test.  Next I tried a bend test.  Because there are some paper crafts where you would want to bend the paper. The chalkboard paper is not for these types of crafts.  Bending makes a horrible cracked line as can be seen in the photo below.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

Next came cutting the paper.  I went with my Silhouette and used the deepest cutting blade cap.  The product cut very well.  I tested with a variety of shapes to get a feel for how the paper would perform.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I used a Crop-a-dile punch to put a hole in a few of the pieces to use as tags.  Again no issues with punches and the lines were clean.  With this product, you can literally have chalkboard tags in minutes. They are sturdy enough with just the paper alone to withstand lots of abuse.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I used some of the bright paper to make an even larger sign.  This sign is about 7 inches by 10 inches.  Again cut with the Silhouette. The other great thing about these paper packs is the variety of colors you get. To purchase chalkboard paint in this wide of a variety of colors would not be cost effective.   One stack (36 sheets) of this paper is listed at a regular price of $19.99 each on the Joann’s website. This paper is definitely a viable option for those wanting a variety of chalkboard colors without the expense of individual bottles of paint.

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

I also made up a Teacher Appreciation gift idea with the chalkboard paper. Head on over to The Country Chic Cottage for this project plus an entire week of Teacher Appreciation gift ideas!

chalkboard scrapbook paper product review

If you have a chalkboard projects that you want to complete, consider purchasing chalkboard card stock instead.  Remember to use only for projects that will not bend the paper as bending causes unsightly cracks.  Otherwise, make colorful chalkboard projects for every area of your home and to give as gifts as well.

Disclosure: Samples provided for review.

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  1. Caryn S. says

    Thanks for reviewing this! I saw this a while ago and was curious about it.

  2. Lorraine Padden says

    So excited to see this review. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this. Can’t wait to buy ‘me’ a stack.

  3. Kat says

    After using chalk on this paper, is it permanent? Do you have to coat it with clear so it won’t smudge?

  4. says

    The chalk is not permanent. The chalkboard paper acts just like a chalkboard. If you use chalk markers however, they will not smudge. But will erase when you use a damp cloth.

  5. B. Poteraj says

    I think that I would love to make a lot of different things with these papers. I like that they clean off completely.

  6. c. coll says

    I purchased some of this paper but had trouble getting it to stick to other papers or vice versa. What type of adhesive would you recommend?

  7. says

    Camilla- you didn’t specify what adhesives you’ve tried, but I’ve had good luck with dry adhesives such as the Xyron, tape runners, and glue dots. Hope this helps!

  8. Ann says

    Thanks for writing a great review! I bought the bright colored stack today at Michaels for just $5.99 on sale! I can’t wait to use them in my classroom.

  9. p.elliott says

    This might be a silly question for expert crafters.. I’m a beginner… Where can I get my little fingers on one of those handy sillhouettes?

  10. L. Borja says

    Thank you for this really good review, takes the leg work out for us crafters who want to try this type of brand and type of paper. I just picked up the neutral chalkboard stack so know what to do and not do (bend the chalk paper) on my projects. I really appreciate the testing on the Silhouette cutting machine as I was thinking of trying that as well. Keep up the good work and please continue to share your reviews/opinions on products you try.


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