Craft Product Review: Bic Mark-It Markers


While I’m not sure permanent markers really count as a “craft product” per se, I don’t know a single crafter worth his/her salt that doesn’t have a stash of permanent markers. And while another brand has kind of dominated the market, I was really drawn in (pardon the pun) by the Bic Mark-it colors and design. Good enough excuse for me to shell out some cash for a new set of markers and PLAY!

For this review, I’m really focusing on craft applications. So, the first thing you need to know is that they are PERMANENT markers, and can be blended with alcohol. And while they aren’t SUPER stinky, they still have a moderate odor. If you are going to use them for any significant length of time, make sure you crack a window or turn on a fan. And use with caution around kids, because it WILL stain clothes, hands….you get the idea.

The first thing you notice that sets this permanent marker apart is the comfy squeeze grip. It’s a little thing, but the fact that it’s comfortable to hold is a plus!

Now, let’s take a look at the nib in the photo above. It’s a chunky felt cone-tip, which allows you to write with the point or make nice broad strokes with the side:

This also sets the Bic Mark-it apart from other permanent markers. It really is flexible and easy to use when filling in a larger space because you can use the side of the nib.

I tried it out on paper first- Glossy, Matte, and Watercolor. Nice color and coverage on all three papers!

Interestingly, I didn’t get any bleed-through- and permanent markers are notorious for bleed-through!

So I colored a little pink heart to test a heavier application…

Not surprisingly, I got some bleed-through with this. And it’s water-color paper, so it’s more porous than cardstock.

So….how does it work on a colored cardstock?

Ummmm… not so great. This isn’t an opaque marker- the ink is translucent. Not great for colored or dark surfaces. Just sayin’.

Now, while this is NOT a fabric marker, I use permanent markers a lot in art quilts, atcs, postcards, etc. (Basically, things that don’t get washed.) I decided to work on an art quilt piece using some cotton fabric (curtain lining, to be exact.) I stabilized the fabric on a piece of adhesive-backed vinyl and went to town.

I really like the way this turned out. It wrote fairly smoothly on the fabric, and the nib didn’t get all fuzzy. Then, since I was on a fabric tangent, I decided to try a technique shared by my crafting friend Vicki O’Dell, in which you use alcohol to get a tie-dye effect on fabric. She likes to use knits (like tee-shirts), but just used quilters’ cotton for my example. First I drew some concentric hearts with the Bic Mark-its, then used painter’s tape to stretch it over a plastic tray. (This helps the alcohol spread.)

Then, using an eye-dropper, drip rubbing alcohol into the center of the design. (I use the mint-scented stuff, so it doesn’t give me a headache!) The alcohol starts to dissolve the ink, and capillary action disperses it… take a look:

Fun, right? Can’t wait to sew this into a fabric postcard!

I think I’m hooked on Bic Mark-its. They come in some amazing color families, such as Paradise Pastels, Earthly Expressions, Fashion, and the Classic Collection. Or you could ask Santa for the whole 36-color collection! They are priced at .99 cents USD at my local Staples, or $19.99 USD for the whole 36-color set. And there is a claim by Bic that the markers won’t dry out- even if the cap is left off for 14 days!

Move over, Sharpies. There’s room in there for Bic Mark-its, too!

Do you use permanent markers? Have you tried Bic Mark-its? I’d love to hear your opinions!

Disclosure: I bought these my own darn self!

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  1. says

    You know, I think I bought a package of those, because I wanted something to write on CDs/DVDs, and I have never even opened them yet. I will have to check them out for crafting! Nice review! Sharpie needs to watch its back. I recently bought two Sharpies for $6 which is kind of silly.

  2. Phyllis says

    I’m planning a party that will include scrapbooking and t-shirt decorating. I was going to buy a set of Bic markers for the scrapbook, as I know they are acid-free and archival. I was also going to buy a set of Sharpies for the shirts, because I’ve used them for that purpose, and they work great! Based on your review, I think I can just get the full set of Bics to use for both activities and save money! THANKS!

  3. says

    Just got these at Target, and having cracked them open and done a quick comic drawing in my Moleskine, I’m loving them! Can’t wait to try the alcohol trick.

  4. says

    BIC markers are great! I recently got a big box of them as a birthday present and have been using them for everything. The fine points are good for linework and they don’t stink like sharpies tend to – I’ve also noticed that mine don’t bleed much, although I don’t know if that’s because of the pen or because I’ve gotten better at using them.

  5. Rose Paul says

    I know these are very affordable markers, here in Charleston, SC you can buy a 36 color set for $19.99 and a bonus set that has all 36 colors and an extra set of metallic markers for $24.99 at the local big box stores.
    I haven’t bought them because I do cards. I color lots of rubber stamp and digital stamp images. I need to know the markers will blend with an alcohol blending marker.
    I had been using the more affordable (than Copics) Stampin Up Blendabilities Alcohol Markers, but Stampin Up has decided to stop selling them (due to manufacturer problems). They will not be in the new 2015-16 catalog (I’m a demo and got the inside skinny). So, now I am looking once more at the Mark-Its…and I am still unsure. There are the new Chameleon Markers from Great Britain now available in the states and while they are cool and I would buy the big set of those in a heartbeat, they may be a passing trend. So I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! Start saving a large amount of money and buy a set of Copics or chance the Chameleons (which are also refillable).
    What do you recommend?

  6. says

    Rose… I tried out the Bic Markits with a Copic Blender…and yes, they work. However, I’d probably steer you towards the Spectrum Noirs. Nicer colors!


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