Craft Product Review: Art-C Glitter Mist


There are so many mists and sprays these days out on the market and each and every one of them seem to be different and special in their own way. I am a bit of a spray, “hoarder” too, they’re just so much fun, versatile and I consider them a good tool to have in your crafty arsenal.

Enter in the glitter mists by Art-C. According to the website,

Art-C glitter mists can be applied to any surface and blended and/or layered for a truly unique look. Available in 7 colors, our glitter mists coordinate with all of the themes in the Art-C collection.

So to be honest, I just jumped right in to try these little gems out!

At first spray these are truly a fine mist and the colors are buildable. Below I did four layers of spray to show how intense the colors would get. There really is a noticible glimmer to these, not as much as “glitter” specks. (Also, I did notice a slight odor from the sprays, but nothing that was offensive or warranted me opening up the windows.)

I also did a traditional swatch trying the sprays on different mediums and papers.

Also, just to show how pretty these are and how they can completely change the look of one paper, here is the same patterned paper spritzed with four different colors of glitter mist. The gold and green gives an almost spring look, the red could be used for valentine’s day or Christmas and I love the silver for an elegant wedding vibe.

Here’s another fun little resist trick I absentmindedly created. I had  applied gesso to an  art journal page that I sprayed red. I let that dry completely then put a circle mask on top of that. I gently sprayed the silver glitter spray over the top and before removing the mask, I took a clean, dry paper towel and picked up the still wet spray. What a cool resist effect!

Ed Note: These spray mists are water-based and water-reactive.You might want to seal them if they will exposed to moisture.

  In this quick little ATC I made, I layered the yellow and red sprays and also misted the little boat sign with silver!

Lastly, here’s an art journal page I created. It’s difficult to tell after adding all of the layers but I did use the mask-resist effect I described above, I also misted the patterned papers and actually the whole page. I also unscrewed the top of the bottle and used the plastic end of it to flick red spots over the page. I also dipped a paint brush into the mist and used it to paint onto certain parts of the page.

Here, you can see at an angle how it really glimmers in the light:

Overall, I really enjoyed using the glitter mists by Art-C. They give off a great, sheer color with an obvious glimmer to it. No squinting necessary here to see the sparkle! Glitter mists are available in seven fabulous colors and come in one ounce bottles. These are available at online retailers (see the CTD affiliate links for below), some big box craft stores (Hobby Lobby) and I’ve even seen some of their products available at local art and framing stores (Aaron Brothers). They are approximately $4-$6 a bottle and I think this is fairly comparable to other mists and sprays that are available on the market. I do see myself using these in the future. I think they are a great and versatile sprays to have in my spray “arsenal.”


  1. Rhonda says

    Thanks Sara,

    I love this product too. I especially like how it reacts to wet acrylic paint –do you know what the spray is made from?


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