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Last summer at CHA, I stopped in at I Love To Create booth where Pattie Wilkinsin was doing a demo on making necklaces out of hardware-store washers. She was showing the strength of some of the new adhesives in the Aleene’s Tacky Glue family- the Tacky Double-Stick Sheets. What makes them so different for the Aleene’s brand, though, is that they aren’t wet glues like Tacky Glue. Nope, these are dry adhesives bearing the Aleene’s name. Wanna hear more?

I recently got my hands  on a selection of these, so I’m going to give you an overview of the products I tried:Tacky Double-Stick Sheets, Tacky Dot Rolls, Tacky Line Roll, and Tacky Sticker Sheets.

So let me give you the guided tour, with a little video at the end, OK?

Aleene’s Tacky Dot Rolls:

Roll up your sleeves and get creative with an Aleene’s® Tacky Dot Rollâ„¢! Perfect for when you need just a spot of adhesive, these permanent, high-tack glue dots come on a convenient, easy-release roll and have clear backing to make precise placement a cinch. Just peel and stick for permanent results! Each Aleene’s® Tacky Dot Rollâ„¢ comes with 200 dots. Choose from 3/16” diameter, 3/8” diameter and ½” diameter.

These come in a 3/16 inch size and 1/2 inch size so have some versatility. These “dots” are flat- paper thin- so they won’t add dimension to your projects.  As mentioned, they come on a nice clear plastic backing so you can see right where you are putting them. However, I would have liked to have seen more on the roll- especially with the small size. There is a lot of empty space on this roll that seems a little wasteful.

Other than that, they perform well. Without going into my whole test, I did try them out when I was making some tags for a swap. I found them easy to use, very sticky and I loved the small size when applying some of my button embellishments.

Small Tacky Dots work great on teeny embellishments.

Aleene’s Tacky Line Roll:

Roll out the creativity with an Aleene’s® Tacky Line Rollâ„¢! Perfect for when you need just a quick line of adhesive, these permanent, high-tack glue lines come on a convenient, easy-release roll and have clear backing to make precise placement a cinch. Just peel and stick for permanent results! Works great with paper projects, scrapbooking, classroom activities and more.

These come in a twin-pack- and I recommend that you separate them by pulling the rolls apart to expose the cardboard core and cut it with scissors. It’s SO much easier to use that way! The lines actually ARE a little dimensional- so be aware of that if you using them to glue down ribbons or whatever, as they will add a little 3-D effect.

I really liked them, though, as embellishments themselves. I laid down a strip on a washi-tape covered tag and trimmed it. Then I removed the backing burnished on some mylar-backed foil (like the Designer Foils from ClearSnap) and voila! I got a shiny raised lined that POPS. They are also great for adding lines of glitter, flocking, and micro-beads. Fun, right?

Here I used the Tacky Lines to adhere glitter to a tag.

Aleene’s Tacky Double-Stick Sheets

When you don’t have time to watch glue dry, grab an Aleene’s® Double-Stick Tacky Sheetâ„¢ and get crafty! These acid-free, ultra thin and flexible sheets are perfect for adhering any craft surface to another; use them for scrapbooking, frames, paper projects and so much more! Just cut your desired size and shape piece from the sheet, peel the liner from each side to expose adhesive and press in place for a strong, permanent bond without the mess of solvent sprays.

This is what we used in the project by Pattie Wilkinson that I mentioned earlier. And here’s the proof in the pudding- we made these 5 months ago, and the glitter, microbeads and charms are still holding tight! Also, this product works OK with punches, too- so again, you can make fun shapes with your punches or manual die-cutting machines, then sprinkle on the sparkle, microbeads, etc.

Aleene’s Tacky Sticker Sheets

When it comes to crafting, why stick to what’s offered? Create your own custom stickers with Aleene’s® Tacky Sticker Sheetsâ„¢! These microdot adhesive sheets are excellent for pairing with pre-cut and die-cut shapes for perfectly adhering to your project. The super strong, acid-free adhesive permanently bonds paper, photos, plastics, wood and more, so you can keep your creativity in full swing.

These are little bitty dots on a larger release paper- the idea here is that you can take your intricate die-cut shapes and lay them down on the exposed dots. Then replace the protective sheet, burnish, and when you open it back up, the die-cut will have little dots ONLY where you need them. I’ve used another brand for this purpose, and let me tell you- for some of those fancy shapes, this is a must-have! You get lots of coverage without wrinkling the paper.

Use Tacky Sticker Sheets for detailed cut-outs.

I also want to mention that there is also a Tape Runner in this product line, but we’re going to give it the full treatment on another day.
Here’s I tag I made using Tacky Dots, Tacky Double-Stick Sheets, and Tacky Sticker Sheets:


Now, here’s that video I promised:

Disclosure: Samples provided for a sponsored post- but I decided to give them double-duty and review them, too.

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    I didn’t even know Aleene’s made dry adhesives! Their tacky glue has been a staple in my craft supplies way before I was even stamping and scrapping. Back in the bread dough and Creative Living show days! I’ll have to check them out!


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