Sunday Spotlight: Mod Podge Rocks!


As you may know, I’m both a fan AND a friend of Amy Anderson from Mod Podge Rocks! She has a great website, featuring….of course….Mod Podge. And she’s one of the nicest folks in the industry.

Besides that, her site is AWESOME. She features great projects- and beyond that, she doesn’t just repost someone else’s projects- she shows you a great pic and then gives you the link so that you can visit THEIR blog and make friends. Now isn’t that nice??

Oh…and lest you believe that she’s not crafty enough to do her own projects…WRONG! She comes up with her own great crafts, too! I really love this one she posted on decorating a kid’s chair. A-dorable!

Making Memories Chair by Amy Anderson

The other reason I love Mod Podge Rocks! is because you can find a ga-jillion ways to upcycle and recycle your old artwork, furniture, and pets (OK, not your pets) with a little paper and Mod Podge- which makes it a perfect site to share during my “GO GREEN” month!

Hey! You can share YOUR upcycled/recycled creations this month- using Mod Podge (or not) in my GO GREEN linky party– I hope you will! And I bet I can throw a bottle of Mod Podge to throw in the giveaway too….!

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3 Responses to “Sunday Spotlight: Mod Podge Rocks!”

  1. Mod Podge Amy Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the feature! I’m flattered! xo

  2. Kristen Says:

    Love mod podge and Amy too!

  3. Michelle Lodge Says:

    I love how Mod Podge is so versatile! The crafty uses for the stuff is literally endless. I’ll be visiting Amy’s site for some inspiration. Thank you!
    Michelle Lodge –

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