Staples Easy Canvas – Review and Giveaway

December 11, 2012

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This is the time of year when gift-giving for some folks- but photo gifts can be an easy fix! (Frankly, I don’t know what parent, aunt/uncle, grand parent or even god-parent wouldn’t like a photo of the kids, relatives or furbabies!) Usually printing-to-canvas is done online with a company you might not know. But now, your local Staples Easy Canvas printing service can do it for you!

 Staples asked me to try out their service so I could see how easy it is. I’m always up for a new experience- and some sweet photos of my kids- so I agreed.

To get started, I uploaded a .jpg (photo) file onto my USB device. (Seriously, that’s the hardest part.) Then I took my USB to my local Staples.

There right inside the store, is your full-service printing shop! I gave the clerk my USB and she downloaded my image.

Since Easy Canvas is a “wrapped” canvas- meaning the image covers the sides- it was important to center the photo just where I wanted it. The clerk made all the adjustment- I just had to give my feedback. In less than 10 minutes we had created a “proof” – a printed copy that would show me how my Easy Canvas would print out.

Once it was approved, it had to be sent to a central location for printing. I got a call in 3 days that my print was back and ready to go!

I check it out and hurriedly rushed back home- I was NOT careful about re-wrapping it in the bubble wrap it came in. Sadly, it sustained some damage; a bit of the printing wore away.

I take full responsibility for this– it was perfect when I left the store. And then I schlepped it home and let my 7-year old carry the box. But I wanted to share this with you so you don’t do what I did!!

But the rest of it looks perfect. I want to show you how the image wraps along the side:

Here’s an interesting difference I’ve found- Easy Canvas is not stretched on wood bars- it’s actually on a cardboard frame! This makes Easy Canvas super-light (no additional wall anchors necessary, just a plain nail will do) AND it’s a lot lighter if you’d care to ship it to someone.

Back- sturdy and light cardboard frame.

But as always, the real test is how well will it look at home? I put it up in our hallway and I think it looks lovely.

The colors are vibrant, the printing perfect- no pixellation here, folks- and a reasonable price point ($29.99 for an 11X14, which is what I got)  and a SUPER-quick turnaround.

So.. now for the fun! How would YOU like to win an Easy Canvas print of your own, AND an enlargement? Sure you do!

To enter:

  • Use the RaffleCopter Widget below. Click the blue link if it does not automatically pop up on your browser.
  • Leaving a comment is mandatory. Please answer the question in order to be entered.
  • Gain extra entries by following on Facebook and Twitter- there’s even and once-per-day entry option!
  • Read the fine print in the terms and conditions. The prize is actually a gift certificate that MUST BE REDEEMED IN A STORE.

Alrighty, then- GO!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Staples provided me a gift certificate so I could try EasyCanvas. They are sponsoring this giveaway, but my opinions are honest and my own.


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28 Responses to “Staples Easy Canvas – Review and Giveaway”

  1. Mike Says:

    I would give it to my uncle who lives very far away and does not get to see pictures of my kids that often

  2. SusanB Says:

    I would definitely keep it. I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years now. I am ready with the perfect photo! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. giveawayjean Says:

    I think I will use it myself and then give what I print on it as a gift.

  4. debbie jackson Says:

    I would keep it myself debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  5. debb Says:

    I think I would keep the first one, then buy another for a gift!

  6. Carrie Sl Says:

    I would keep it, as I have some wedding pictures that I have not enlarged yet. A canvas of the picture would be very cool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Laura Says:

    I would keep one AND buy more to give as gifts!!!

  8. barbara n Says:

    I would give it to my niece who just got married and has beautiful wedding pictures

  9. Caryn S. Says:

    I would keep it (use it for the extended family portrait from my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this year). Then depending on how I liked it I’d get more!

  10. domestic diva Says:

    I’d hang it over our mantle.

  11. Christine Herbert Says:

    I would definitely keep it and display it proudly i n my home. I already know what picture I would use , one of my whole family. I would just have to get several made so everyone could have their own!

  12. LinhC Says:

    I would keep it for myself. :)

  13. Randa Says:

    I love the idea of being lightweight and easy accessibility to a local store! And the price is very tempting! Great idea for gifts and for myself.

  14. superstitches Says:

    If I could get a great picture of my daughters together I’d keep it for myself. What a great gift idea.

  15. Barbara Leffeler Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know Staples offered this service.

  16. Barbara Leffeler Says:

    I would give it as a gift to my daughter and her family.

  17. Tara F Says:

    I think I would keep it for myself but I think it would depend on what picture I chose :)

  18. Rebecca Bodine Says:

    This is really neat. hen my kids were small, we made plates, cups, puzzles etc from photos or things the kids had dran. But this is a real picture from a picture.It feels classier.

  19. Charlotte Zweigorong Says:

    This would make a great gift for someone in the family!

  20. Victoria Says:

    I love this idea for myself! I would love a canvas print of my grandchildren! What a beautiful idea!

  21. Victoria Says:

    I would keep the canvas print for myself!

  22. stephenie Says:

    Honestly, I have big space in the living room that I would love to fill with one of these, so I would totally keep it for myself! Thank you for the great review – I have been wondering!

  23. Becki Wagner Says:

    I would keep it for myself. LOL

  24. Katie Says:

    Totally keep it myself! I need it- and there are just way too many kids in our extended family, we would make everyone jealous if our kids got a big picture hanging at grandmas :)

  25. Ingrid Says:

    Oh my gosh I’d keep it for myself! I never have enough pictures of my kiddos hanging around!

  26. Dee R Says:

    I will keep it and have a canvas print of my father.

  27. Erin L Says:

    I would definitely keep it! We moved earlier this year and are still trying to fill up our blank walls. Thanks!

  28. Hollie L. Says:

    I would give this canvas away to my brother (photo of his dog) as a gift for Christmas.

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