New Products from CHA Winter 2013 – Beadalon’s Jewel Loom

January 24, 2013

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New Products from CHA Winter 2013 - Beadalon's Jewel Loom


As the Craft Test Dummy in charge of all things jewelry I have a hard time finding new products to get excited about at CHA amid all of the scrapbooking companies but this year Beadalon gave me something to get excited about.


The Jewel Loom was created by my friend Julianna Hudgins and was featured in the Innovations Showcase (Read our post on that here: CHA Hot 20 & Innovations Showcase Winter 2013).


I was able to visit Juliana at the Beadalon booth during the show and have her give us a video demonstration.


I can’t wait to get one (they aren’t widely available just yet) review it and create some amazing pieces of jewelry with it.


PS. You can see LOTS of different videos from CHA Winter 2013 on the Craft Test Dummies YouTube Channel HERE.


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5 Responses to “New Products from CHA Winter 2013 – Beadalon’s Jewel Loom”

  1. Sarah Forhan Says:

    Can’t wait for the review! I first heard about the jewel loom from your Youtube Channel. It looks amazing, I especially love that there is no wasted wire on the back of the loom.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Sara, thanks for the comment. The video was supposed to be in the post but it didn’t pull through. Now you can watch it here! :)

  3. carrie Says:

    Hello, I’am loving this loom system. when will it be available to purchase and how much will it be? and are the directions for some of the items with the loom? Thanks you very much <3

  4. Vicki O'Dell Says:


    I did some checking and it looks like the Jewel Loom will only be available on Jewelry Television (February 10th & 11th) for a while as quantities are currently limited. I will try to update this post when I find out more. I hope that helps.


  5. Carmen Lucero Says:

    I just started taking a beading class and this loom would be fabulous for my first project – I wonder where I can get one.

    Thanks Jen!

    Carmen L

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