HGTV Handmade YouTube Channel to Launch 2014

December 3, 2013

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Yesterday while surfin on the webz I ran across this tidbit of information: HGTV is launching a new YouTube Channel called HGTV Handmade. YAY! A new crafting channel!

Take a peek at the promo vid:

I’m very pro-video content, (as you may know from my own YouTube Channel) but as I watched I noticed something.



Oh, and girls.

Not that I have anything against young girls, mind you- but I wonder, where are the guy crafters/makers? Or a teen? Or {{ahem}} a woman over 40? Because I’m here to tell you, there are a lot of us over-35 crafters out there. And it would be nice to see some of us represented.


More importantly, though- will there be a diverse aesthetic in crafting projects? Not all of us are “hipsters” and I know we’ll want to see crafting/DIY projects that WE could wear, use in our homes, and gift. You know what I mean?

I’d love to hear your take on the new channel- and weigh in with what kind of content YOU look for on video/YouTube. Maybe I’ll create some new stuff just for YOU.



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26 Responses to “HGTV Handmade YouTube Channel to Launch 2014”

  1. Michelle jadaa Says:

    Anything new in crafting is great and its nice to see younger people getting involved.

  2. Lynda Says:

    Jenny, I think it’s great that HGTV has this new channel, but (you should know a but was coming!) I agree with you. I like the idea of young blood, but as a 62 year old artist/crafter, it would be nice to have some diversity. It will be interesting to see what they create. Keep doing what your doing!

  3. Betsy Cosmos Says:

    Hey, Jenny! Here is the golden opportunity for us golden girls (I’ll be 60 in June). Maybe HGTV can pay (!) a bunch of us to be Golden Glitter Girls and we can show those youngsters the tricks of our trade! I’ll sign up…I’d be happy to be on YouTube with the likes of a “girl” like you :-) So why not get some of us happening older crafters together and pitch our product to HGTV???

  4. Fancylooks Says:

    I know two of these girls already, from their YouTube Channels, and they are good crafters. It just seems that YouTube is getting so corporative that they want to vanish our little channels and our big efforts just creating this professional, perfect styling, perfect make up and lighting videos… the girls are crafting dressed up as if they were in a party… this may be produced by a company with lots of money behind, I guess. And also lots of craft companies sponsorships, I also guess.

    I don’t know if this kind of crafting videos will connect to the YouTube craft watcher as much as our home made ones… these girls look so hipster and perfect it looks a little bit scary to me, like you say, the are all young and giggling… I am 47 and I am not as pretty as them, but I also upload great crafting videos… will this stop people from considering our great ideas just because we are not so young and professional? The decision is on our followers.

    I will subscribe to their channel to find out a bit more, but, thank God, I have enough time to watch your Craft test dummies videos as well and other crafters videos. I just hope not many of these kind of “perfect young craft” channels come to You Tube and that our followers stay loyal to us!!! Our creativity and ideas are as good as theirs!

  5. Fancylooks Says:

    OMG, they have just one video presentation, no tutorials, and over 5.000 suscribers… it is a bit …. depressing for us, maybe

  6. Debbie Sorensen Says:

    I still miss Carol Duvall. I loved that show because she had a huge variety of crafts and they were usually very simple. That’s where I first saw Tim Holtz. I also loved where she would read the mail and show pics of the projects some of the rest of us were making. If Carol can’t do it anymore, I wish they would get someone else and use the same format.

    I will watch the new Handmade show though, and hope that it isn’t all geared toward teens..

  7. Claudia Says:

    I get what you’re saying, Jenny. It feels like one more place where “regular” women (in terms of age, size, race, non-disability) are left out. On the other hand, I love seeing young women who are focused on their careers and succeeding because of their talent and expertise — not because they’re rich or beautiful or the daughters of celebrities. From the channel intro, it looks like most of the hosts had their own craft channels/blogs before they came to HGTV — I love that they have so much entrepreneurial energy and creative confidence.

  8. Kristen Says:

    I guess I’m in the target demographic for these videos being that I’m 32, but it still seemed a bit juvenile to me. I love to watch or read from people who are more experienced. If it’s any encouragement I would be more likely to watch a “seasoned” crafter as one of you ladies put it than a younger one. The only caveat is that I like more modern designs so often that is the first qualifier for me. I really have learned so many great things from the crafting community online, so I may consider subscribing to check it out, but would love to hear any other recommendations as well!

  9. Dale Rose Stream Says:

    YEY!!!!!!!! It seems like I used to be physically link at the hip to HGTV but over the years, so many of the shows I loved have fallen along the wayside. I’m glad to see something new, but after reading your comments in regards to their age, I too hope that there will be even more diversity than is already shown in this young group. I am looking forward to seeing this show, and am going to do a search for it on my dishnetwork directly right now. This summer I had seen an ad about a male crafter’s show, but never found it. Interesting… but again, YEY for a new crafting show!

  10. Jenny Says:

    Claudia- please don’t misunderstand- I’m not disparaging these gals or the copious amounts of crafty talent. As mentioned here and on my FB wall, these are very talented and accomplished crafters- each has a significant YouTube following! (Perhaps part of the selection process?) Not a slam on them AT ALL. Just an observation about the demographic HGTV is courting.

  11. Jenny Says:

    Thank you for your comment, FancyLooks! Just checked out your channel! My Spanish is not great, but I love that your directions are easy to follow and the overall production value of your videos. I’m a new subscriber! :) -Jenny

  12. digifigi Says:

    While it’s great that HGTV is spotlighting crafting, at least on youtube, and showing the crafting is being continued in the younger generations, it makes me feel old. I too miss Carol Duval, I learned so much from her shows.

  13. Kris Says:

    Add me to the “missing Carol Duvall” crowd. Any craft show is a plus nowadays, but I’m 61 and have never in my life crafted in designer clothes and perfect nails and am not into cutesy….sigh….I didn’t enjoy Craft Wars and long for the old days with Carol, Sandi Genovese, etc. Hopefully, this will have something for all of us. Thanks, Jenny, for the info!

  14. JOAN SMITH Says:

    Well Jenny all I can say is yes they are younger but I feel they’ll have different creative ideas. Heck I’m 71 so everyone I watch is younger than me and I get so many fresh and creative ideas from everyone. My granddaughters that possess lots of crafty creative talent are 7-3/4 & 16-1/2 and they’ve been crafting from age 3 til now both of them and I get lots of great ideas from them. I am a scrapbooker and use card ideas on my pages. So I’m fine with hangin’ with any age on you tube……so I’m definitely OK with it all.
    It’ll be interesting and fun. Thanks for posting this and getting all kinds of feed back. YOU ROCK!!

  15. melissa Says:

    I am ok with the young if they can do lots of interesting things. I prefer variety. I do miss Carol Duvall and wish she would do her own channel I would be a devotee. I hope the new shows are interesting and expand my skill set.

  16. LoveCrafts Says:

    I miss Carol Duvall very much too. I also wish craft shows would only air on free antenna tv or cable/SAT channels. Not just internet access channels.

  17. Kathy Says:

    I’m so excited that you shared this with us. I subscribed to the You
    Tube channel and can’t wait to see what they create. You are young too! Try being a 61 year old crafter!

  18. Candice Schwark Says:

    Carol Duvall is missed here as well. There is so much talent in the arts/crafts/diy pool. I will hope that the show isn’t all “cutesy,” but has a nice blend of projects. I will definitely watch. Thanks for giving us a heads up about it, Jenny!

  19. Sue Says:

    I hate it when they want you to use a Google (gmail) e-mail account. I tried to subscribe, but they would not accept my regular e-mail account. One e-mail account is enough to keep up with without having with one for every provider that comes along. Hate to miss out on this, but that’s the was the ribbon unrolls. :(

  20. Mary Lee Says:

    Kinda like The View. All age groups are represented and it works. To be successful, I think they need to think about that. I love to see what’s up at all levels. I love working with my daughter-in-laws (only have sons). They’re both in their 20′s and I don’t want to be totally dated in my crafts. At my age, it wouldn’t be hard to look dated.

  21. Amyscats Says:

    I noticed what Debbie Sorensen said about Carol Duvall – and I agree 100%. I miss Carol, especially her Christmas week (I have them all on VHS tapes), and all of her wonderful regular guests like Tim Holtz. I taped her show every day so I could watch when I got home from work. And yes, I had hoped some day to have Carol read my letter and show my project on her show. I loved her format, but more than anything, she just seemed so warm and friendly and very genuine. And wouldn’t that be the best job ever?!!

  22. Jenny Says:

    Oh, how I wish she were still on. Heck, I’d even volunteer to be the new host of a crafty show like that. Carol is the Grand Matriarch of crafters!!

  23. Lovinglf Says:

    I miss Crafter’s Coast to Coast and Carol Duvall’s show which featured real people doing absolutely amazing things.

    I couldn’t help feel that this collection of ladies, however talented, were chosen because they’re photogenic. I would love to see a real representation of crafters or a different set of crafters each week.

    I’d love to see YouTube crafters like Ross Barbera (realisticart), the amazing lady behind BeyondBracelets who does all kinds of cool crafts and mixed media crafters like itsaworkof art to name just a few. I’d also love to see some of the amazing polymer clay artists whose work I see on Flickr. Carol Duvall would have people like this on her show and it made every episode unique and special.

    Until I get the type of programming I used to love I’ll just have to stick to YouTube, Pinterest and Flickr. It’s all just way too commercial now.

  24. Sandy Buffie Says:

    Jenny, I think this is a perfect opportunity for you to pitch your videos on product reviews to HGTV. I think it would add a very interesting and valuable component to the new show.

  25. Tammy Says:

    Hi, I just found this and I am new to all this stuff, ie. Blogs, tweeter and so on. But I must say I am so excited to finally have hgtv back for crafts, I miss the best good ol’. Carol Duvall I loved her show, hopefully these young girls will create for all ages, I am 53! I will keep reading and waiting, thanks, Tammy O.

  26. Meg Allan Cole Says:

    Thank you for posting about the new HGTV Handmade YouTube channel! I totally hear you on your concerns, and think that you’ll dig what we are doing with this. We are all DIYers to the core, I myself have been doing this for years on NO budget with just me, a camera, a light, and Final Cut Pro. Now I’ll be doing the same thing I always, grassroots DIY projects, just sharing it on the HGTV site to hopefully invite more and more people to create handmade projects for themselves. It’s all about spreading the crafting word. I am a part of this amazing and diverse crafting community and am always eager to hear your feedback so definitely keep me posted on how we can bring more of what you want to see to HGTV Handmade. I’ve always done this for our community and that certainly isn’t changing now. Thanks for starting a dialogue Jenny!
    xo, Meg

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