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December 13, 2013



Weekend Giveaway at CraftTestDummies.com Dec 12-20 2013

Hey crafty friends! I have another great giveaway for you! Remember when I reviewed Studio Paint from Claudine Hellmuth awhile back? I LOVED it! And, as it happened, I had a second set of paints- new and unused- just waiting for a new home.

You want to adopt it?

It’s easy- just a few easy steps!

FIRST- leave me a comment below answering this question:

What is your most treasured holiday tradition? 

THEN- click the blue Rafflecopter widget below (if it does not pop up for you) and click the “I commented” button.
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You will unlock even MORE ways to enter! Have fun and great weekend, too!

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235 Responses to “Weekend Giveaway- Studio Paints from Ranger!”

  1. Cindy Lee Monroe Says:

    I am trying to start a new tradition this evening by making a Christmas tree ornament with my granddaughter. They may be simple but with a date and in her handwriting will make a touching gift to her parents each year. Can’t wait to see how the first turns out, a glittered ornament. P.S. I have always wanted to try these studio paints on fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

  2. MARY Says:

    sharing handmade crafts

  3. Terri Says:

    most treasured memory was when we would all gather on Christmas eve and share 1 present with each other….

  4. Sharon Gibbs Says:

    Watching the 24 hour TV marathon of A Christmas Story.

  5. Dee in NH Says:

    For me it is getting together with family and just enjoying a great meal and some laughs together.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    I love making handmade crafts and giving them away to family and friends as gifts every year! ?

  7. Norene S. Says:

    My most treasured tradition is having the family get together. Our family is kind of small (11), but it is truly a blessing.

  8. Elizabeth Beeney Freville Says:

    Not seeing the Rafflecopter widget or the, “I comment” area. I love making handmade crafts to give to family and friends! ?

  9. Mouna Ibrahim Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is Make the cake and chocolate for the children and the dinner that assemble all family member I love it!

  10. Patricia Martens Says:

    For me it is Christmas day!
    All my children are here and we enjoy a lovely meal.

  11. Pamela Shook Mott Says:

    I make new ornaments every year for my 3 boys… Well now they are men! But I still do it. They have their own box of ornaments to put on our tree and when they move out some day they will take that box with them. I know they look forward to seeing them every year.

  12. Lanna Says:

    I like to make my own christmas cards, and get my nieces & nephews together for a christmas outing, christmas craft project, or baking.

  13. Celeste B. Says:

    Spending the day alone with my husband.

  14. Michelle Smith Says:

    Everyone opening their Christmas Eve gift, always a new pair of pj’s both for the adults and kids for Christmas morning. My children even though they are now adults, still love this tradition.

  15. Therese Kirkpatrick Says:

    I’d love to win. And try these paints

  16. Bethany Becker Says:

    Spending the day with my family and really enjoying the time with my husband!

  17. Marce Fuentes Says:

    My family does not have a tradition, but we enjoy every year with laughs and lots of different foods, but since hubby n i started our new family, we want to do the elf on the shelf thing for our son nicolas next year, cause he will be 3 and we think he will like looking for the elf, and see everything the little elf will do….so…thanks so much for the wonderful goodies and for ur generosity towards all ur subbies, and bloggers.!
    xo. Marce.

  18. Eklipsnoire Says:

    My Most treasure Holiday tradition has always been the Christmas dinner! Sharing that amazing homemade meal with cherished family members, that I don’t often get to see through the year, is a most treasured moment. Holidays are all about sharing good time and making super memories with people you love! :)

  19. laurie b Says:

    We take a family photo and all wear the same thing, such as clown noses, moustaches, hillbilly teeth and such, because it embodies the great fun we have together.

  20. Kristy Says:

    Candlelight Christmas Eve church service followed by the opening of the first present (always Christmas jammies) and we all squeeze on the couch and read The Night Before Christmas. Even though my 3 boys are getting older, they still love it and look forward to it every year.

  21. Jackie Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is connecting with friends and family through letters and cards.

  22. lynn koepke Says:

    Treasured memory for me is midnight service at church. I love the music and candle lighting to sing Silent Night by candlelight. Ahh.

  23. Melinda Thompson Says:

    Is getting together with family on Xmas eve night having lots of fun

  24. Marisa May Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with the whole extended family on Christmas Eve every year.

  25. Jen Barnett Says:

    For me it is sharing family time the whole day

  26. Victoria H. Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is big breakfast together with all our favorite breakfast foods that we done have every day like milk gravy or sausage gravy and biscuits!

  27. Carmen Says:

    Decorating cookies with my toddler

  28. Jen Barnett Says:

    By the way – I don’t get an ‘I commented’ button. Is there a problem?

  29. MaryBeth H. Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is having all my family home and having the foods/meals that my family had when I was a kid. We look forward to the Italian themed Christmas Eve dinner and egg nog French toast in the morning etc. what a wonderful time of year!

  30. Felisa Says:

    My favorite is just sitting around family enjoying watching the kids open presents and sitting with the adults reflecting on life

  31. Susan Christianson Says:

    I love the family time, full of laughter and just enjoying each other completely. And of course all of the food!

  32. margret hill Says:

    Making my special toffee recipe that everyone can’t wait to get every year. Even if we don’t get together, they look forward to my candy.

  33. Denice Says:

    My most treasured tradition is having breakfast with my family at Mom & Dad’s on Christmas Morning.

  34. Susie F Says:

    Stuffing ourselves silly and watching the original A Christmas Carol.

  35. Fancylooks Says:

    My most treasured tradition is singing Christmas Carols with my family!

  36. M Says:

    Making things & food and sharing them and the loves that goes into them!

  37. Jenn S (FotoJennic) Says:

    My most treasured tradition is driving around to see all the beautiful christmas lights at night :) Even better when there is snow :)

  38. Connie C. Says:

    We love watching old Christmas favorites on the tube…It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, White Christmas, etc., etc., etc.
    – Connie C.

  39. Cynthia Bell-Moores Says:

    You’re always so generous with your giveaways.

    As for family traditions, we love watching Christmas Story every year.

    Thanx, Cyn

  40. Debbie Says:

    My most treasured tradition is our Christmas Eve dessert. I am of Danish heritage, and this is a tradition in Denmark and we have done it for generations. We (I) make a dessert called Famash which is lemon chiffon. In it is hidden an almond. The person that gets the almond keeps it hidden in their mouth until all the dessert is gone, and then they reveal that they have it. They win a prize. It’s fun, and the adults are like little kids, creatively scooping out the dessert so they can win!

    This year we started a new tradition and made cards for people in the hospital.

  41. Debi Cooks Says:

    Sharing the holidays with family

  42. mummsie Says:

    Opening one gift on Christmas eve. We started that when I was a child and it was usually one of the gifts from a Grandparent.

  43. katie smith Says:

    giving handmade presents!

  44. Christina D Says:

    My favorite tradition is to have my family with me for Christmas.

  45. Toni Leli Says:

    Christmas Eve is the biggest holiday time in my family. We have a traditional Christmas Eve Italian dinner then open presents. Christmas day is more laid back and hanging out.

  46. Alice L. Says:

    Travelling down to visit my grandma every Chinese New Year and my relatives!

  47. Alice Clark Says:

    My favorite tradition is decorating the tree with 40 years’ accumulation of treasured ornaments, handmade by the children and grandchildren AND gifts from friends and family. It always makes me warm with pleasure to unwrap each and every little gem and place them on the tree. ~smile~

  48. Nicole Says:

    My family is Jewish and my favorite holiday tradition is that we really do go to a Chinese restaurant every year on Christmas. It’s fun to be one of a small handful of families enjoying a different kind of Christmas tradition. :)

  49. Alice Clark Says:

    Alas, the Rafflecopter didn’t appear.
    Please allow at least this ONE entry into your giveaway? Thanks!

  50. Sherri Says:

    Opening gifts one at a time and taking the time, no hurry, enjoying the gift and those who are there sharing the moment.

  51. Erica Thompson Says:

    Christmas Eve the kids always unwrap one gift and it is always a new pajama set and their new ornament for the tree! I love how excited they get for this every year!

  52. Nancy D Says:

    Baking Christmas breads that have been passed down from my grandmothers. I’m proud to keep that tradition alive.

  53. Camille Morris Says:

    At my maternal grandmother’s house, I sat at the child’s table until college!

  54. Robin Kerstetter Says:

    I enjoy when my family comes home for christmas,and when we go to visit with our elderly parents and grandparents

  55. Stephanie Rafos Says:

    Oh it looks so yummy n pretty ll uv her paints my fave tradition is Christmas eve after church we hv a picnic by the tree n exchange one gift then make hot chocolate n sing carols my dad did it with me then with my daughter who’s now 5 he passed away in Sept this year so now its even more important to keep these traditions going

  56. terry haendiges Says:

    My best tradition is making decorations for my home with my grandchildren.

  57. Anita Nord Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is spending time with my family and see them open their gifts. also dancing around the tree, singing chistmas songs.
    Our christmas is a bit different from yours (I’m from Denmark). We get together on the 24. for dinner. Then we dance around the tree singing. After that we have coffee and sweets and play a game where we play for pressents (x-tra pressents that are funny). Then we open the real pressents. The rest of the evening we talk and having fun.

  58. Terry Magram Says:

    One year I found a Charlie Brown kind of Christmas tree at a rummage sale for $1. Of course it was fake and most of the branches were missing. Every year I took out that little tree and made more and more ornaments for it until you couldn’t even see the tree for all the glitter and bling! And making the ornaments was much more fun than buying them.

  59. LinhC Says:

    Getting together with family.

  60. Tere Maldo Says:

    Midnight Mass on Xmas eve.

  61. Lynn G. Says:

    My favourite Christmas tradition is going to midnight service on Christmas Eve.

  62. Veralynne Malone Says:

    Setting up my nativity scenes, I have several and I love putting them out and arranging them. Is soothes my soul.

  63. Robin M. Says:

    Making (and eating) sausage balls on Christmas morning. I didn’t realize what a tradition it had become until one year I didn’t plan on making them and my youngest son, who is now 29, was devastated. So to say the least…sausage balls it was.

  64. Veralynne Malone Says:

    no rafflecopter…but I still like the posts.

  65. Rachael Amstutz Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is waking up early on Christmas to sort out presents and then wait for my parents to wake up. We now do that with our daughters. (: thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  66. tsingsiu Says:

    Waking up in the morning with loved ones wishing each other Merry Christmas, giving big hugs and kisses :)

  67. linda statham Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition, was wake the kids up 3am because i could not wait to see there face , And i miss it now because they 29 & 30 lol
    Merry christma

  68. Kristi Says:

    Every year I make holiday fudge. My family loves it. I love to make it to give to our friends also.
    A few years back when I was sick during the holidays, my husband worried I would not be able to make it. But I did. Thanks for the chance to win, Kristi

  69. Zina Says:

    Our family tradition is that they all eat at our house for Christmas :) We make sure they can just sit and eat all day. (We have a lot of older people in our family) It is so much fun!! :D We just love how they enjoy this day!

  70. Ivette Acosta Says:

    Hello and thanks for the opportunity to enter I would love to win these paints.

  71. superstitches Says:

    Baking cookies with my children. They’re grown up and we still do this.

  72. Paula Pedrick Says:

    My most treasured tradition at Christmas—decorating the tree on December 10th~my mother always did it with us kids….and I did it with mine. I still do it!

  73. Claudia Says:

    We always watch Christmas movies and eat junk!

  74. Ivette Acosta Says:

    One of my most beloved Christmas traditions is watching the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life… Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it. :)

  75. connie felton Says:

    decorating the Christmas tree with my 4 yr old granddaughter for the past three years

  76. Marty Keil Says:

    A Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

  77. Karen O'Reilly Says:

    Our biggest tradition is making sure no matter where we are in the world and we have been spread far and wide. We are always under the same roof Christmas Morning opening our presents together

  78. kathymarsh Says:

    We always go for a ride a couple of days before Christmas to enjoy the lights. When the kids were little, they wrote thank you notes and left them at their favorite houses. Now that it is just my husband and myself, it is our quiet time during this busy season. And we love leaving notes for our favorites!

  79. Sandra N. Golden Says:

    I love surprising people with unusual gifts!

  80. Lora Simmons Says:

    Being with family and playing cards or watching the football game!!

  81. Zan C Says:

    Our favorite tradition is to enjoy a very non traditional meal for the holiday.

  82. Roseanna Crawford Says:

    Being with my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.
    When our mother died in 2011, we did not have a family Christmas
    we were all so miserable. We got together on New Year’s Eve, but is was not the same. We all have such a good time together, there are 6 of us that live near each other and three out of town. But as adults we are so close, I could not survive without them. This year we are getting together on Christmas Day, we are planning the food and can’t wait.

  83. Diane H Says:

    My most favorite holiday tradition has become putting out all of my “critters” with the help of my grandkids. A whole bunch of battery operated animated characters that sing, dance, and roll around on the floor. The grandkids love to help put them out and then push the buttons to start them all singing at once.

  84. Denice Metz Says:

    Spending it with my son,daughter-in-law,and grand-daughter

  85. Frankie Leal Says:

    Our large family gathering at my grandmothers miss those days!

  86. MelodyJ Says:

    Exchanging presents, listening to music and preparing and eating food.

  87. lesley Says:

    my husband and i have no family in our state so we love to spend the day together. we usually go to the movies, sometimes to see two(!), and playing games, etc.

  88. Suzanne R. Says:

    I love that most of our family makes the time to get together which does not easily happen throughout the year. Family,food, and fun. Merry Christmas to all! :)

  89. Lucie Hale Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is just the four of my immediate family members opening our stockings, one-by-one, youngest to oldest. It is not a tradition that I grew up with, but one that my husband and I started when we had our first child, 21-years ago. We set up the camcorder and video away. It has been fun going through 20 years of videos showing the kids growing up and their faces of wonder and excitement as they open a host of small presents in their stockings. We all buy for each other and stuff the socks all month long, and none of us cheats and looks inside until Christmas day! so fun!!!!

  90. tiffani Says:

    Ugly new years party hats…we make ugly party hats for one another to bring in the new year. Why should Christmas be the only holiday with ugly associated with it?!? LOL

  91. Kelly Says:

    We love to do a lot of baking — many generations of ladies in the kitchen spritzing and rolling and laughing!. We also like to grab some eggnog shakes and drive around the town looking at Christmas lights. It’s always a lot of fun!

  92. digifigi Says:

    This was a year for changing traditions. Our tradition had been to give a handmade item to our nieces and nephew (17 – 25 years). This year they each will receive a kit to create something themselves. We had always given a personalized ornament to my in-laws. This year, the nieces and nephew each get an ornament to personalize themselves.

  93. carolyn Says:

    My tradition is making and giving advent calendars to my grand kids every year. They love them and I love to do it.

  94. Brenda Says:

    Christmas Eve dinner with family followed by opening presents at midnight.

  95. Mimi Says:

    I love our tradtion of grazing on appetizers after we come home from late Christmas eve church services.

  96. Cindy Kotora Says:

    Christmas day at my brother’s house for dinner and the annual viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  97. Colleen H Says:

    We always make very thin cut-out sugar cookies in holidays shapes. We decorate them with colored sprinkles.
    This is a fabulous prize! thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Michelle Ferris Says:

    Singing Christmas carols with my little girl and looking for Santa before bed.

  99. Debby Westbrook Says:

    Our tradition is all about Family. Huge Family Christmas with all the love and good food…

  100. Amy Says:

    What I live most is having my entire family together. We aren’t really big on holidays, but since I’m really into crafts I have a feeling this year we’ll have some more decor.

  101. Glenda L Says:

    We used to take the youth on bus trips around the town to see all the lighting displays. We sang Christmas carols all along the way and stopped at a few nursing homes to carol in their hallways. Then we came back to the church for Jake’s homemade chili, corn bread and cider. So much fun.

  102. Julie Says:

    playing white elephant gift with my family, and boy is it fun!!

  103. Amanda Says:

    Poorly managing my time when wrapping. It’s just a bar of chocolate? Whatever, I’m going to spend 20 minutes wrapping it anyway. Gonna put the biggest bow you’ve ever seen, plus five bells, three ornaments, and eight silk flowers on that wrapped chocolate bar.

  104. VICKIE NOTZ Says:


  105. Kelly D Says:

    Making cookies!

  106. Nichole Parker Says:

    These paints are so nice, great coverage.

    Wish I had an entire set!

    My most treasured holiday tradition is decorating the tree, I love to decorate and coordinate the decorations.

  107. Michelle D Says:

    Our family tradition is listening to Christmas songs and opening gifts at midnight.

  108. Monique Stevens Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve at my parent’s house with my whole family and watching the little ones open their gifts.

  109. JOAN SMITH Says:

    Favorite tradition is Having all our kids their spouses and grandkids come over Christmas Eve (noon) my hubby prepares a great buffet then we open gifts and then eat our homemade Christmas cookies. It’s so much fun and we have 1 new grandchild this year who will be 1 on Dec 29th so that makes 6 grandkids what a blast we are so blest to have everyone live close by.
    Thanks Jenny for the chance for another amazing prize.

  110. Redonna Says:

    We don’t have any specific traditions outside of the usual – a tree, gifts and family gathering. But all three of those go together to make my favorite.

  111. Amy Bellamy Says:

    My favorite tradition is watching all my favorite Christmas movies…Rudolph, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and of course It’s A Wonderful Life!!!

  112. Karen Schroeder Says:

    Making gifts for family and friends makes me happy.

  113. Angela Ballou Says:

    Our Christmas tradition has always been holiday goodies! Most of the family makes some delectable sweet and brings enough to share. My sisters and I love to make frosted sugar cookies!

  114. Barb Leffeler Says:

    Watching my grand kids open their presents on Christmas Day.

  115. karen k Says:

    Opening gifts on Christmas Eve and leaving Christmas morning for Santa!

  116. Kathy Sammartano Says:

    My most treasured Christmas tradition is Christmas Eve with my extended family. My mom is 87, so any time with her is extra special.

  117. Victoria Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is getting together with all of my family: children, grandchild, my parents and my children’s in-laws. We eat, drink, no alcohol, and turn the kids loose to let them play. We are the only ones there. We have a family blast! We open gifts, tell stories and do a flannel graph Christmas story! It is great fun!

  118. Melissa Says:

    I love the colors….fingers crossed

  119. Tanya Says:

    Watching holiday movies together.

  120. NWFlamingo Says:

    Making and sending my Christmas cards every year is my favorite Christmas tradition.

  121. Lisa M Says:

    My most treasured holiday tradition is going to see the Christmas lights that all the houses put up. There is a certain neighborhood in our city (Brooklyn, NY) where a lot of houses go really crazy with the lights. My daughter and I love looking at it all! Then we usually go out to eat afterwards. Lots of fun!

  122. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    Saint Nicholas Day. We have a breakfast in his honor at our church (Not Santa, btw, this is Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra). The kids put their shoes out and get gifts from him overnight. That and our Advent wreath. Oh and Saint Lucia Day which is today! We make Lucia buns and eat them for breakfast.

  123. Debi tullier Says:

    my favorite holiday tradition is going to all my family members homes and enjoying their company.

  124. Natasha J Says:

    we dont really have any, but im trying to start some now. but i guess if i had to choose one now, we have christmas breakfast with my husbands family and dinner with mine.

  125. Crafty Loops Says:

    Oh my goodness Jenny, I cannot believe you are giving these away! I’ve been eyeing these wee babies for ages! Thanks so much for giving this away.

    Ohhhh Christmas traditions…there are so many in my family, lol. We have 24 family members for dinner this year!! And that’s a small Christmas this year for us, lol. One tradition is that I make our family Chocolate ice-cream which is only ever made at Christmas and everyone can’t wait to get a big bowlful. Its a family secret recipe that, if I was to share with anyone outside the family…..I’d get a clip around the ear from my Grandmother, lol. Another tradition is that after dinner we all sit together around the tree, we nominate a “Santa” and the gifts are given out one at a time. And each person that opens their present gets a big cheer and round of applause. We then sing “Silent Night” together once all the gifts are given out.

    I love Christmas. Our house is filled with family, its nosey and busy and its just brilliant. I cannot wait for Christmas every year.

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway Jenny. Lee xx

  126. Wendy Saigeon Says:

    Would love to win these paints…have never tried them. Fav tradition would be everyone who sits at our Christmas dinner signs the tablecloth. It’s lots of fun looking back and reading them

  127. Cheryl Jansen Says:

    another awesome give away. Favorite Christmas tradition is my dad reading the Christmas story from the Bible before we open presents Christmas morning.


  128. Matty Says:

    Snuggling with my honey and watching “it’s A Wonderful Life”. On Christmas Eve. Setting my table for breakfast/brunch and we give each member of the family new Christmas PJs to wear for Christmas morning picture taking. :)

  129. Gay Johnson Says:

    My most treasured memories are shopping downtown when it was snowing.

  130. Carla Hundley Says:

    My husband and I go out
    to look at the Christmas
    lights, making sure to go
    by the one that uses
    thousand of lights each
    Carla from Utah

  131. Sue McRae Says:

    After Christmas Eve dinner we drive around and look at Christmas lights then go home, watch It’s A Wonderful Life and have cookies.

  132. Iowa R Says:

    My mother has always got me and my sister a big box of chocolates on Christmas day, and we eat them for breakfast lol.

  133. Robin Schaefer Says:

    Our family is growing..two kids married in the past two years..one grandbaby with another on the way..We LOVE to let together after church on Christmas eve and watch the movie “Scrooge” (the musical with Albert Finney)Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  134. Pam Says:

    I love our tradition of hanging outside lights and when we are finished, all cold with near frozen hands we come in for hot chocolate to warm us up.

  135. Lynne W Says:

    My fave Christmas tradition is watching A Christmas Story.

  136. Sue Wade Says:

    Making Cranberry-Pistachio biscotti and homemade ravioli has become a Christmas tradition in our Italian-American family. YUM!!

  137. Kelli J. Getchell Says:

    Christmas eve dinner with the whole family.

  138. Cindi Says:

    My husband’s grandmother makes soups from 3 countries and his
    mom makes delicious desserts! Then, all of us go to the candlelight
    church service.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  139. Mayla M Says:

    I love reading The Night Before Christmas with my three boys.

  140. Rufus Says:

    Favorite tradition? Good heaven’s there are so many. Spending Christmas Eve with my family after a yummy dinner each person takes turns opening their gifts. We take our time, no ripping and shredding. As you may have figured out the little ones are all grown!
    Thanks for the chance,

  141. Robyn josephs Says:

    making cinnamon buns on christmas morning

  142. Maggie Lara Says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is when we play the white elephant game. Its so much fun!

  143. Anne Says:

    getting together with family and having a day together

  144. kristy Says:

    Thank you. Please enter me in your giveaway. Kristy

  145. Cheryl Says:

    My favorite tradition is filling the stockings! EVERYONE in our family has one. It is so fun finding all the things to fill them up!!!

  146. Dee Snow Says:

    My family tries to find someone/some goup in need and do for them first. Whether it is give toys, coats, funds or help out at the home or facility. It is not how much you can give, it is THAT you give what you can.

  147. Kate Scott Says:

    My Husband reads Dicken’s Christmas Carol out loud to us. He used to be like the ghosts and do it all on Christmas Eve, but we are much older now and he starts on the 20th. He has a lovely voice.

  148. Rebecca Ednie Says:

    Staying in and making cookies!

  149. Mary G. Says:

    My most treasured tradition = a late Christmas breakfast with my family. The youngest family members grab presents and bring one to each person at the table. Then we take turns opening each present. I like the fact that we focus on each present in turn and get to ooh & ah or laugh, etc.

  150. Kim T Says:

    WRiting notes of gratitude vs gifts; trying this year and it feels really good, but it’s hard … so used to getting a gift and boom, you’re done … writing your feelings and telling someone what they mean in your life … well, very different … feels good! Merry Christmas everyone!

  151. Bonnie Says:

    We started a concentration game with prizes many years ago. We have lots of fun adding ” steal a prize” and ‘trade a prize”.. hmm. I guess it’s a little cutthroat for Christmas, but causes lots of laughs.

  152. Linda E Says:

    When I was a little girl my mother and I would make these wonderful M&M Cookies which everyone loved. So when my girls came along we would also make these wonderful Christmas cookies. Now I have the utmost pleasure in passing this tradition on to my grandchildren. The site and smell of these wonderful cookies brings back so many memories of Christmas past.

  153. Devon c Says:

    I haven’t did the holidays in so many years but now my daughter is old enough to rememberi plan Christmas Eve going to see the Christmas lights, making homemade hot chocolate,wearing matching pj’s, and opening our Christmas stockings.

  154. Shelly Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is trimming the tree, and of course, always having tamales for our Christmas Eve dinner. :)

  155. Mary H Says:

    Displaying holiday greeting cards including very special ones from years past.

  156. Tricia brewer Says:

    Thanks!! Very pretty colors!! Best tradition is our family cooking baking day!!(:

  157. Valerie Waters Says:

    Getting together with family and friends on Christmas Eve

  158. Margarita Dickens Says:

    Watching my family open the presents that I have put so much thought into, just warms my heart!!

  159. Diane Struik Says:

    Hi! In Holland we’ve got Sinterklaas. I love it. This year is the first year my son doesn’t believe anymore in Sinterklaas, so from now on it’s more Christmas we celebrate, I think. Our lovely tree with red ornaments is already shining. (That’s my own tradition: putting up the Christmas tree ;-) Love it! These paints would be an amazing present for under the tree ;-)

  160. Debbie Says:

    what a great give a way, those paints would add allot to a persons craft stash

  161. Judy Marion Says:

    This would be a great way to try these paints out for those who haven’t tried them yet!!

  162. Denise Gebalski Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is hiding the pickle ornament in the tree with my husband and watching my kids try to find it on Christmas morning!

  163. Alexis k. Says:

    baking cookies with my grandma and using her cookie press. been doing it for 30 years now!

  164. JZ Says:

    Baking with my grandmother’s recipes!

  165. jackie koudry Says:

    My kids are all grown with families of their owwn. So we get together on New Years
    day for brunch, a buffet dinner and to exchange gifts. My grandkids love it, its like having two Christmases.

  166. Kathyk Says:

    going to the living nativities in the area

  167. Terry Says:

    Filling God’s Gift Tree each day. It is an advent calendar which is a tree design and each felt ornament represents a gift from God. We pray about that gift when we gather dinner. r

  168. Mary Lee Says:

    Decorating the house. Like most people, I think, I have a lot of things collected over the years that have so much sentimental value that taking them out of their containers lets the memories flood. Years ago my mother made a set of ornaments out of felt and clothes pins and I have them. When I’m gone, I’m sure no one else is going to know or care, but they move my heart and for a while, my mother’s close again.

  169. Roxane Apple Says:

    It’s so silly and so simple, but it’s opening packages filled with new pajamas on Christmas Eve!

  170. Tracey Hammond Says:

    Our family tradition started when I was a little girl. Putting on christmas music, baking cookies and decorating the tree. It always puts me in a happy mood. Love this time of year.

  171. Bonnie Gill Says:

    We love a family breakfast on Christmas morning then everyone gets to open gifts each year one person is chosen to pass out the gifts from under the tree and we all take turns opening our gifts so everyone can watch and see what others get

  172. Suzanne Says:

    I use to have a holiday tradition of trimming the tree – have lots of ornaments – but since we went into cat rescue, that tradition fell by the way side since they would have destroyed the tree (but they would have had great fun – me not so much).

  173. Barbra L. Says:

    Just staying in and not going anywhere. Just enjoying time with our family!

  174. Lissa Says:

    Our most special holiday tradition, for every holiday, is that we always invite people who have no where to go for the holiday, friends, friends of friends, relatives, we make new friends and wonderful memories for all. My sons best compliment is “you never know who will show up at my moms house for holidays!”

  175. Teresa Godines #6857 Says:

    Driving the neighborhood looking at all of the Christmas lights

  176. Anne V Says:

    What is your most treasured holiday tradition?I make gallons and gallons of Chex Mix with my own spin for when we gather on Christmas Eve to celebrate and open gifts(followed by Midnight Mass.

  177. Dee Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is hanging the stockings on X-mas eve — and awaiting what Santa will fill them full of during the night!

  178. Mary Thomas Says:

    What a great giveaway, thank you. I just love all the family get togethers! We also open just one present on Christmas eve, love that. It’s fun to try and figure out what the best present to open will be!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  179. Elizabeth Warren Says:

    reading Twas the Night Before Christmas with my family =]

  180. Liz Says:

    My favourite tradition is all the family taking it in turns to open presents together on Christmas morning, while enjoying a glass of bucks fizz.

  181. Rhonda M Says:

    Going to church on Christmas Eve and coming home to a party with family.

  182. Skyann S Says:

    We drive around looking at Christmas lights.

  183. Gavi S Says:

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but Hanukah I do, and we have lots of great traditions, like making potato latkes!;)

  184. Barb in Kazoo Says:

    Treasured tradition: A wonderful family dinner including prime rib roast (so easy!), yorkshire pudding , and a chocolate dome cake (sponge cake soaked with some orange juice, whipped cream chocolate filling studded with raspberries).

  185. germaine fryc Says:

    I have never tried any paints but would def. love to try. Pick me!

  186. Sandra Reade Says:

    Oh,my, what a wonderful giveaway. I do not own any of these colors so it would be such a treat to win them.

  187. Corinna Says:

    My most treasured tradition is opening one gift of cmas eve. Its something we did as children every year and now I do the same with my boyfriend. It seems silly but it’s the only thing that’s never faded as my parents divorced and us kids grew up. I still do it at 35! Just makes me feel christmas – y

  188. Cheryl T. Says:

    My fave tradition is making Christmas cards, having dinner with my family, enjoying a huge turkey feast & spending the day together. New tradition for me is trading cookies with my friends.

  189. Jennifer Says:

    My mom, my one of my sisters and I make homemade chocolates every year to give out to family and friends. It is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun to spend the day together – my stomach muscles get a work out every year from all the laughter!

  190. Carmen Lucero Says:

    My most treasured tradition as I was growing up is when my mother would start putting up the nativity set. In Mexico we didn’t celebrate Christmas, we celebrated the arrival of the Three Magi. My sister and I would wait with anticipation as she brought out the baby Jesus on the 25th of December and then we would wait for the Magi to bring us presents on January the 6th just like they did to the baby Jesus (as tradition goes). Then we moved to the US and adopted the tradition of Xmas, it wasn’t the same after that. I miss my mother, she passed away in 1990. She loved the holidays and they’ve never been the same without her.

  191. Pamela Parks Says:

    Tradition for us is Christmas is all year long. Husband and I don’t exchange gifts. We give gifts to our family. We feel Christmas is too commercialized. So we celebrate all year long and try to be the best we can be.

  192. Mary Says:

    Midnight mass with my family :)

  193. colleen Says:

    I the C H sudio paints I have see your video and wish I had some so Santa may come my way this year, I have been good you Know truely

  194. Esellie Says:

    My favorite tradition was on Christmas morning, my sister and I had to wait till Dad was finished getting ready (He took the longest time to do everything on purpose!!!) Then, he guided us downstairs, our eyes were shut!!! We had to go by the Christmas tree (ooh la la!) and into the kitchen. Somehow, we all got some breakfast down so we could open the presents in the felt stockings Grandma had made us when we were little. THEN, came the opening of the presents under the tree….what a deliciously loooonnnng drawn out time to enjoy the wonder of gifts!!!! :)))

  195. Tammie Says:

    Our favorite tradition is making all the holiday sweets: cakes, pies, and of course, cookies!

  196. Pamela Richardson Says:

    Hello! I just love watching your videos on YouTube, and I refer VERY often to your website for technical information, inspiration and advice. Thank you so much for so generously providing your video and website to the crafting community. I only recently started making crafts, just a few months ago, so I have absolutely everything to learn! I have heard great things about the Ranger Ink products, and am buying a small set of Ranger Ink Archival ink pads, so that I can stamp and then colour in with markers or watercolour (without running the stamp ink!) Yay!

    My favourite tradition, both as a little girl, and now as a mother, has been putting out cookies and milk for Santa. We had a special Christmas plate (bread and butter size) that we used each year for just this purpose, so of course I had to buy a similar plate for my son to use. We also put out a note to Santa, and a few carrots for the reindeer, because my mother explained that they would get VERY hungry flying all over the world in just one night. When I was bit older, my father would sometimes suggest that Santa might like to drink a beer for a change from milk, and yes, it was always gone in the morning. Christmas was such a magical time for our whole family. My mother always invited in extra people who were alone over the holidays, and they would either join us for a lovely roast ham dinner on Christmas Eve or for a yummy turkey on Christmas Day. My mother also had one selected guest (the person who was most in need of family comfort at the time) read us children the book ‘The Night Before Christmas’, and we just loved it. I do wish that I had been able to make Christmas celebrations as happy for my son, as my mother and father made them for us four children and our relatives, friends and neighbours.

    I wish everyone at Craft Test Dummies a very Merry Christmas, and a New Year full of peace and prosperity, health and happiness, music and merriment, and love and laughter. Best wishes, from Pamela Richardson, in Ontario, Canada

  197. Mandi Turner Says:

    Most treasured holiday moment was the last Christmas i got to spend with my mom December 2009. She had brain cancer it was hard for her to feed herself so i fed her her favorite shrimp she loved. I was giving back to her like she did for me when i was a baby she fed me. We had a wonderful Christmas that night, Talking stories, laughter all around her. When i miss my mom i remember that night and it wraps me in warm knowing is looking out for me and our family.

  198. kate blair Says:

    every year I still buy a box of ferro roche chocolates in memory of my father (he has been dead for nearly 10 years now)as we would both have one a day over Christmas and I like to buy a candle to burn in memory of those no longer with us

  199. JanuaryG Says:

    Well after discovering a cricut box on the porch (nagged all year!) – our next Thanksgiving tradition will be making cards to send for the winter Holidays!

  200. julie Says:

    the cookies. love fancy frostings.

  201. Yvonne t.b. Says:

    My favorite tradition is for all the love ones making my own holiday cards. I put much afford and love in it for everybody!

  202. DWD Says:

    When I was a teen, my mom’s oldest brother was diagonosed with cancer. He handmade wooden furniture pieces for his 4 brothers and sisters, the last 2 christmas’ he was with us. His last christmas, he started the tradition of drawing names on christmas eve and having a year to hand make your gift. He died 6 mos later and we still do this after 38 yrs.

  203. Sammy Says:

    My favourite tradition is our Santa hamper! Each year a put together a little hamper for my children containing homemade cookie mix in a jar, a Christmas book & DVD, some Christmas Eve activities (colouring pages and decorations to make) new pj’s a my/beaker each with coco powder and marshmallows, reindeer food, a letter from Santa and an ornament for on our tree again from Santa! I leave the hamper out the night before and on Christmas Eve the kids think that 1 of santas elves has dropped it off for them – I love to see their faces!! We kick off the day by making lots of cookies using the ingredients jar we decorate them and wrap them in cellophane then deliver them to all of our neighbours to wish them merry Christmas. We keep a few cookies back for later on and of course for Santa! Next we do out Christmas Eve activities pack and then it’s on to preparing as much of the dinner etc for Christmas Day as is possible before baths, new pj’s, DVD on and snow man soup (hot chocolate!!) just before bed we detour santas treats and sprinkle the reindeer food outside, read our Christmas book and settle the kids to sleep! xx

  204. Marina Johan Says:

    I don’t really have a tradition of doing similar things yearly but me and my boyfriend will always be celebrating with great friends no matter which country we are in during Christmas :)

  205. maya Says:

    just all family gathered in front of christmas tree, watch a christmas movie and eat yummy food :)

  206. Penny Says:

    Christmas Eve candlelight service at church

  207. Kelly Says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to Christmas Eve Mass with our family and then having dinner.

  208. jengd Says:

    Decorating the tree has always been a big deal (and major production given how many ornaments we have!) in our family.

  209. Holly Zylstra Says:

    hot chocolate and the storu the night before Christmas on Christmas eve

  210. Desiree Says:

    Every year my children, husband and I go out together and pick out a new ornament for our tree. I didn’t have any ornaments from my childhood so together we’ve built up a collection.

  211. Lyn Says:

    I love getting together with my extended family on Christmas Eve at my Mum’s place to exchange gifts and have an early Christmas feast.

  212. Kathy Harrison Says:

    The most treasured tradition I would like to start is crafting with my kids. We made some awesome little felt ornaments so far and now on to hand made Christmas cards to give out to family.

  213. Pam Jensen Says:

    My favorite memory has been wrapping gifts with my sister. This is something we have done since we were children. I look forward to wrapping gifts, sipping on hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music this year too! It’s the time spent with my sister that is the best.

  214. Lori Says:

    Every year for about 15 years now I’ve painted a new house or store for my Mom’s Christmas village. I’ve enjoyed doing them, and she looks forward to seeing what cute new one she’s getting.

  215. Cat Graves Says:

    Our family was never much on rituals or traditions but every Christmas morning we would have those refrigerated Pillsbury orange and cinnamon rolls before we opened our presents. Sounds kind of lame but that’s about it! Sure beat a bowl of cereal!

  216. Roberta Says:

    My favorite tradition is midnight mass. Jesus truly is the reason for the season !

  217. Christine J Says:

    I love that we go on a Disney vacation every December. It’s a tradition we started when our boys were very young and I so look forward to it every year.

  218. Danni Says:

    My favorite tradition is setting up the Christmas tree with my family! We always have apple cider after the struggle.

  219. Abby Davis Says:

    I enjoy making ornaments with my family.

  220. Megan Bahl Says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is eating my dad’s famous waffles Christmas morning!

  221. Mary Baure Says:

    My son & I meet at my house every Christmas Eve to wrap presents and listen to Christmas music. Christmas Day is homemade sticky buns & hot cocoa

  222. Debs Says:

    Visiting my granddaughters and having an early “mini” Christmas. We decorate the tree, make cookies, create crafts and have lots of snuggles. It’s really all about family and giving.

  223. Susan Says:

    Spending time with my family

  224. lpredflower Says:

    Wow, I’ve wanted to try these. Family trimming the tree party the day after Thanksgiving!Linda

  225. Traci Lord Says:

    Wow I would love to win these Fabulous paints for my daughter and I. Our favorite holiday tradition is trimming the tree on a Sunday while watching A Christmas Story Movie In the background. Thank you for a chance to win them! Happy Holidays! Hugs Traci & Hailee.

  226. Shauna Miller Says:

    Christmas Eve – Kids & I get cozy in our new matching fuzzy P.J.’s & enjoy some hot/warm cocoa with extra mini mellows.
    Christmas Day ~ A wonderful potluck meal & time spent with the WHOLE family. From the Great Grandparents, all the new babies, cousins, uncles, 2nd cousins, Aunts, Bros & sis’s, In laws & even some ex Inlaws, all under one roof & sharing lives & Love!

  227. Shauna Miller Says:

    My favorite tradition is making all my Christmas cards, then hand delivering them at my family Christmas party. It is so much fun creating the cards as well as watching the joy they bring

  228. Martha S. Says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is walking the canals with family and friend while enjoying the beautifully decorated homes

  229. Sue Says:

    My favorite tradition is sitting in the living rooom on Christmas eve with all the lights off in the house except the tree and just enjoyig the beauty and silent night.

  230. Kat Fife Says:

    One of my most favorite traditions is having the favorite treats that my mother and father each enjoyed only at the holidays. It keeps memories of them close and helps me remember awesome Christmases. Peanut Brittle and Cherry Cordials. Funny how I didn’t like either as a kid, but now I savor them and the wonderful memories they stimulate.

  231. Barbara Roberts Says:

    My favorite tradition is driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights with the car

  232. Joyce Boylan Says:

    I love the annual extended family gathering where we sing carols, play games and eat foods originating from all over the world.

  233. Carole RB Says:

    We don’t have any treasured holiday tradition.

  234. Nikki Gillette Says:

    I made an advent wreath (you can view it, and the directions on my blog – here is a link http://wp.me/p2UuSO-dy) a few years ago and we spend time as a family once weekly quietly contemplating the season of Christmas and what it means to us.


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