September. Saturday. #Giveaway

September 1, 2012



Happy September, folks! The Blue Moon was last night and it was hot and muggy….but we know that fall holidays are right around the corner.  I showed you some new goodies in yesterday’s video post,  so today I’m going to share the bounty with YOU!

Halloween Paper Crafts #Giveaway with EK Success Brands

Want to win this box o’ craft happiness?? There are Halloween-themed papers (6X6- cut down to fit in the box), stamps, and stickers- perfect for making Halloween cards and table decorations!


Ready to enter the giveaway?  It’s super-easy. Just leave me a comment about which product you’d use first! I’ll pick someone at random next week. Here’s the formal giveaway lingo:


Contest will run from 9/1/2012 until Midnight EDT 9/7/12 . 

  • One comment= one entry. One entry per email address. 
  • Winner will be chosen randomly via WP plug-in. 
  • Estimated value of prize is $35 USD.
  • Contest open to persons 18 and over.
  • US and International friends may enter! Please note that  I cannot pay any duties, fees, taxes, insurance, etc. I assume no responsibility once it leaves my hands. 

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105 Responses to “September. Saturday. #Giveaway”

  1. Kat Slay Says:

    I would totally use those super duper cute stamps first!! This is a great package!!

  2. Stefanie Says:

    Looks awesome! I think I’d use the stamps first, maybe to make a tablecloth!

  3. Cassie Says:

    I would use the paper first! It’s so cute.

  4. Nicole Harper Says:

    Love Halloween! Such a fun holiday to create scrappy goodness! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Leanna @ Alldonemonkey Says:

    Ooh, my son and I would have so much fun with this! Great giveaway!

  6. Leslie K Says:

    Oh I love Halloween!! I would use the stamps first! Stamps are the answer to those of us who can’t even draw good stick people!! lol

  7. Noreen Says:

    I’m tempted by the spiderweb embellishment and the raven stamp! Halloween always has the best crafting materials!

  8. domestic diva Says:

    Probably the stamps. We love stamping around here.

  9. Rosana Garcia Hess Says:

    I would use the stamps first!! I love stamps!!
    thanks for the chance

  10. Kathy J. Says:

    I would use those awesome sticker/embelishments on something first :) It looks like there are TONS of possibilities in that little crafty package! Someone (hopefully me?) is in for a blast.

  11. Sue Says:

    I would use the raven stamp to make an Andy Warhol-type design in 4 Halloween colors–maybe something metallic on black cardstock. That stamp is very inspiring!

  12. Ann in PA Says:

    I would use the large x-ray stamp first. Loved your idea of using it with bleach.

  13. supsersitches Says:

    Love those rubber stamps and can think of some fun projects to use those on. Also the paper is wonderful.

  14. Heidi@TheCraftMonkey Says:

    So fun! I’m loving those little voodoo doll stamps! I’d use those first!!

  15. Susan Parker Says:

    Hands down, I’d use the raven silhouette stamp first, to make “Gothic-lite” Halloween cards!

  16. Barbra Colburn Says:

    I would use the stamps first. Love making cards with stamps.

  17. Marcy F Says:

    Would use the stamps and then add the paper.

  18. Victoria Says:

    I love the Halloween package! I would use the paper and stamps first to make some spookiful Halloween cards. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  19. Lynn B. Says:

    I would probably use the polka dot paper first. I’ve already made some Halloween cards, I love doing them! Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Toni Leli Says:

    Those carmel apples look delicious! I’d use them on cards for my kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. stacy Says:

    I would use the stickers first!! They look so cool :0)

  22. Darla Says:

    I saw Halloween cards and decorations had been put out when I went to the grocery store yesterday. I’d better get on the move and your goodies would certainly inspire me.


  23. Sadie Says:

    I would use the stampers first!

  24. lynaeve Says:

    the stamps would definitely be first on my list to use.

  25. SuZan Says:

    This would be awesome to win, love those stamps, well I love all of it!

  26. Keya Millionie Says:

    I’d use the stamps, I love stamps!

  27. Bonnie Says:

    The stamps… I am obsessed with stamping… thanks so much for the chance to win this fun box of goodies!

  28. Gail Says:

    I think I would start with the paper especially since it is double sided. What a great thing for secret message cards!

  29. Claudia Says:

    Oh what fun! Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. Chrissy Says:

    I would use the stamps to make care packages for my niece and nephew!!!

  31. Kristi - CbK Says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! So can not wait for fall and fall holidays!

  32. Gina Strickland Says:

    Oh my, I would use the paper first and then everything else for sure! I am working on all kind of thing for the fall and Halloween! I would love to use all of these!!! Love it!!

  33. Lisa Bradley Simpson Says:

    I’d use the Stamps first to make Halloween Treats.thanks for the chance!!
    Happy September.

  34. Julie luna Says:

    What a cute kit. I would use those papers first and then embellish away.

  35. Teh Doll Says:

    Those adorable stamps, I would stamp all my envelopes with them! I love all of this… Fingers crossed

    Thanks for such a spooktastic giveaway!

  36. LinhC Says:

    I would use the chalkboard labels first because I need to make some signs for a wreath.

  37. Denise Says:

    Oh the candy/caramel apples! YUM! I paint birdhouses and would love to do one with candy apples, candy and treats!

  38. giveawayjean Says:

    I think I would use the embellishments first. Wait. No, the stamps. Wait, the papers. Hmmm. Probably the embellishments. I love Jolee’s embellishments. The candied apples look great!

  39. Desiree Koons Says:

    I think I would use the stamps first. That raven stamp is Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Angela LeBlanc Says:

    I think I would use the papers first to make resin charms or pendants.However the possibilities are endless.

  41. KimMJ Says:

    It is a toss up between the adorable stamps and those papers! Love it all. Thanx for the chance to win!

  42. Carol Says:

    I could really use the metallic pendants of owl and spider’s web… I do mixed media and these would look awesome on that. As well, I could use them on my altered books.

  43. NWFlamingo Says:

    I predict that I would use the raven stamp first. Stamps are always my
    “go to” items.

  44. jengd Says:

    I think I’d start at the crow and skull stamp though the owl cameo would probably be on my next project.

  45. Marcy Charmley Says:

    I would use the paper for my Halloween birdhouses, and the adorable stamps for cards, and goodie bags. Thanks for the chance!

  46. sheri breaux Says:

    I would use the stamps first ! halloween si my fav tiem to craft ! Thanks for the chance, Skellymingo

  47. Brenda B Says:

    Looks like loads of fun!

  48. Luz Says:

    Will for sure use the stamps first to make some cards !!

  49. Theresa Conte Says:

    I would use the raven stamp first. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Dani Matthews Says:

    I’d use the paper to make cards with.

  51. Pat K Says:

    The stamps would be my first choice

  52. Lela L M Says:

    I’d use the paper first!

  53. Cat W Says:

    As soon as my current project is finished (isn’t that always the way?), I’m dying to dig into some Halloween crafting. I’ll be blogging something new every day in October, as I usually do. This box would certainly come in handy. :)

  54. sharon gullikson Says:

    I just saw these stamps at my local scrapbook store. I fell in LOVE with them. I would use them first!!

  55. Mary Mac Says:

    I would start with the papers first, then layer with stickers.

  56. Sue Burzynski Says:

    I’ve Been Eyeing Those “Voodoo” Stamps, Those I Would Most Assuredly Use First, Last And In-Between..

  57. Cat Graves Says:

    Loved everything but I’d definitely start with the paper! I’ve decided that the secret message cards are awesome and very doable. When I get one of those punches, I am definitely making some of those and I’m not even a card maker!!

  58. Aly Says:

    1. This happened when I tried to submit my email for newsletters. “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled.”

    2. LOVE the various voices in my head telling me what we should do first! *grins* I’m thinking the papers so my grand girls and I can laminate to make mini Halloween snack placemats for snacks. 😀 My babes LOVE to make things! <3

  59. Julie P Says:

    I would use the two stamps first to do up some invites to a Halloween Party. They would be great for that. I would probably use them on some gift cards as well. And on some decorations, they would be cool.

  60. Dee in NH Says:

    Oh for sure I would use the stamps first! Thanks for a chance!!

  61. brandi Says:

    Those stamps are sooo cool I would definitely use them first. Happy early halloween to the winner.

  62. Candace Jedrowicz Says:

    Halloween is my favorite! I would be right on those gorgeous papers! What an awesome giveaway!

  63. malia Says:

    I love it all but that raven stamp is my fav! I’d probably make a card with it for my friend Meredith’s bday… she’s a raven/crow lover! Thanks for the g-way! Malia

  64. Jenny Says:

    Aly- I just checked and the email subscription is functional. You can either click the Subscribe: email link at the top right of the page or the box in the right-hand column. You will have to enter the verification code to complete the request. Or you can follow this link:
    Good luck & hope to be in your inbox soon! : )

  65. Noreen Says:

    The witch stamp

  66. Caroline D. Says:

    Fun goodies in the giveaway!! I’d have to ink up that raven stamp first!! :o)

  67. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    Oh definitely the inkblot/raven stamp! That is too cool!

  68. marybeth i Says:

    very cute – I have started working on some halloween crafts. The raven stamp is also my favorite

  69. diane w. Says:

    I would definitely use the rubber stamps first!

  70. Renee Says:

    I would use the bright colored papers to start making party invitations.

  71. Terrena Says:

    I’m pretty sure I would use the paper first for a layout of my grandsons latest halloween costume. Great give away, thanks!!!! :)

  72. sandyh50 Says:

    I love the raven stamp! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  73. Virginia B Says:

    The Stamp with the Crow, yep love that Crow.. Thanks for the chance to win..

  74. Jennifer Garnick Says:

    I’d use the paper first…not sure on what yet, but I am sure my daughter could help with ideas.

  75. Victoria Sturdevant Says:

    I guess I’d use the paper first but the stamps are very cute, too!

  76. Elisheba Says:

    Definitely the stamps!! They are cute and perfect for Halloween cards.

  77. JULI C Says:

    I would use the papers first to cut tags for my kids Halloween goodie bags for school!

  78. LisaMH Says:

    The stamps first :) looks like fun.. thanks for a chance!!! LisaMH

  79. Johannah Says:

    I would use cute Halloween paper first so many ideas!

  80. Sarah McCoy Says:

    I would use the Raven Wood Stamp. I’d stamp up some vellum and Halloween-ify some of my outdoor lanterns that have served me well all summer for starters before digging into the other goodies.

  81. Brandi Harris Says:

    Everything is so awesome! It would be so hard to decide what to use first, but I would have to do something with those candy apple stickers! I love them :)

  82. Lisa M Says:

    I would totally use the stamps first! Thanks for the chance to win this ghoulish giveaway! I love Halloween!

  83. SusanB Says:

    I would use the raven stamp first – that looks so cool! Happy Halloween and thanks for a chance to win another great giveaway!

  84. Bethanny Parker Says:

    I’d probably use the witch and cat rubber stamps first. They’re really cute!

  85. Kathy Davis Says:

    I love Halloween crafting. The first thing I would use is the stamps. Thanks,

  86. Laura B. Says:

    I would use the stamps to make invites to our Halloween party!

  87. Cindy J Says:

    I’d start with the stamps !!! Awesome collection of goodies, thanks for the chance!

  88. norma r Says:

    I would use the stamps first. They are adorable. I would stamp them on small paper bags for treats.

  89. Nancy Says:

    I think the paper first. would make a nice background for the stamped images :) awesome giveaway!

  90. Brooke Bumgardner Says:

    Love the stamps…and those papers are so cute! I would make Halloween cards :)

  91. monica m Says:

    The stickers!

  92. Ruth Says:

    Think it would have to be the stamps then some fun decorations with everything else for my nieces (with their help of course!)x

  93. Ingrid Nolan Says:

    That paper is very cute!

  94. Julie Says:

    I would use the stamps for my sons Halloween party!

  95. Deb Says:

    Definitely the stamps would be used!

  96. Tanya P. Says:

    Love it all! I would be using that raven stamp first thing!!

  97. Laura / The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles Says:

    I’d use the Jolee’s boutique acetate embellishments first. :)

  98. kayla Says:

    Great gift! I would use the paper first! If you used a stamp first where would you put it! Just thought that was funny!

  99. Jennifer W. Says:

    Ohhh I would use the paper first to make a cute Halloween frame . Love this prize

  100. Kitty Says:

    DEFINITELY, I would use that scarecrow-kitty stamp!!

    Love the giveaway!


  101. Nancy Johnston Says:

    The raven stamp, definitely, then the black Jolee’s die cuts. I’m working on a Halloween book right now!

  102. Tina Says:

    Which ONE would i use first? Nonsense! Id be using them all first thing!

  103. Donna O'Neil Says:

    I would use the papers for my banner making.

  104. angela Says:

    i would go thru all the paper first!! i love paper!!