New Year’s Crafty Resolutions for 2013 & Recap of 2012 (& giveaway)


It’s that time of year again- time to look back on my crafty resolutions and check in with my progress. It’s also time to set some NEW goals for my blog, crafting and for myself.

First, let’s look back on what my goals were for 2012 and see how I did!

  • 2012 Goal #1: Use it up. (Daily.) I had a goal to use up my fabric stash by making a quilt block every week and then swapping with my quilt-making girlfriend.

I HAVE FAILED MISERABLY ON THIS!!! I had intended on trying to sew every week. But in reality, I needed that table space for other projects…so the sewing machine got put away…and never saw the light of day again!  I might need a more reasonable goal next time. Maybe a block a month?

  • 2012 Goal #2: Spread some handmade joy.(Weekly)   Every week planned to take some time to send a homemade card, letter, ATC, or bag of ephemera to someone.

SUCCESS!! I did send out more handmade goodies, mostly in the form of gifts, donations, and cards. I started sending cards to Operation Write Home, so now I’m using up my stash AND spreading handmade joy. I’m going to continue this one for next year, too. : ) 

  • 2012 Goal #3: Make my own art. (Monthly) I decided I  needed to make time to nurture my own art and honor my own stories.

Well, maybe not so much. I did some art journaling and art quilting, but again I only met my goal about 1/2 the time. I’m hoping to keep this one for next year, too. 


So now…here are my new goals! I like to set them up in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly goals.

Let me just take a minute to remind you that in order to really set a resolution, it’s a good idea to make it a measurable goal. That is, ask yourself “how much, how often, how long, when, where” etc-then you can really focus on MEETING the goal.

For example, saying that you’ll keep your craft table clean is pretty ambiguous. But setting a goal to clean up your space for 10 minutes before (or after) crafting 80% of the time is a measurable and therefore achievable goals. 

I wish it looked this good right now!

I wish it looked this good right now!

DAILY: Keep that studio of mine in better working order. I need to make sure I make time to tidy up either BEFORE or AFTER each crafting session- maybe both! I plan to set a timer on my phone and spend 10 minutes to make my space cleaner and therefore more efficient. I have been known to spend 10 minutes looking for the right pair of scissors that are “lost” under the pile on my desk. Hopefully this goal will recoup that lost time!

camera setup

WEEKLY: Create video content for my YouTube Channel. I’ve started this a little early, but now I’m ready to formally set the goal of creating a minimum of 1 new video per week. Between that and the CHA videos we create, I’m hoping to see about 100 new videos go up on our channel by the end of 2013! (PS- if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet, now would be a great time. Some videos never even make it here to the blog. : ) 

Cards to Donate

MONTHLY: I’ve got more than one in this category. The first goal is to…

  • Purge! I have so many tools, papers, half-used kits, etc, sometime I just have to let go of it. I’m planning some giveaways, Ebay selling, and judicious donations. Keep an eye on the CTD Facebook page for notifications of the Ebay listings!
  • Donate!! I had such a good time making Operation Write Home cards this year, I’m going to continue the trend. It’s a fun way for me to use up odd-and-ends of supplies while doing something nice! I’m also planning to make more donations to my kids school and the Art Therapy Studio.

I have some major new things going on in my life too…can’t share them just yet, but it will mean less time in the studio and more travelling. But I think I can keep on top of these goals even with the new responsibilities.


OK…now it’s YOUR turn! In the spirit of PURGING, I’m going to giveaway on Slice Tool kit from Making Memories this week!

slice tool kitEven if you don’t have a SLICE, it’s a great kit that contains tweezers, scissors, a ruler, a bone folder, a scraper, a palette knife (spatula) and awl, and a craft blade. It’s a nice travel kit.

Now for the legal mumbo-jumbo!


  • To win this Tool Kit, please leave me a comment below with at least ONE of your New Year’s Crafty Resolutions- one that you will be working on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly! (PS, generic comments will not count as entries.)
  • The Giveaway will be open for one week (1/6/12) and a winner will be chosen at random.
  • Winner must reside in USA OR be willing to pay shipping to their country of origin along with duties and taxes that may occur.
  • CTD is not responsible for loss in the mail. #JustSayin
  • Giveaway prize is worth $20 USD. No cash equivalent will be awarded.
  • You do NOT need to leave your email address; my blog captures that.

OK, there you go. Leave me a comment! I can’t wait to hear YOUR goals for 2013!!

UPDATE: a Winner has been chosen! Congrats to :

Author: Dee in NH

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I like your 10 minute cleaning goal! I had been thinking 15 min. but 10 minutes sounds so much more doable and I really want to stick to it. I’m going to steal your 10 minute rule.


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  1. Dee in NH says

    I like your 10 minute cleaning goal! I had been thinking 15 min. but 10 minutes sounds so much more doable and I really want to stick to it. I’m going to steal your 10 minute rule.

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    This will be the year of completed past projects for me! It will have the twin goals of purging a lot of the clutter in my craft area and clearing the way for me to make new things. My plan is to work on something when I sit down in front of the tv at night. And it MUST be a project that I have started and laid aside, NOT a new project!

  3. Claudia says

    My craft space is also our guest room…. it can become quite a mess, so I resolve to clean and put away all supplies after a project or at least before I leave the room for the day. For Sure this time!

  4. Laura says

    I intend to sort out my craft stash and use some of it. I keep seeing things I “must” have but then I put them away because they’re “too nice to use” – I just like to look at them but now I must use them – or buy no more – can someone help me find the will power??????

  5. Fernanda says

    Thanks for the giveaway. One of my goals this year is to craft from my stash – yarn and fabric… I would like to use up at least 1/2 of my stash… Happy new year.

  6. Sue says

    WOW! I love the idea of spending 10 minutes to clean up the room when finished. I don’t get to craft everyday, so my craft room is my house (dining room table, 2 guest bedrooms, the kitchen bar) depending on what I’m working on….sometimes several projects during the day. So taking 10 min. afterwards shouldn’t be that bad. We can do 10 min. easily; like you said just set a timer. This will also set an example for our children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for the idea. Happy New Year to everyone, and Happy Crafting.

  7. Laurie Hunt says

    I want to make sure that I do some kind of art at least three days a week. I also want to finish some of the many kits that I have purchased but not completed or started and not finished. If I could realistically do those two things it will be a good year!!!

  8. Rebecca says

    My resolution is to do at least one Random Act of Kindness each week and at least one of these each month has to include a personally handmade item.

  9. superstitches says

    My main crafty goal for the New Year is to finish at least ten already started projects. I also would like to reorganize the craft supplies.

  10. mombolek says

    My main goal is to finish my UFO’s. Totally a doable project. Any projects that aren’t going to be finished will be donated to someone that can use them. Schools or local nursing homes love craft objects.

  11. Barbara Leffeler says

    My resolution is to make at least one two page LO each week. I had the same one last year and failed miserably. I have no excuse not to do this. I am retired and I just reorganized my craft space. Hopefully this will help.

  12. Beckie Vanderpool says

    I resolve to go to YouTube and subscribe to your channel which I didn’t know you had! Also, to drastically reduce the money I spend on supplies! Fat chance but you can’t do it if you don’t try! Happy New Year!!

  13. Donna Ingalls says

    My resolution is that I will not begin a new project until I complete my last one. I have so many 1/2 done projects that need to be finished. Drives me crazy! It’s my own fault-oh, Pinterest’s fault too! So many fun projects out there to make. I will finish up all those projects first that are not completed and then start on the new ones.
    I also refuse to buy any new supplies until I use up some of the things that I have. I did a really great job organizing and writing out an inventory of what I do have in the line of craft supplies, so this should be a bit easier this year.

    Happy New Year to all.


  14. Penny says

    I ran off a 52 week organizing form and am filling it out and will follow that. The first goal is to sort and organize paper. I am starting that today while hubby watches football. A general goal is to use my stash.

  15. Sue Castle says

    I have stopped playing FB games to make more time for my Polymer Clay and first order of business is to get my clay desk up and running again. Then I plan to make between 1 and 4 polymer clay canes monthly (aiming for at least 1 a week). I also plan to get the photos taken for the book I am writing (the writing part is nearly done, but I need to get the step out photos taken and put in place). I am a real tool junkie, though and love the chance to win the tool set you are giving away. Happy New Year and best wishes that 2013 will be the best ever. Smiles Sue C

  16. Carol in Montana says

    Bringing in the New Year just plain makes me want to do things differently. For 2013 first goal is to make all of the months birthday cards ahead of time. I usually end up scrambling to make a card for someone at the last minute. No more! I love your 10-minute cleaning goal!! That one I seriously need to steal! Thanks!!!! My goal for each month is “purge”!! I have way too much patterned paper and stickers. So I’m going to set aside 30 minutes/month to clean out. I donate to the local After School Program. They love getting crafty items that season related! IF…I do these 3 things throughout 2013 I will be happy! Happy New Year!!
    p.s. I am tool-shy and would love this tool set even though I don’t have a Slice! Thanks for the chance!!!

  17. Rebecca Bodine says

    1) I will make 10 card sets (6 cards ech set) by June 30 to sell at my reflexology service/business.

    2) I will spend 10 minutes tidying up either before or after my work in my studio. (I got this one from you.)

    3) I will work in my studio a minimum of 2x per week.

    (This wouldn’t let me send it without puting in my email.)

  18. Pamela Jensen says

    I need to de-stash my Polymer Clay and get rid of the brands that I don’t use anymore and organize my craft room. I also plan on making and photographing at least one piece of jewelry a week. I also need to organize my papers and card making supplies. I would like to make a stash of general use cards to keep on hand for “those” occasions when you need a card and don’t have one. I’m looking forward to 2013! It’s going to be a great year! Happy New Year! And thanks for the chance to win a tool set!

  19. Vanessa says

    My goal is to do some crafting at least 3x per week. I feel so much better when I do!

  20. terry says

    I will work to lose this added weight during the next 6 weeks that my husband is involved with his highschool volunteer work and not home for most meals. 10 to 15 lbs is my goal by eating mostly vegetarian and getting back to regular exercise. I did it last year, I can do it again – Lord willing (and if I stay focused on Him)
    I also want to start journalling my quiet time but I haven’t decided wether to do it digitally or not

  21. says

    Wonderful goals you have set!! My goal is to get a craft room set-up. Right now I’m living with my daughter and have a teeny tiny bedroom and that is where I craft – not a lot of room and not many supplies. I’m working to get back on my feet and into my own home!

  22. Erin says

    My goal is to complete at least one project a month. I have huge storage containers full of fabric, embroidery floss, etc. I have been busy, but it seems that all of my relax time is spent staring at a screen. Big or small, with whatever time I have I will complete at least one project each month.

  23. Alice C says

    My firm resolve and goal is to finally begin (and hopefully finish) the afghan that I bought the yarn for over six years ago. Yes.

  24. Robin Milne says

    I started way too late on the homemade gifts but I did give many homemade gifts so Im happy about that. I plan to start earlier this year so my gifts are ready for the holidays. I also plan to keep better records of purchases, sales, ideas, inspirations. Love you blog BTW.

  25. heather says

    I have a lot of friends who are in the military and I would like to win this so that I could make cards to send to them. Sometimes something homemade is so much better and sweeter than a store card. Thank you for the wonderful giveaways your craft room is my dream room. Happy New Year and God Bless.

  26. says

    My goal is to make my card templates sooner so I can publish them on my blog to give people enough time to make them.

  27. Lee Smith says

    daily- to work on one wip
    weekly- to complete on wip
    monthly- to gift someone with one of my wips

  28. Carol Douglass says

    My goal is to finish my Disney album, I was gung ho when we first got back, but got overwhelmed by the amount of pictures I took. I have done close to 40 pages so far, but need to do about 20 more. Another good one for me would be to purge stuff I don’t use, but I always say ” I will use it someday!”

  29. says

    My goal this year was to start (DONE!) and maintain (in progress!) a twitter or blog specially dedicated to all the arts and crafts and creative thinking that inspires me. So far, so good! Doing this keeps me thinking and searching for new ideas. It also keeps me working on my projects because I see all the amazing things people are doing out there. 2012 was my most creative year ever and I’m doubling down in 2013!

  30. says

    My crafting goal is to finish a knitted blanket I started for my soon to arrive little girl. I’m now on bedrest and have to limit the amount of crafting I do per the doctors orders- worst words to hear ever! And to use up all the extra yarn I have laying around the house…I have a bit of a pretty yarn problem.

  31. says

    My goal is to weekly work on catching up on unfinished projects, while working on some new ones too. Lots of ideas for things to make for my Grandchildren. Also a daughter received a Cricut for Christmas, and I want to help her use it and share with her as she enhances her creativity and mine.

  32. Sadie says

    My crafting goal is to make baby blankets for the friends that are having babies this year. I have a pattern and will have blocks read to make a few a head of time.

  33. Lady Fair says

    My crafting resolution for 2013 is to plan projects around the supplies that I already have (maybe this is more of my husband’s resolution for me!). I also resolve to plan ahead for special occassions so I can make a card up in advance instead of at the last minute when my crafting mojo may not be handy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Loren says

    My goals are to go whale watching, save money, blog more, network and thing the best in others! Thanks for the chance to win! I hope i reach all my goals this year!

  35. Cari R says

    One of my crafty resolutions is to complete a minimum of one art journal page or ATC or Zentangle related piece each week (and to use the materials I already have!) Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. L Smoke says

    I will get out of my way and create more. I have ideas of my own and I will use them.

  37. Carmen says

    My goals are to 1) get back to making all the birthday and other cards I need each month 2) stay off the computer 😛 one night each week so I can knit or crochet 3) make myself a knit sweater this year 4) sew a quilt.

  38. Karen R. says

    To finish the cross stitch picture I started for my son (in June 2011) for Christmas 2011. This year I wrapped it up with an “IOU” to be finished. It’s about 3/4 of the way completed so I need to get cracking!!! I can ‘almost’ see a light at the end of the tunnel. I also need to work on my SMASH books more and I want to learn how to make cards! 😀

  39. Janel says

    Goals for this year are to 1) finish my Steampunk Christmas assemblage art pieces; 2) learn to use my new Spellbinders machine; and 3)go to at least one Scrapbook Expo!

  40. Cittie says

    I promised myself to spend at least five minutes a day in some creative way. I haven’t had much time of late to draw, paint, crochet…anything. I need it, I deserve and by golly and I am going to do it!!! 😉

    I also promised myself to buy at least one new craft product a month. There are so many things in the craft/art-o-sphere that I want/NEED and I keep waiting till I save enough. I realized that day may never come, so I am going to stop waiting and take action!!! 😉

  41. Vicki Poole says

    My 2013 Crafty goals: reorganize crafting workroom; keep up on birthday cards; teach the classes that people have been asking for. I can do it!

  42. Sharon Gullikson says

    I’m going to get into my craft room to create different things several times per week. I tend to spend too much time on the computer getting ideas, and not enough time creating. I want to do more sewing, in addition to my paper crafts. sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com