#NatCraMo Giveaway #3- SliderWriter Laser Guide

March 15, 2013



WOW! It’s been a great week here at Craft Test Dummies World Headquarters. I’m so excited about some new reviews were working on, and I am *thisclose* to 6 THOUSAND Facebook Fans!

So let’s celebrate with a giveaway, shall we?

National Craft Month Giveaway from CraftTestDummies.com. Open 3/15/13 to 3/22/13.


Earlier this week I showed you the SliderWriter laser guide tool. While I’m not a fussy crafter, I found this tool SO HELPFUL in lining up acrylic cling stamps and elements I needed to line up and glue down!  I got so excited with the SliderWriter, I went on a  card-making tangent! I used a sketch from OperationWriteHome.org and it inspired me to make a few versions.

I made you this little video sharing the sketch and some of the variations of the card that I made.


I really don’t think I would have even attempted these cards if I didn’t have the SliderWriter to keep me “on the level!”

So…now…would you like to win one of you own? SURE YOU DO! And it’s easy!

Just click the blue Rafflecopter link below (if your browser doesn’t pop it up automatically) and read the question in the first box. You’ll scroll down, leave the answer, and then scroll back up and click the “I commented” box. That will unlock the other options and you can gain more entries with Facebook likes, Twitter follows, even tweeting messages daily. So many chances to win!

Good luck, and please make a note of the terms and conditions. NOW GO ENTER! : )

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89 Responses to “#NatCraMo Giveaway #3- SliderWriter Laser Guide”

  1. Cindy Keogh Says:

    Ohhh I would love to have this in my craft arsenal! It is a mystery to me how a 12×12 layout never looks square when photo graphing.

  2. Alicia A Says:

    Hi – I like the card with the Dragonflies – the colors pop out to me. I would love to have this tool to work with! Thanks!

  3. Alice Clark Says:

    The first dragonfly card was my favorite — I liked the
    simplicity of the design with the bright pop of yellow.

  4. Sandra Kersting Says:

    All of the cards were wonderful. I think the SliderWriter Laser Guide would be a great tool to add to my collection. My favorite card would have to be the dragonfly one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amanda Castellote Says:

    I love the Dad Card with the Mustache. I love how clean lined it is. What a great variety that you were able to create with the one sketch idea.

  6. Marilyn H Says:

    I like the third card with the dragonflies.

  7. Toni Leli Says:

    I’m in the process of making “masculine” cards, so I’m loving the Mustache Dad Card. This tool is very impressive and I could put it to good use. Thanks.

  8. LinhC Says:

    I really liked the dragonfly card.

  9. Victoria Says:

    I love the dragonfly card! I like all of the cards though! I would love to win the Slider Writer! Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. Debbie Says:

    I loved the dragonfly card “To all things in nature”, although all of the cards were great. Who would have thought that bakery string could look so nice! Thanks for the idea!

    I love the Slider Writer! What a great tool it would be to use!

  11. Phyllis S Says:

    I would love to win this – I am a freak about perfectly lined up cards and will redo it until I get it right!! This would be awesome because it would really speed up my card making. I like all the cards, it’s hard to choose a favorite.

  12. Gloria Says:

    The dragonfly card is my favorite! I avoid making cards where I have to line things up evenly, would love to win the Slider Writer.

  13. Sue Says:

    Blue and yellow are my favorite color combination. I always think of a spring early morning; so bright and cheerful. The dragon flies would definitely be my go to pattern.

  14. domestic diva Says:

    I also liked the dragonfly (think there’s some consensus?) I mean, the dad card was also cute, but the dragonfly was the best. :-)

  15. Lorianna Says:

    I like all of the cards!
    I would love to win the Slider Writer!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. Janet Trapp Says:

    I really like them all but the third with color scheme and butterflies is my fav. Thanks for the chances to win!
    God bless~

  17. Karen Schroeder Says:

    I like the dragonfly card the best!

  18. Rachel Says:

    I liked the dragonfly card the best. Liked the colours you choose as well.

  19. Dale Rose Stream Says:

    The 2nd blue & gold card w dragonflies…definately. The 1st dragonfly card is my VERY close 2nd choice. I am commenting here because I cannot get the other comment block to accept any typing. I realize that I will not be entered, but that’s ok.

  20. crafty girl Says:

    i’m a mustache fan.

  21. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) Says:

    I loved both of the Dragonfly cards. So pretty. My favorite was the first one though. The layout is wonderful.

  22. Rebecca Bodine Says:

    I like the blue one most; I think because of the punched trim. I’d never seen the slide writer; My vision is poor and I could really use that.

  23. debb Says:

    Love all the cards – the mustache one really catches my eye!

  24. Jenny Says:

    Dale- you are entered! You did it just right! : )

  25. deb huffman Says:

    dragonfly one is beautiful

  26. Clare G Says:

    I was really drawn to the dragonflies cards and I also liked the last Birthday card shown.

  27. miriam Says:

    i prefer the dragonfly one

  28. Kelly Says:

    I like the blue/flower card the best!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Redonna Says:

    My fav is the last card – the birthday card. It looks good for a masculine card, but chances are I would make it with girly colors.

  30. Shannon Sessions Says:

    I loved the dragonfly card the best!

  31. Julie Hulver Says:

    I definitely like the dragonfly card the best. The blue and orange work really well together.

  32. jay welker Says:

    I like the dragonfly best but the blue flowers are a very close second.

  33. Creaturesmith Says:

    I like the one on the top with the dragonflies. Thanks for the raffle, Jenny!

  34. julie m Says:

    The mustache is so cute…has to be my favorite. The laser guide would be just the answer to my OCD problems with lining stuff up.

  35. Rebecca Bodine Says:

    I don’t know how to find the blog to enter, but I sure would make use of the slider. I like the blue card the best because of the edge punch.

  36. Jen Reed Says:

    My favorite card is the dragonflies in the squares :)

  37. Jenny Says:

    Rebecca- this IS the blog and you have entered. : ) And thanks… I like that punched edge, too!

  38. Diane Says:

    The laser slider is a great idea! I would love to win. It would be so easy to write straight, draw stitching lines, and cut!

  39. Deborah Witmer Says:

    I loved the blue one with the bling!

  40. Barbara Leffeler Says:

    I watched your video on this product. I want one. I just can’t spend that much money on one craft tool. I try so hard to get stuff level on my pages. This would make it so easy.

  41. Chris R Says:

    I liked the second version of the Baby card. :) That tool is really awesome.

  42. Dawn L Says:

    Hello what a variety of ways you showed using the Laser Guide tool! My eye likes the 3-Dragon Flies card best!

  43. Kathryn Says:

    Liking the dragonfly card. Thanks for showcasing an OWH sketch!

  44. Sandra STrait Says:

    The dragonfly card. Anything with dragonflies is going to be my favorite,lol!

  45. Jenni Malcomb Says:

    I like the dragon flies on the squares and the thinking of you striped card. I love this tool. I am usually a little off kiltered when I am dong stuff that would definately help. sorry I couldn’t just choose one, lol

  46. Ana Marcela Herrera Says:

    The first dragonfly card was my favorite.

  47. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    The one with the dragonflies and the squares is my favorite…something about the color scheme is very appealing to me!

  48. sarina coffin Says:

    The Thinking of You card was my favorite of the three. I love the colors and the three spiral flowers. The orange and blue Baby card was another of my favorites. I LOVE that color combo and with me being due with baby #6 in 3 weeks, it got me a little more excited! hehe

  49. Anne Allen Says:

    Jenny thanks for telling me how to get here from facebook I do like the dragonfly card the best I just like how you have it all layed out I hope that I will be able to come back again I hope I’m able to win

  50. Livia Says:

    Of the 3 cards shown at the end of your presentation my favorite was the Dragon Fly card!!! It was more of a feminine girly kinka card that I love, but the others were also very nice!

  51. Christi Conley Says:

    I love the Dragonfly card – I have toms of them!! Thanks & good luck everyone :)

  52. Patti T Says:

    The slider writer wold be very helpful. Love all your cards. I lie te mustache – it is “the” fad right now!

  53. Linda Dyson Says:

    My favorite is the blue/white Thinking of You card.

  54. Robyn Josephs Says:

    The argyle card is my fave

  55. marie sierra Says:

    I love the card with the 3 fireflies! and thank you for helping me understand how to utilize sketches when making cards!
    xox marie

  56. Meranda Says:

    This would make my wedding invites/envelopes so much easier and fancier. 😉

  57. Rebecca Ednie Says:

    I like the one with th dragonflies.

  58. Renee Says:

    I loved the mustache card for the guys and the dragonfly card for the girls. They were all cute renditions off of one theme. Great Work!

  59. Jeniff Sthory Says:

    I like the card with the Dragonflies. thanks for the chance to win.

  60. superstitches Says:

    Loved the second card (the blue one). This looks like a very interesting tool.

  61. Carol McCann Says:

    I loved the Dragonfly card the best!!

  62. Bonnie Says:

    Dragonfly card is awesome… Thanks for the chance!

  63. Jean Bullock Says:

    I like the second card the best (with the blue flowers) but I also liked the first dragonfly one too.

  64. Judy Bock Says:

    Wow, this would be so totally awesome to have. No more crooked pages. A real life saver.

  65. Rebecca Rhoads Says:

    I loved the dragonfly cards and the fact you made the eyes 3-D. I did not know Operation Write Home sent out challenges, so thanks for posting this information.
    And…thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous tool. I love your videos!

  66. Mary Lee Says:

    Love the dragonflies. I love dragonflies; how’d you make ’em?

  67. Shanti Says:

    I loved the one with the dragonflies, it was beautifully put together and I loved the “eyes” and the lace trim.

  68. Karen Kokocki Says:

    The Dragonfly card was my favorite.. Amazing colors

  69. Selma Says:

    My favorite is the dragonfly card. I love how easy it was for you to line up the squares with the SlideWriter Laser Guide.

  70. Lysa Hoffman Says:

    I like the baby card with the punching the best!

  71. Donna Silber Says:

    Love the dragonfly card!!

  72. Kim Pietruszewski Says:

    I guess if I have to pick one it would be the fireflies but they are all great in their own right! This is an amazing tool and would be an awesome item to own!

  73. Ariel Says:

    I liked the one with the double punching, the Birthday card which was last (but hopefully not least!) in the video. Thanks for your tips & advice on the SlideWriter!

  74. Barbara Moore Says:

    I think my favorite is the dragonfly, but I have to say that they are all awesome. I would love to win this and give it a try myself!

  75. Brooke B. Says:

    I love the card with the dragonflies! Super cute and I like that they are in circles.

  76. Robin Says:

    I loved the orange and blue with the dragonflies on it.

  77. Laurie Hunt Says:

    I liked the dragonfly card the best. I really like this tool also!

  78. Dee R Says:

    I like the “Thinking of you” card best.

  79. Shelly Says:

    Being in snowy Michigan, i find myself longing for Spring. The Dragonfly card is a great pick me up on a gray day like today. :)

  80. Angela Says:

    I think I like the dragon fly card the best. I like the simplicity of the card. I do, however, really like the DAD card with the mustache. That one is too fun!

  81. Pamela Jensen Says:

    Love the dragonfly card!!

  82. Nancy D Says:

    Love the dragon fly card! Reminds me of a summers day!

  83. Misty Smith Says:

    I loved the dragonflies. :)

  84. Cynthia F Says:

    I like the dragonfly card, however, I see people using mustaches all over the place these days. Yet, they often look out of place. Instead, that card looks so cute. The D’s look like eyes, the mustache a mouth and the argyle a sweater. So I guess, I think it’s the most original.

  85. Sheri Schmidt Says:

    I liked the dragonfly one. This tool seems bet useful!

  86. Debby Jones Says:

    I love the blue thinking of you card!

  87. Del Marie Riley Says:

    I like the Dad mustache card the best.

  88. Carla Hundley Says:

    Cute cards. Enjoyed seeing all the
    different ways you used the sketch.
    I like the last card the best and
    the ones with the dragonflies.
    Carla from Utah

  89. Debby Jones Says:

    blue thinking of you card

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