CTD 5th Blogaversary Giveaway #1

January 2, 2013



It’s that time of year again- my “blogaversary.” I started my blog 5 years ago on January 6th, 2008. My, how time flies! (And 5 years in the Blogasphere is like, 35 “real” years, right?) So I thought I’d start the celebration off right with a giveaway!

5th Blogaversary Giveaway on CraftTestDummies.com. Ends 2/6/13

I’ve put together FIVE goodie boxes from my recent clean-up/destash. (I made a resolution to spend 10 minutes after each crafting section just cleaning up and its already working. Read my full New Years Resolution post here.)

Each box has….

  • assorted rubber stamps
  • assorted stencils (vinyl and/or brass)
  • embroidery floss
  • paper punches/embossers
  • a mixed bag of cool paper scraps, embellishments, etc
  • and whatever else I could jam in.

I kind of put them together according to a theme- nature (leaves, mostly) butterflies, the seaside, mixed media elegance, and flowers. You can see snippets of what’s in the boxes in the photo collage above.

Want one?

Leave me a comment below letting me know what you might make with the supplies in the box. (Who knows, we might have a secondary contest with the winners of the boxes. It would be a cool craft-off, right??)

I’ll pick a winner in on 2/6/13 at random. I’ll ship to US residents. If you are international and would like a box, that’s cool, too- you just will have to pay the shipping.

Ok, crafty friends- comment away! And thank you so much for 5 awesome years!

PS- have you subscribed to the daily email yet? I’d love it if you did!

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258 Responses to “CTD 5th Blogaversary Giveaway #1”

  1. Cat W Says:

    I have some great projects to work on this year. A whole lot of my stash will be going to make a haunted village for an event in October. If you’ve ever heard of letterboxing, you’ll know what I mean when I say I’ll be hiding even more art inside each little building!

    I also have a goal of stretching myself by keeping an art journal. Tried this last year, but it didn’t take. But it’s still fun, so why not try again!

  2. giveawayjean Says:

    I would take them to school to help the kids make Mother and Father’s day cards.

  3. Dee in NH Says:

    How fun! Congrats on 5 years and I’m looking forward to the next 5 years! I would share with others if I should win.

  4. Wendy Butler Says:

    Greeting cards! They’re always fun to make!

  5. elle Says:

    I’m working with a young gal and we would have some great project starts!

  6. debbie jackson Says:

    how cool…….I would make valentines debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  7. Carrie S. Says:

    I would make cards. I have made a promise to myself that I will not buy any cards this year – I will make every card that I send. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  8. Laura G. Says:

    I’m starting a craft group with the youth at my church. The kids (mostly teens) are pretty excited to make cards and such. This will give a good boost!

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Gloria Westerman Says:

    Oh I know I could make cards, 3D items and my newest adventure…art journey…thank you for the chance…

  10. Toni Leli Says:

    Since I’m a beginner in art journaling, mixed media anything excites me. I received a Gelli Arts Plate for Christmas and I’m playing with it every day. Thanks for the chance to win a goodie box and Happy New Year.

  11. Beth Mithen Says:

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading your blog for several of those years. I would use the gift bag to make cards with my grandsons!

  12. Twyla Says:

    I am planning a party this year for my husbands birthday. It is a wine and food gathering, it will be mostly outdoors. Thank you for all the great work this past year. It means a great deal to people like me on a budget to know what is going to give me a great bang for my buck with craft products.

  13. Joan Smith Says:

    I would use whatever is in my box to scrapbook I think it’s fun to work with many items to create pages. Congrats on 5 years and thanks for an awesome give away and I think it’s cool how you came up with this idea for a give away.

  14. Marilyn H Says:

    I could have a lot of fun making ATCs, Tags, and Cards with the mixed media elegance box.

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!

  15. debb Says:

    Happy Blogaversary! I see lots of goodies in those pictures! I would be busy creating some cards and scrap book pages (always behind!), some mixed media projects and I would get a start on next year’s Christmas presents!

  16. Mary Lee Says:

    Congrats on beginning your 6th year! I have a few ideas I want to try including small decorated envelopes for a gift tree for a baby shower where the mom lives out of state and we want to keep gifts to either online ordering or gift cards.I also want to practice frosted window and iris cards. Got lots of plans!

  17. Nancy D Says:

    Maybe some homemade journals. I’ve really been wanting to make a greeting card keeper. With monthly dividers, so I will never forget a special occasion! If I was really motivated,I would make all the cards for the year ahead too! :)

  18. Lynda Says:

    For me it would be a fun challenge to take those items and make something with them. Thanks for the opp and congrats on your five years!!

  19. domestic diva Says:

    I would make some really cool greeting cards. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Rochelle Darnell Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I work at a recreation center teaching fitness, crafts and games to children as well as adults, mostly senior adults. I would use the craft supplies to do scrapbooking, card making and mixed media art. Crafting really adds a new demention to my groups’ quality of life.

  21. Alice C Says:

    Hsppy Blogaversary! The craft goodies pictured look delightful indeed! I’d begin making cards and pillows and banners for gifting…

  22. Sonia Says:

    I’m thinking mixed media wall hangings!

  23. Pat Says:

    Congrats on your 5 years. I think I would most definitely make encouragement cards and also share with my daughter who is a preschool teacher, thanks for your help and inspirations from different products and also the chance to win.

  24. Becky Says:

    I have just found this site and have found many very useful tips thank you so very much.

  25. Renee Zimmerman Says:

    Happy 5 years of blogging. Time sure does go by. I would love the chance to win. I can make lots of cards. I also can share with my your nieces who are very crafty. Thanks again for the chance to win.

  26. Cindy deRosier Says:

    Congrats on 5 years! I’d use the supplies for scrapbooking and cards, plus any kid’s crafts my son and I can dream up. I promise you any supplies we receive would be put to good use!

  27. SharonDoesBaskets Says:

    CONGRATS on your 5 (er…35) years in the Blogosphere!! 😉 That is pretty impressive! As far as cleaning house…I haven’t had enough time to play with what I have accumulated, so that’s down the road for me, but I can’t get enough of LEAVES — that would be a GREAT box to win! I have all kinds of fall & pumpkin farm photos of my kids that would look great in leaf frames, with leaf borders, etc, plus leaves can be used with flowers for nice elegant pages as well! :) Happy Blogging!! 😀

  28. Meranda Says:

    I would love to use all of these to create items for my upcoming wedding, or to scrap about the wedding — and everything that comes after — once it’s over.

  29. beth martin Says:

    I have a monthly “craft day” with two children in my neighborhood. The time gives their mom a break for a couple of hours and they LOVE it! This giveaway would be perfect for new ideas!

    thank you, Jen!

  30. LinhC Says:

    Congrats on the 5 year anniversary! I would use the materials in the giveaway box to make cards and decorate small gifts for my children’s teachers on a monthly basis as just-because gifts and as we-appreciate-what-you-do-everyday gifts.

  31. Crystal C Says:

    I’d love to win any of them and just the suprise of seeing what all could be made is exciting! I love trying out all different types of crafts.

  32. A Crafty Arab Says:

    Alif Mabrouk (1,000 Congratulations in Arabic!) on 5 years, that really is a fantastic accomplishment. I found out about your giveaway on your twitter. I’d love the butterfly box and would use everything in it to make cards and post the end results on my blog so you can see what I’ve done with your destash!

  33. Shala Says:

    Yay for 5 years! I’d make mini books and bookmarks to start, then whatever else seemed like a good idea.

  34. Jess Musumarra Says:

    Happy 5 years and many many more!! I think I would start off by making some note cards & thank you cards.

  35. MARIA SOTO Says:

    First of all congratulations on your 5th year anniversary. the craft-off contest sounds exciting. If I were to be lucky enough to get a box of goodies, I would probably make some paper jewelry, and some wood frames mod podge with papers and lots of other embellishments for the holidays that will soon be here.

  36. superstitches Says:

    It would be great to win a box of assorted craft supplies. I’d share them with my daughters. My oldest makes mini scrapbooks for her students at the end of the school year and my youngest always has some new and wild idea we have to try.

  37. Wendy Fedan Says:

    I’d actually like to make more art this year! LOVING the idea of mixed media. Planning to do a series of angel mixed-media paintings with lots of doo-dads and dangles. Maybe some paintings of my favorite Saints too. Making a painting now of “Our Lady of Guadelupe” for my Mexican brother-in-law. Planning to have my Etsy Shop filled with art by 2013 Christmas shopping time. You’ll find an example of what I mean in this blog post I made this past year: http://wfedan.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/im-in-this-book-help-me-celebrate/

  38. Anne V Says:

    If I were to win one of these boxes, I would take it to the “school” where I work part-time. Teachers right now have to buy any and all supplies to use for projects. The children are infant to school age range. I have brought in many items already that I have de-stashed or bought at garage sales and thrift stores, but with so many children there is never enough to go around. Most teachers are single moms, and the pay is not great, to say the least, so it really impacts their bottom line when they have to purchase items.

  39. M Says:

    I’d probably make collages, jewelery and/or cards!

  40. Lara Says:

    I would love to win a box. I am really behind on my scrapbooking and if I were to win maybe I could get motivated to do some scrapbooking. CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years. I love all the reviews you do.

  41. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) Says:

    Definitely make cards for OWH!

  42. Marilyn Says:

    If I win a goodie box I would use the contents to add to my card-making materials and share with my daughter who makes goodies for the elememtary
    school classes. Thanks for the offer.

  43. Annie Couture Says:

    This is going to be a big year for me. I have alot of crafty plans in the works. the possibilities are endless with these boxes. I would use what was in the box either in a journal spread or a mixed media project and to work towards one of my many goals.

  44. Victoria Says:

    Congrats on the years of serving us! Your ideas are always appreciated and great!
    If I won a box, I would use it with my grandchildren and crafty friends. We made 25 Christmas cards for our service men and women. We also made cards for the forgotten people who work in our school system: cafeteria workers, assistants, tutors and peer tutors. We made smiles and memories! We would use the box of supplies to further our projects of appreciation cards.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  45. Karie Says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!! What a fun giveaway! I would love to have a day with some friends being crafty and this would have the best supplies for that.

  46. Melody Says:

    One of my New Years resolutions is to make a card a day. (So far so good.) I really am looking forward to this challenge. I also would like to mesh in the idea of as many different styles, techniques and products as I can. This seems like a resolution that will bring me a lot of joy of creativity. Thank you for your five years of craft fun.

  47. Kim Gray Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Keep up the good work.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  48. Sarah Chimblo Says:

    I would definitely use the supplies in my art journals and collage work!

  49. Zan Says:

    Great idea!!!! I would use those things with polymer clay (I teach classes for Seniors) and for making cards (idea for a new class with Seniors!). I could really use the extra supplies for the classes.

  50. Lorianna Says:

    What a great resoloution!!
    I usually make cards for our troops overseas,
    right now making them for Sandy hook
    Thanks so much for the fab giveaway!!

  51. Cindi Says:

    “Happy New Year!” Also, many congratulations on your 5th (35th)
    Blogaversary…All of your kits sound like a lot of fun! I enjoy
    making cards, ornaments, collages and many altered items, like journals.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  52. Andrea Garland Says:

    First of all congrats fir those 5 years like you said it’s like 35 hahaha. Thanks for the chance to win some goddies.

  53. Sarah Kirk Says:

    Happy 5 years!! That’s awesome! And thanks for the chance to win and share in your awesomeness. 😉

    If I won, I would probably make greeting cards. Love them.

  54. Sally Peters Says:

    It would be fun to see what materials you work with. I’m always looking for new ideas.
    Happy Anniversary!

  55. NWFlamingo Says:

    Five years! Seems like yesterday. WooHoo! I would most likely make cards, but if the spirit moves me I may work on Scrapbooking my pile of pictures. Or … Who knows?!!!

  56. Gail Dougherty Says:

    Like that idea of taking 10 minutes to clean up after a project. Will have to put more effort into doing that. Congratulations on 5 years!! Your projects have been very helpful on deciding if an item would be useful to me.

    If I win one of your boxes I would put it to good use on my cards as I have birthdays coming real quick and really need to work on some of my scrapbooks as I am way behind on them.

  57. Mary Jaminski Says:

    Happy Blogaversary!! Congratulations on 5 years of sharing and inspiring others! I have several naked canvases that would love some attention with a fun box of mixed media goodies! And of course I would share some of my new found stash with my sister! Happy Day to you! Mary – http://irongatestamps.blogspot.com/

  58. Mary Ann T. Says:

    Cngratulations on your blog’s 5th Anniversary and best wishes for many more years to come. If I win one of the kits, I’d like to make some cards to distribute to a local nursing home–so residents can give or send cards to their friends or families. I’ll include “forever” postage so there’s no cost to the residents to mail their cards.

  59. kathsclan Says:

    Congrats on 5 years. That is great. This give Away packag sounds like just what I need to make some beautiful cards. My sisters-in-law got me started and I am always ooking for new suppies to make more. I feel like a homemade card lets pople know you care.

  60. Rebecca Bodine Says:

    Oh my, what fun! 1 of my goals this year is to make 10 card sets (6 each) by the end of June to sell at my reflexology business. So cards would come first. I also do themed collages, so I would also use these supplies for collages.
    Thank you – surprize boxes are so much fun!

  61. Winnie Says:

    Congrats on 5 years! I am a new blogger, not quite a year so I am in awe! If I won one of your boxes, I would use the goodies in my card making. One thing I like to do is have the nieces and nephews over to do projects as well, so some of the supplies would be used with them as well. Continue what you are doing, it is great!

  62. Caroline D. Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years!! Love your blog! If I was lucky to win one of the goody boxes, I’d use it for card making or even maybe alter something…

  63. julie m Says:

    Happy Blogaversary! I like to spend the limited time I have and just play with whatever is around. Would probably use the supplies to make collages/journal pages and some cards. I am brand new to journaling, so having a new influx of supplies would be exciting.

  64. crafty girl Says:

    I’d use the supplies to make greeting cards. One of my resolutions this year is to make handmade birthday cards. Thanks!

  65. Juliann aka The Sick Chick Says:

    I have been to oceans on three continents in the last five years but have yet to do anything with the stuff I have collected, so the seaside themed box would be a big help! I want to do travel journals, shadowboxes and even jewelry :)

  66. Pamela Jensen Says:

    Congrats on 5 years! Amazing how quickly it can go. I’m a crafter at heart, but I love working with Polymer Clay, and rubber stamps are great for clay projects. I enjoy making ATC’s and other multi-media pieces and collages. Oh,and cards..I love to make cards for all occasions,(you never know when you’ll need a card.) Thanks for de-stashing! I’ll have to do the same and pay it forward!

  67. Beckie Vanderpool Says:

    I would give it to the lady above who has a crafting session with a youth group at her church! What an amazing thing to do!

  68. Julie Hulver Says:

    What a great giveaway! My daughter and I have been on a card-making kick so we’d probably make cards.

  69. Norma K, Says:

    I would begin my mounds and mounds of scrap booking family albums and of course my greeting cards for family and friends. I’m always looking for new and exciting things to do for family.

  70. Leslie K Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!! One of my resolutions was to get back into making my own cards again. It was a great stress reliever and it means so much more to people when I give them a handmade card.

  71. janet Says:

    Hapy New Year! Congrats on 5 years blogging. I enjoy receiving your emails, and look forward to hearing what’s new. If I was lucky to win a box I would do some paper jewelry and other crafts. I am sure looking through the box would just kick start my imagination.
    Thank you!

  72. Louise Says:

    Wow 5 Years and I discovered it only a few weeks ago! Congrats!

  73. heather Says:

    I would love to win this for myself there are so many things to make for my military friends who are away from home. I would also like to win for my mother as she loves making cards for family and friends. There are so many possibilities.

  74. Sue Says:

    A Give-Away! Yeah! And Happy Anniversary. What could these supplies be used for. Projects for the children at our VBS this summer. I keep my 2 grandsons who are very creative. We make crafts everyday, even if it is just free-handed Super Hero masks. I’m also tryng glass etching this year. The stencils, shapes (leaves, etc.), vinyls would be wonderful for that. I’m sure whoever the 5 winners are, the products will be put to great use and jump-start the creative processes. Thank you for offering them to all of us.

  75. Ann in PA Says:

    Would love to make some mixed media canvases. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Vanessa Says:

    I’m new to crafting and would be delighted to use these supplies to make cards for family and friends. Thanks for offering these and here’s to 5 more years!

  77. Chris R Says:

    I’d make cards, scrapbook pages, home decor… depends on what inspiration I would get from whats in the box. : ) Would be super fun to find out and I’d be up for the “craft-off.” Thanks for the chance to win and happy blogaversary!

  78. Judy Hodges Says:

    I love to make cards. My daughter works for a non-profit and she uses my cards for her clients. I’d make cards for her to use if I won the one of the craft boxes. Thanks.

  79. Jen H Says:

    Happy blogiversary! I’m currently exploring mixed media art journaling…a box of these goodies would certainly rev up my exploration!

  80. Carmen Lucero Says:

    Gosh Jenny, I would make something crafty, of course!! I’m working on mixed media canvases and starting a journal and filling it up with the results of my online classes!!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen Lucero

  81. Barbara Leffeler Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! I love your daily e-mails. Love to read your reviews of products new and old. Please keep up the great work for all us crafters.

  82. Julie Piggott Says:

    Looks and sounds like some great crafting materials. I am not sure where I would start. I think I would like to make up some books of Family History for my grandchildren. I would use photo’s, and family tree information and make it a bit more fun with some of these items.
    Congratulations on your anniversary of 5 years, that is a huge milestone in the blogging and social networking world. Well done, I love to see the new gadgets that you test for us and explain so clearly what we could use them for. This makes like easier for us readers that are overseas and don’t have some of these products in our reach. Thanks again. Best wishes for more anniversaries. Cheers, Julie.

  83. Renee J. Says:

    Happy Blogaversary, Jenny! Thanks for sharing all the fun.

    I would love to make some cards for sure….hmmm, I think I would like to make a mini-album, too!!

    Thanks, too, for always thinking of us!!

  84. Shelli Says:

    Yay 5 years. Congrats! I make cards, mini albums, and mixed media projects. I’m sure there would be something I could use in the box of goodies. Thanks for the chance.

  85. calamityjane Says:

    Happy 5 years in Blogville!!! I’m both a card maker and scrapper so I find a use for things. I also resolved to your 10 minute cleaning motto and am happy to say it’s working for me too! That being said, I have room for new-to-me supplies! Thanks for sharing!!! I can’t wait to see what comes up this year!

  86. Lisaj Says:

    Congrats on your milestone! Wishing you great year ahead!

  87. Pat laCourse Says:

    I’m taking part in an ongoing project to supply cards to and for our troops. The things in the box would be a wonderful compliment to my supplies for those cards.

  88. Bonnie Says:

    I am a card maker like so many here… I also have a little itty bitty art club going with my family and I love to make little arty things and mail them out to them..thanks for the fun and happy blogaversary!

  89. diana Says:

    I’d love the supplies…I’m in the process of creating a memoir of the last year(year and a half really…) of my life in multiple media…I lost nearly 150 pounds, was temporarily blinded, spent many months in the hospital and rehab and nearly a year in a wheelchair. Still don’t have full retrieval of my memories. I lost the job I loved and a few family members and friends…it’s been difficult to adapt to my new life with Woernicke’s Encephalopathy…(basically from the knee and elbow out, my body is pins & needles…no normal nerves & feeling…) but I’ve never felt more blessed or loved by my family, my friends & my church. I have a wonderful support system that includes my son & husband, whose love continues to blow me away. Thank you for being so generous and kind. Whomever wins the items will be truly blessed. I believe strongly in freecycling, as we have become too much of a disposable society…

  90. miriam Says:

    i have this pile of projects waiting to be completed plus i have countless ideas in my head! and the web is a great place to look for inspiration and tamptation- ctd included!

  91. Jen Clark Says:

    Well it depends on what’s in the box! 😉 I’ve been wanting to get some tags made to have on hand to use as greeting cards/thank you cards/etc…so I could use it for that Then I could use some of the stuff in beeswax collage. And still other [ [kok[

  92. Kristi - CbK Says:

    Would love to go through the box and make whatever ideas s=come to mind. But would start planing some seriously gorgeous necklace pendents, and back up cards.

  93. Mary Jo Says:

    My granddaughter will be graduating in the spring so I will be making lots of graduation cook-out invitations, favors and what ever decorations we can think of! I am also making her a quilt to celebrate, but shhhhh….she doesn’t know!!

  94. ana_karenm Says:

    your Monster bookmarks are so adorable, so maybe more of those and some other things.

  95. Cat Graves Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years and thank you for doing what you do!! I have been doing canvases lately but really need to get back to my journal. I would use the prize pack to jump-start my art journaling.

  96. Alesha Says:

    If I won I would take time to make cards for all the quilting projects that I give away.

  97. Alena Tenreiro Says:

    Congratulations on your 5th Year! Thank you very much for all what you do. I actually just saw you on Scrapbook Soup the other night when I was watching a recorded version of it on our DVR. You are awesome. Thanks for the great give-away. If I win it I will make few projects with it from cards to mixed media wood frames or wall arts. THANK YOU AGAIN, a toast for next years ahead!

  98. Lynn B. Says:

    Congratulations on 5 years! I love what you do and rely on your reviews of products to guide my purchases quite often. I have been doing some altered books lately and might use some of the items for that. Usually I just make cards, so that would be more probable.

  99. Suzanne K. Says:

    How awesome is 5 years!! Congratulations!! I watch all you videos and I have learned so much – thank you!!

  100. Denise Parcells Says:

    Not sure off the bat a specific item I would make, but it would most likely be a layout. We have our second boy due very soon and while I haven’t done much scrapping lately (mostly been doing cards), once we get settled into a routine with our 2 year old and the new addition, I’ll be trying to keep up with all the milestones again!

  101. Denise Benedict Says:

    I would do some amazing collages with the new scrap paper, rubber stamps and whatever else I could include. I would be thrilled to pieces to compete in a mystery box craft off. Such a cool idea!

  102. Sarah E. White Says:

    I so do not need more stuff, but who can resist? I’m getting into art journaling and more card making/scrapbooking type stuff this year, so I’d probably use it in that vein. Thanks for sharing all your insights with us over the years!

  103. Carmen Lucero Says:

    Hi Jenny, I too am cleaning up after each crafting session – just need to make sure I put every thing back where it belongs. I’m so happy for you – time does fly – five years!! woo hoo!

    Thanks for the chance aat some craftiness!


    Carmen L

    cal8007 at aol dot com

  104. Linda K Says:

    Congrats on your 5 years! I just found you on You tube a couple weeks ago, and keep going back to watch your videos. I would use on of your grab bags for not only card making and scrapbooking, but also for making some gifts for my neighbors and friends and teaching my granddaughters more about crafting.

    Thanks so most for the chance to win.

  105. Sue Says:

    I’ve just discovered the large and happy world of scrapbooking, crafting and card making; I’m so in Love, but my credit card is burnt out. It’s obsessed.

  106. Linda McFadden Says:

    There are so many supplies it is hard to name one particular project. However, I will be earnestly working on scrapbooks for my grandsons, so these would add a great amount of detail. Thanks.

  107. marybeth i Says:

    I would love to make cards – this is so generous of you. Congrats on 5 years and thanks for the giveaay.

  108. Priscilla Benavides Says:

    I would use them to add some craftyness to the decorations I have for my baby shower!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  109. L Smoke Says:

    I would make greeting cards, do some art journaling and some mixed media art with the goodies. Happy Anniversary To You!!!

  110. Jody S Says:

    I would make signs and price tags for my craft business

  111. Del Marie Riley Says:

    I like embossing so the stencils/plates would be great. I would also try to use some of the embellishments to make my own block stamps with. I’d make cards, stationary, envelopes, homemade journals, paper piercing with the floss…. So many ideas floating around in my head. Happy Blogiversary and thank you for the giveaway.

  112. Noreen Says:

    Happy 5th Blogaversary! With one of these craft boxes, I would jump right into starting gifts for family and friends for Christmas! I see lots of interesting goodies in those boxes! Some of the new products that look especially intriguing are the Mod Podge Melts Molds, the new E6000 glue (hope it’s easier to use and less stinky!), and all the new Tim Holtz releases. And there are so many other wonderful new ideas… I just HAVE to have some of these things! Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. Barb Ghigliotty Says:

    So much crafty goodness in those boxes! If I won, I would make cards, cards, and more cards…can’t have too much when I’m trying to meet my personal goals with OWH. Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  114. Bonnie Says:

    I love making cards and tags… so I am sure that’s what I would do FIRST..:)

  115. Renee Says:

    I would use the items to make all kinds of craft projects with my 4 year old Granddaughter!

  116. Stacy Says:

    I’d make a birthday card with them. Thank you!

  117. Amanda Says:

    I want to do some fabric stamping.

  118. Monica Higgins Says:

    I am really in need of making a good supply of cards, so I would most likely use it to make some cards!!

  119. superstitches Says:

    Of course, I’d share them with my daughters. Right now I’m in to making some 3d paper crafts.

  120. Veridana Says:

    Happy 5th anniversary.well if i win one of the boxes i will mainly make junk journals and minis.And i might make some cards and layouts too.tHANKS

  121. Jillian Smith Says:

    I would make small gifts for Easter as well as helping out with a family member’s upcoming baby shower!

  122. Desiree Says:

    Well, I would most likely make some valentines cards, but I would try to use as much as I could to make some jewelry and hair clip centers…which is what I focus on the most. Thanks for this opportunity and happy anniversary, I love your site!!

  123. Deena Says:

    I would make fabulous cards, decorated bags & boxes and wrappers for my handcrafted soap!

  124. Lisa Fulmer Says:

    I’ll share with my local ATC group, a couple of whom are elementary school teachers and they’re always on the lookout for extra craft supplies for their classrooms. Plus we’ll use some of the stuff to make our cards to swap! Thanks for the opp!

  125. Jackie Clark Says:

    Bring it on! I am always ready to craft. More, and More, and More. I have just started my own small business. Love it all, my hands are always busy, busy,busy……..

  126. Scrappyrat Says:

    I think I’d use it to finish some of the 5 kajillion half-finished projects in my scrap room, from shadowboxes, to albums, to dioramas, etc. :)

  127. Heather Says:

    Would love to make some cards – or if I won some seaside-themed items, I would use them to embellish the Fl Keys-themed big boy room I am creating for my son!

  128. Jenni Malcomb Says:

    Wow..happy blogaverary. I am thinking of working on some smash/journalling books and some card with the awesome items I seem I live in NY and my daughter is in CA and we like to exchange cards and other items. so I think this would be a cool way to do it!

  129. Cindy Jacobs Says:

    I’ve got the craftiest 6 1/2 year old granddaughter I’ve ever met up with, and I would get her ideas on what we could create, and then maybe have a play day with a few of her friends! Wow, that would be soooo fun!

  130. Jimmie Bright Says:

    Just love to win. But have learn a lot form y’all. Thanks

  131. Jimmie Bright Says:

    The package with the summer theam is great. Took all my kids and grandkids to the ocean 1 year ago. Still need to scrapbook all the picture. The grandkids grow up so fast. Need to hurry

  132. Susan Miller Says:

    Hi, I love your site. I am at home disabled right now with a spinal cord tumor. I am keeping my spirits up by crafting away . I am an unusual crafter as I do it all. I crochet, scrapbook, do a lot of stamping, sew clothes, quilt, embroider,cross stitch,decoupage,florals, general crafts etc. etc. I am just designing a new craft room and it is hard to do with so many crafts. I have designated half of the room sewing, it has my sewing machine, and serger, than in on the wall nest to it I have a large cutting table and mat.Its in a L shape. The other side, I have a beautiful craft table, which I use for my other crafts, like scrapbooking,card making and decoupage,stamping etc. To crochet or embroider I just comfy up in the bed or chair. Some days I am too exhausted to craft, but when I can I would love these supplies. One of my big projects is getting all of our family photos into albums for my three daughters.I also yearly write them a letter and put it in the safe, just in case. I tell them how much they mean to me, I give advice for the next stage of their life. I think all mothers should do this and I wish I started this before I got sick. it shouldn’t take a major illness to remind us of these things. So anyway I would love to win. I hope whoever does win, have a wonderful time crafting. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to tell your family and friends not just how much you love them, but that you appreciate them and all they do for you.

  133. Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space Says:

    My boys are getting ready for a fundraiser auction at their school, so I’d love to make something fun to donate (maybe a greeting card set) to their classroom baskets.

  134. Deborah Says:

    Happy Blogiversary! I would make Thank You cards for my customers. I have an shop on Etsy.

    Michigan Address Ready

    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  135. Cynthia Keogh Says:

    Wow 5 years! Congratulations! I would use them on my layouts and cards. I see some realy nice stamps. My sons and I could do a ton of fun things with these and put the results in their scrapbooks.

  136. Betsy Says:

    I see all kinds of things that would go with polymer clay — almost everything does, after all! I’d love to get my year off to a great start with new inspiration!

  137. Margie Hunter Says:

    My mind went straight to greeting cards first, but I’ve never tried decoupage, and I think this could be the year! I ‘d bet there’s something in these boxes that would inspire me to try it.

  138. Robyn josephs Says:

    I’m sure to make some cards, ATC’s and something home decor-ish!

  139. Belara Says:

    Stamps…..yes! I love stamps! Cards are my favorite thing to make for friends and relatives. I’m sure I could find a use for everything! Thank you!
    Happy 5th Blogiversary!

  140. kim hatchie Says:

    So many ways! Wonderful cards, fantastic scrapbook pages, awesome wall banners, and so much more! Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

  141. JeanB Says:

    I would use the goodies to make Mother and Father’s Day cards with my students.

  142. Macy Says:

    So many possibilities! I’d make cards, journal covers, and minis with the supplies. Congratulations on 5 years and continued success!

  143. Kathie Says:

    I’m finding that I really like the little homemade signs, I could embellish my little signs, I don’t really know which direction I am heading just yet, but adding some goodies from you would definitely start my new career off to a GREAT start!

  144. Itirms Says:

    Would love to have all those goodies:)

  145. Jenn Says:

    What an amazing gift!! All those lovely products would really look great in my newest art journal! I only have three pages/layouts done and I am itching to get it filled =)


  146. Karen Rose Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!! =) I would be using all of that wonderfulness to create these mixed media can art that I’m working on! It owuld be really fun to have some new stuff! =)

  147. amanda merchant Says:

    congrats on 5 yrs. I would use the materials to make some unique headbands, hairclips, and maybe incorporate into jewelry

  148. Irasema R. Says:

    I’m new to crafting so I would be building up my own stash of supplies. Congratulations on your five years and thank you for sharing with us!

  149. marie sierra Says:

    i would make YOU a set of cards!! cauise i want to do something nice for you and all the great things you all do to keep us up to date about all things craf-T!!!
    xoxoxo marie

  150. Alisha Says:

    Cards, scrapbooking pages and embellish shadow boxes.
    Happy Blogaversary!!

  151. Veralynne Malone Says:

    I am new to blogging and am very, crafty. Would love to win any goodie crafty bag of supplies.

  152. Deanna Shepheard Says:

    I have twin grand babies coming and would like to create their baby books

  153. Kaymie Says:

    May get back into stamping…the prizes look amazing!

  154. Jennifer Turner Says:

    if i won, the whole box would go to my daughter. She is 7 and just started paper crafts/card making

  155. Gina Sandoval Says:

    Love trying out new crafty projects! Would love to crafty something with my crafting girls with this goodie box!

  156. Amy#8546(TheTigersHaven) Says:

    Oh…..I would love to win one of these prize packs. I really am more inspired by the butterflies. If I won them, I would most likely make really pretty cards with them and I am also trying my hand at working with canvas’s. more mixed media and I think these would be perfect for them. Thanks so much for the chance to win one.

  157. Tonya Says:

    My kids love crafts with this kind of stuff. I was also wanting to get stamps for the scrapbooks I’m about to start on :)

  158. Erin Says:

    hmm…mixed media canvas would be fun. So would some cards for my husband’s birthday. Thanks for a wonderful chance to win. Congratulations on five years! :)

  159. Sharon Reeves Says:

    Without a doubt I would be making the most incredible greeting cards ever!

  160. Juile E. Says:

    Oh, a bunch of cards would be great item to make.. 😀

  161. Lisa Bell Says:

    Hi all,
    My sweet grand gals and I would love to create greeting cards and projects for their classes to also enjoy making crafts. We need to keep the young ones going on the traditions of crafting.Lately, the gals love to use lots of colors and stamp designs to make 3d projects and embelish with lots of glitter. We are also getting ready to craft all of the gals valentines…I cannot wait to see what they can do. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize package.

  162. Julie Gregson Says:

    I would make some home decor wall items…3D and some gifts! Always looking to make others happy.

  163. Kasey Coots Says:

    With these supplies I would make all the birthday, anniversary, and what ever other holiday cards for the whole year!!! I love paper crafting!

  164. Sharon Gullikson Says:

    I would make some cards, like Valentine cards…


    I’ve started laying out the pages of my very first scrapbook — a compilation of my loose wedding photos taken 25 years ago (silver this year!!!) If I win one box from you, I’m sure it will be put to good use for my first scrapbook :-)

  166. Mary Lee Says:

    Goodness, do I just leave an email to enter?? I am there. Love CTD et al. Boy, do I wish I could go to CHA. On the other hand, I’d WANT it all!!

  167. Laurie R. Says:

    I’m thinking cards. and maybe some elements in my project life book. I am trying to do that this year for the first time.

  168. Judy Brenner Says:

    My daughter and I are into a lot of different crafts, but our favorite is scrapbooking. There are so many things that you can use to embellish pages with. Any of the items you have listed in the giveaway would be great for this!

  169. Carol Says:

    I would make greeting cards and do some more scrapbooking for my family. Would love to win anyone of the boxes. Thanks for the chance.

  170. Peggy D Ferguson Says:

    I think I will try to make cards and maybe do some quilling on them. I can’t wait. Hope I win.

  171. Vicki Kleutgehen Says:

    I’d love this box of goodies to make a special learning book for my grandson. With the different stamps, fabric, floor, etc, the book would be filled with fun things to help his little 15 month old braind develop.

  172. AbbyK Says:

    I would make tags and labels for my crafty stuff. TY!!!

  173. Smokie Says:

    Thank you for all you do here. I just found your site last year and it has helped me a lot. I would like my crafts to enhance my quality of life. It’s my outlet. I can’t say what I will make if I win, only what I would like to create. Right now, I’m looking forward to card making and mixed media artwork. Congratulations on year five and I will be here for many more.

  174. Evert Says:

    I finished binding a simple journal with Coptic Binding this weekend and would use the set to make a journal/smash book with it!

  175. Cindy Jane Says:

    Congrats on 5 years!!! I’m new to all this blogging stuff but hope to jump in with both feet. In trying to decide which box, I had thoughts of the beach, which I love dearly. The other choice are the butterflies. To me they represent summmer and being in the midwest in the freezing cold and snow…I have visions of butterflies I would like to share in my card and craft making. Again, congrats and may there be many more.

  176. kate maston Says:

    I would use them for some of the turning old toys to new art project. I have some children toy guitars that I am redecorating and the more stash the better off I am.

  177. Kim H Says:

    I just had a baby girl, so all my scapbooking is about her now LOL but we do a vegetable and flower garden every year so Im sure we will get alot of outside pics and could definitely use a fewof the things I might win. thanks for the chance, and happy blogaversary.

  178. Michelle Says:

    I would make cards, tags, and page layouts. Thanks for the chance to win

  179. JulianaT Says:

    I would make some awesome cards with these!

  180. Jennifer Says:

    Cards and gifts!!!

  181. Lynda Says:

    Happy anniversary!!! I enjoy your blog a lot!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  182. angie ciszak Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I just got engaged so I would use it to finish my scrapbook to share at our wedding. I also love making cards so it would be great for that too. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  183. Trudy Says:

    Congrats on 5 years. I would make gifts for family and dear friends. I love letting them know how much they mean to me. And from the feedback; they enjoy getting the reminders. Makes my day.

  184. Penny Kitzmiller Says:

    I make cards and scrapbook too. I love crafting with my 3yr old grandson and he loves it too. This is a very nice giveaway

  185. Judy Estrada Says:

    This would be AWESOME to win a surprise. I would make plenty of stuff! I enjoy a variety of crafts. I love making cards & items for the trays in the retirement home. They enjoy receiving them as well!

  186. Connie Says:


    That is a lot of product! I would share with my SU group…we make cards and other crafting projects. How exciting it would be just to play! Thanks.

  187. Juli Says:

    I’ve got a birthday party to plan/decorate/bake/make so I’m hoping to make it with whatever’s in the box. She’s going to be 10 so it just has to be fabulous!!! Xoxo

  188. Paulette Akagi Says:

    I do lots of swaps with my internet friends and also make cards for friends. Would love some new supplies.

  189. laura d Says:

    id like to make some greeting cards with all these awesome goodies!

  190. lorrie Says:

    I want to make memory boxes

  191. Regina Furman Says:

    Let’s see…I’d start with cards, of course, move on to magnets, bookmarks, mobiles, shadow boxes…..Oh me, Oh my…I’d gladly give it all a try!!

  192. Teresa Chalk Says:

    This would be great to take for me to take volunteering at the homeless shelterto keep little hands busy.

  193. Rhonda Parrish Says:

    Would share with my daughter’s Pre-K class. I love to see what types of crafts they come up with. Some of them have really unique ideas and are very creative. There are a lot of items in this package that they would love to experiment with and be able to take home and share with their parents.

  194. Deb Says:

    Oh my, so much great stuff! I’d make cards for sure and I also do scrapbooking…the real kind where you need craft items…not digital. Thanks for the chance.

  195. Sheila Ferreri Says:

    Would love to win these goodies! Not sure what I’ll CREATE

  196. Sheila Ferreri Says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Not sure what I’ll CREATE yet, but looking forward to it!

  197. Dotti Says:

    I would use the items in the give away box to make items to donate for fundraising at our local Animal Shelter. We are a rural community with little funds to support our shelter, so we have sale tables at local events to raise funds.

  198. debbie Says:

    I would love to get a box and play around w/ the paper scraps & embellishments. sometimes the BEST scraps to use are ones that others have put together! also, the embellishments aisle can get quite intimidating… this way, i can start with something that’s there for me and branch out. happy blogaversary! i hope one day i can celebrate my blog life this way!

  199. Fran McGee Says:

    I would love to have any of the boxes. I would make cards, and use the rubber stamps to impress images into the clay. Everything would be great for my mixed media work.

  200. Francisca S Says:

    I’d use the supplies to make homemade cards!

  201. Donna O'Neil Says:

    I would make some party favors and scrapbook pages.

  202. sarina coffin Says:

    I would love to finally finish the large collage wall I am making for my dining room. I have the entire wall to finish with all sorts of frames with pictures in some and just art pieces in others.

  203. Sarah H Says:

    I would make Word Art & Cards out of the items in the box.

  204. Linda Lewis Says:

    The stamps and stencils would be wonderful additions to my quilling supplies as would the embellishments!

  205. Stephanie Jennings Says:

    I would make some spring cards for my family and friends

  206. Yvonne Brookes Says:

    I have made a pact not to buy a card this year but to make them all, great idea but I have no supplies at all for this. Quilting, sewing and cross stitch are what I do for now and I have so many supplies for those I cannot imagine what I will need to start making cards. This box looks like a great start for me, even if I have to pay for international postage :)

  207. Sandra Says:

    I would make my daughters Birthday invitations

  208. Wendy Dente Says:

    CARDS CARDS CARDS!!! I always make a New Year’s Resolution to only make cards, and then by around the time March rolls around which is our heaviest birthday/anniversary month by far I totally slack off. :( I would also use items for scrapbooking, love love love to make scrapbook gifts for my mom and mom-in-love for Christmas. :)

  209. Terri Turner Says:

    My sister and I craft just about every Saturday. We would make cards, scrapbook pages and/or ATC’s with the goodies. We would have a blast together creating. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone!!

  210. lawana whaley Says:

    am working on redoing and organizing my sewing /craft room and I can see lots and lots for storage boxes and baskets that these would be fabulous help to make them “mine”

  211. Marjorie Mierzwak Says:

    Oooo I want to make so many things its hard to figure out what’s first. Don’t have much experience with stamping think that’s what I’m excited to try! Thanks for the chance to win!

  212. April Federer Says:

    I love to do all sorts of crafts. I would do som scrapbooking.

  213. Peggy D Ferguson Says:

    I love her vintage things and she has alot of great ideas. love it..

  214. debbie callaway Says:

    I would make greeting cards –

  215. Lianne Coates Says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful selection of goodies! Now that I’m retired, my grandkids & there friends come over a lot. We create some wonderful things!

  216. Sadie Says:

    I would make some birthday cards.

  217. Mandi Says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! I would make paper houses with glitter. I love paper houses.

  218. Culleen Mandigo Says:

    scrapbook pages, kids crafts, cards, endless possibilities. I love dabbling in all kinds of crafts so one of these goodie boxes would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity!

  219. Trudy Says:

    I’ll be very grateful; then I’ll just start crafting and as usual will have wonderful gifts for my family and close friends. I love doing that. In advance, thank you for having this contest.

  220. Wanda Lanzetta Says:

    I love using stamps and some of those would be great in my current scrapbook of my trip to the Bahama’s and butterfly conservatory.

  221. Michelle Navin Says:

    I love crafting one-of-a-kind things for my children and grandchildren for special days. My boys like to craft with me so anything would be great to help craft those rainy days away!

  222. Lisa C Says:

    Where to start? So many great ideas rolling around my head! I’m working on a project for gifts for new military moms and babies…learning card making…making diaper cakes. A box of goodies would be a HUGE start!

  223. karen r. Says:

    oh, there are so many things to do with all that crafting supplies. Cards, gifts and making crafts with my daughter.

  224. kim klapperich Says:

    So I upcycle furniture and could use several of these item for embellishments. How exciting!

  225. michelle duchene Says:

    I would definently share , we have a brand new generation old enough to learn how to scrapbook and make cards, I think it is important to keep the next generation going, understanding why it is not a waste of time, and have the quality time together having fun

  226. Sharon DiAmore Says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary! I would make cards so I don’t have to buy the expensive store-bought ones for friends and family. And any beach-themed supplies would go to use in scrapbooking for my surfer son.

  227. Dana Says:

    I would make an altered art projecy , probably a book, maybe a pacture frame too!!

  228. Makenna Says:

    Oh, how awesome! I am a middle school art teacher, so these goodies would really come in handy! Buuuut, I’d definitely keep a little bit to myself :)

  229. Renee Drew Says:

    I would love to win some goodies and could get some new creativity in my card-making with new stuff!

  230. Laura Says:

    Congratulations on your five year mile stone!
    I am learning all kinds of new crafts this year and dedicating some me crafty time.

  231. sandy Says:

    I’d like to try my hand at custom card making.

  232. Cheryl L Says:

    I would love to make some cards and also some type of smash book/journal.

  233. Sharon Fong Says:

    I see tons and tons of greeting cards … and minis too.

    Thanks for a chance to win the drawing.

  234. Colleen Hudson Says:

    I’ll make Note Cards with the winnings!

  235. Jen Erfley Says:

    My daughters and I love to make art on canvas with various things and would love to make some really cool pieces with the box goodies!

  236. Katrina Cole Says:

    I am just getting back into card making and the stamps and embellishments would be wonderful to have. I have not had the time to do much crafting lately and am so excited that my schedule has cleared some and I will now have some ME time. I can also use these items in the scrapbook I am doing for my mom and dad who passed away May 2010 and February 2011 respectively. Thanks for the chance. And now that I have found your blog, I will be back quite often!

  237. Amanda L Says:

    It looks like there are great products to create my girls some jewelry boxes for their teacher for end of school year celebrations. I think my girls would probably steal most of the supplies from me for their get well cards and postcards, that’s ok thou as long as they are creative

  238. Denise underwood Says:

    All look great. Haven’t tried rubber stamps yet would be a nice way to start

  239. Renee Says:

    I’ll be making gifts for all my family for Christmas!

  240. LisaGWT Says:

    I’m working on creating heritage albums so I can always use new things!!

  241. Christine Beasley Says:

    I do all kinds of crafting but have concentrated on cards and scrapbooking recently. Cards are also one of the projects we work on for Missions in my church missions group.

  242. Leslie Congrove Says:

    I am a cardmaker, but this is the year I am hoping to start scrapbooking. Just got a BIGKick and need some dies, but I can always use various supplies and tools. Who couldn’t? Happy 5th Blogaversary! Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for sharing!

  243. Lillian Duxbury Says:

    This would be so great for our Art and Craft group……..and yes I will pay shipping.

  244. charlen Says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway.. I love all crafts and my mind is always spinning. I love to sew, craft, and redo things. There are so many possibilities of things to come with winning this contest. Thanks for the chance to win.

  245. Gina Shillitani Says:

    I’d make some entries for my Book of Days project or my Life Book project, for sure!

  246. Denise McCaskill Says:

    I would love to make some homemade cards, gift tags, etc… Thanks!! :)

  247. lillian duxbury Says:

    It’s my birthday and this would be a GREAT gift…..

  248. Emily H Says:

    Wow! Congrats on five years of blogging! That is amazing!! You have such an awesome blog too!!

  249. Jennyfer l Says:

    I would make cards for the Sick Kids hospital and since Valentine is around the corner, I would give handmade gifts to the teacher and classmates.

  250. Jean Bullock Says:

    I would bring it to my classroom for my students to use on their Mother and Father’s day cards.

  251. Cindy Ho Says:

    I’m an papercrafter so lots of cards. I’d like to try stamping again. Those stamps look nice!

  252. Miranda Says:

    These would be great with little kids! My niece would love these—probably the seaside or flowers best, but we would have SO much fun!

  253. Rebecca Ednie Says:

    I specialize in making cards so that’s what I’d do with the box of goodies.

  254. Carmen Says:

    I see lots of products that would be great for making cards. But I would also have fun crafting with my little one too!

  255. Deb Fagnant Says:

    I would use these supplies to make some cards. Kinda on a butterfly kick at the moment, so that collection would be cool

  256. Mara Weber Says:

    I am helping to plan 1st birthday for my husbands niece (long story :) )
    We are doing an ocean theme.. So there are SO many things I could do with the seaside box… I am planning on making cards shaped like clownfish, decorations of sandollars and anemones… Still in planning stages but this would definitely spur my creativity to help my mother/father in law with this party!!


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