Fun Shrink Plastic Rings from CraftStylish

October 13, 2008

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Shrink Plastic Rings I have been known to enjoy the Shrinky-Dink goodness, so I was excited to see this project from CraftStylish bringing a new, fresh, and slightly more “mature” look to the craft.

The cool frosted “beach glass” look is achieved by using Shrinky Dinks “Frosted Ruff ‘n’Ready” brand of shrink plastic.  Step-by-step directions are included on the site, but the gist is to stamp your plastic, shrink it in the oven, and then carefully pick it up with tongs and wrap it around a form- like a lip balm tube, marker, etc. (Whatever is closest to the size of your finger.)

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, it would be cool to make these with little skulls, bats, or pumpkin stamps.

And if you made a larger version, wouldn’t they be cool napkin rings? Just a thought. Happy shrinking!

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2 Responses to “Fun Shrink Plastic Rings from CraftStylish”

  1. Rachel "Nyc" Says:

    Arrrgh that’s just far too cool.

    Sometimes I think people are mining all the cool and leaving none for me to discover!

  2. Melody Says:

    This is way more cool than what I was looking for! Thanx!

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