CraftTestDummies at Martha Stewart Craft Week- Part 2

October 3, 2011

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(Read Part One of my adventure here, if you’ve missed it!)

So Monday, October 3rd was the big day- the day I got to go to the Martha Stewart Show as a “featured audience member!” They invited some of us crafty bloggers to come and blog/facebook/tweet live from the show.

Haley- my “plus-one” for this event- was already in line, wearing a hand-made rolled fabric hair clip and this AMAZING necklace designed by Vicki O Dell. (Haley commissioned Vicki to make it for her to wear to the Emmy’s.) It looked amazing!

So we shuffled in, checked our coats, and headed to the small waiting area where all the crafty bloggers were sitting. Immediately I ran into Simone Collins of FaveCrafts,- she and I had been on the show together before in March.

After we got situated on the set, we got to take a tour- so here are my on-set photos for you to enjoy. (Plus a few taken by Haley. That girl has my back.)

Paints all displayed. Don't you wish you had these shelves?


Getting it all camera-ready.


New kitchen, featuring her line from Home Depot.


Loving the Kitchen Aid appliances, too.

The Craft area also has a working washing machine and dryer. *swoon*

Haley and I pose in the Potting Shed.

Stencils set up and ready for a segment.

This is the view of the audience from behind the crafting desk.

I also met Denice from Plaid Crafts (the makers of the Martha Stewart Paints) as well as the buyer from Michael’s Stores (where you can buy it exclusively!) That’s Alex from MSLO on the right.

Diane, Mike, and Alex

So then we had to take our seats and get ready for the live show.

Just before airtime!

The next hour was a blur- watching the segments, clapping on cue, posting on Facebook and Twitter, just trying to keep up! (If you missed it the episode recap is here.) After it was all done, we got to go back up on the set, this time for a photo-op with Martha herself. (I’ll post that as soon as they send it!)

Then it was packing up and standing in line for our goodie bags. Here’s what was in mine:

Goody bag treats! Better than Halloween!

After that, friends, I had a hot dog from a food truck (this WAS NYC, after all) and then decided to catch an early flight home. It was an amazing whirlwind-of-a-trip, but this crafty blogger was ready to get home and get back to crafting!

I’ll wrap up with two screen shots of the show…!

That's Jenni from I SPY DIY on my left.

And see Haley back there, too? And Simone looks like a movie star with that wave!Â

Make sure you read Haley’s post, too…and we’ll link up Simone’s as soon as she’s got one up. And here’s the recap with the “official” photo!

I cropped it... : )


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6 Responses to “CraftTestDummies at Martha Stewart Craft Week- Part 2”

  1. Eileen Hull Says:

    Jenny- good job! That looked like so much fun… so jealous :-)

  2. Dale Anne Potter Says:

    Looks like you had an AWESOME time & what a FAB goodie bag!!!

  3. Libby Says:

    That goodie bag is like a dream! I love the MS crafts– I made and hung her pink tissue paper poufs in my room last year at school… so easy and such an impact! What an awesome experience you had :-)


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