Craft Test Dummies Week in Review Ending January 13 2012

January 14, 2012

Craft News, Week In Review



It was another fun week at CTD WHQ. Let’s do a rundown of the posts, just in case you missed something!

On Facebook, we talked about organization. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has been doing “Organization Week” on her blog, and I’m dutifully trying to purge my paper stash.

On my blog CraftHoarders, I shared my Fabric UFO’s and revealed my Quilt Block Challenge– a block a week for 49 weeks in 2012! If you need a idea to “bust” YOUR fabric stash, you might be interested in my recap of Chronicle Quilt. No measuring, matching, or piecing- just sew-and-flip your way to a smaller fabric pile!

On Pinterest,  started a board to share pics of my studio…always a work in progress!

Lastly, I thought you might enjoy a “This Week In History!” January 10, 2011, I reviewed Hot Glue Gun Helpers. I actually used the silicon mat this week when I was pouring resin- it won’t stick to it and leaves a smooth back. Who knew that it wasn’t just a great set of tools for hot gluing??

How was YOUR week?

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