Zutter Bow-It-All by Susan Nicholas demo – Winter CHA 2013


Making bows is not really my forte in crafts.  I mean, I can barely even cut in a straight line. How am I supposed to make those fancy shmancy bows you see in magazines adorning perfectly wrapped presents? How am I supposed to make those teeny tiny bows for cards and scrapbook layouts? Oh, by the way… I want my tool to look pretty.  And then I ran across the Zutter B0w-it-All by Susan Nicholas at Winter CHA 2013.  It was everything I could ever want in a  bow maker.  I’d say it’s even Sara-proof… and that’s saying a lot!  Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think!




  1. calamityjane says

    This is very cool!! I would like to have seen her make a simple small ribbon for card though! With the little tight spaces it might be a bit more tricky! I still think it may be a tool i”d like to get.

  2. Rebecca Bodine says

    I don’t use a lot of bows or ribbon, but this thing would be indespensable for someone like a florist.

  3. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    I have a couple tools that make bows already but this one looks like it would be more versatile because of the increased size and also because it looks a bit easier to make multi-loop bows. However, I really like the one Susan uses in her demo rather than the all-pink one. Was that just a prototype? I’ll be disappointed if the answer is yes!

  4. Michelle jadaa says

    Great for making consistent bows,i use them for sewing and for card making so this would be handy.

  5. MARIA SOTO says

    Last year at CHA in Illinois I found a lady that had a tool for making bows, she did a tiny one when I stopped by her table, really simple and easy to use tool, that somehow is similar to this one. http://craft-deebowz.blogspot.com/

    I really like the ruler on this pretty pink one.

  6. says

    it always looks easy when they do it.
    I’d like to see a review.
    I mostly just tie by hand or use a fork
    i have 3 bow makers I never use, and i will be sure to try this one as well. LOL!

  7. Alice C. says

    Like Robyn says, it always looks easy when they do it! My daughter makes fabulous bows without any kind of tool, and she has tried to teach me, but I just cannot “get” the part where you pull out the loops and fluff them. That’s the art of bow-making and I cannot do it. I’d really like to try the Bow-It-All some day, but I don’t have any high hopes that it’d improve my bow-making klutziness.

  8. Dee in NH says

    Hmmm, still not sold. I got a bow maker that is collecting dust because even with that I don’t make great bows.

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