Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 – My Favorite Things


Craft Test Dummies - CHA Winter 2013

Clockwise: Jenny, Vicki, Haley, Sarah, Angie and Polly


I am finally home and recovering from Winter CHA Show 2013 and thought I would share a few of my favorite moments with you.

One of my favorite meetings was the Craft Test Dummies breakfast meeting on Saturday morning. Once everyone had arrived and settled in their rooms we got a chance to sit down and formulate a plan for the show. I got to meet Polly and Angie who are new to our team. The whole team is fabulous fun. Always lots of giggling, hugs and creative energy flowing.


 CHA Winter 2013 - Viva Decor


The Viva Decor US booth had a Alice in Wonderland theme that I loved. I think the Cheshire Cat was my favorite thing there! Imagine a BIG paper mache cat decorated in beautiful Viva Decor product. LOVE!


 CHA Winter 2013 - ICE Resin


The ICE Resin booth is always one of my favorites with GREAT new products and fabulous art jewelry. I’m so excited about some of the beautiful things I saw that I wrote a whole post for my blog CHA Winter 2013 – New ICE Resin Products.


Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 - Unicorn Beads


I usually go to the CHA shows as a Designer Member and as a writer for Craft Test Dummies but I also had on a teeny-tiny buyer hat this time as I’m looking for new products to create jewelry with and to possibly include in my etsy shop.  I was smitten by the Made In the US glass beads from Unicorn Beads.


Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 - FloraCraft



I attended a breakfast with the Flora Craft company where I got to make this darling cupcake.


Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 - FloraCraft


I also got to see Candie Cooper do a demonstration on “5 Ways to Cut Foam”. She showed us 2 different heat tools from FloraCraft, a cookie cutter cutting technique, cutting foam with dental floss and the foam saw shown in the lower left of this photo. There were demonstrations on painting foam as well as ideas for gluing foam too.


Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 -Plaid Enterprises


Jenny and I were both invited to do make and takes in the Plaid booth on Monday.  We both had a great time meeting fans of Plaid crafting products and making fun craft projects with them.

Vicki’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013 -iLoveToCreate

Even though Jenny and I had to leave early on Tuesday (the last day of the show) we managed to squeeze in an hour on the show floor before winging our way back to Ohio. It gave me a chance to profess my undying love for Mr Tacky in the I Love to Create booth.

Of course I’m wishing now that I had taken more photos but I think it’s fun to look at the different photos my teammates took. There is no way to see every booth so these posts are my opportunity to see what I missed even though I attended the show. Be sure to check back over the next several days to see more Winter CHA 2013 goodness.

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    Nice write up, Vicki, and thank you for including the Foam Fusion breakfast, sponsored by FloraCraft. It was great to see the Craft Test Dummy team at the breakfast, and I’m so glad you could all attend.


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