Craft Project: Washer Collage Necklaces from Pattie Wilkinson


PattieWack, AKA Pattie Wilkenson

As you saw in my CHA post, I swung by the I Love To Create booth a few times during the show. The lovely PattieWack- aka Pattie Wilkinson- was manning a make-and-take, creating stunning mixed-media necklaces. I sat down to make one myself, and she graciously said I could share the step-by-step with YOU, crafty reader!

The secret to the necklace is…. WASHERS! You know, the metal ones from the home supply store. These ones were big- about  3 inches in diameter- but boy, do they make a great substrait!

Here’s your supply list:

  • Metal washers
  • cut out words, images from magazines
  • confetti, seed beads, micro beads
  • fine glitter
  • adhesive craft sheets (Aileen’s has a new one, but I couldn’t find a link for it)
  • small charms, ephemera, (flat backed)

I bet most of this you’ve already got in your stash!

First, you place your washer onto the paper-backed craft sheet and trace around then inside and the outside. Then cut it out using scissors. (I recommend the Westcott non-stick ones. They are the bomb.) Then you peel off the backing and place it on the washer. Now the fun begins!

Place your words and small embellishments on first- if they stick out over the edge a teensy bit, it’s OK. I used words from magazines and then a little birdy charm. This is a great way to use up some of your crafty leftovers.

Such eye-candy!

Then you sprinkle on your “chunky” bits- seed beads, micro (hole-less) beads, sequins. They’ll stick just fine onto the adhesive sheet, but pat it in with your finger to make sure it’s fully stuck in. Then choose a shade- or two- of fine glitter. This will fill in the little spaces and make sure there are no sticky parts left! Oh….and it makes it shiny, too!!

To finish it off, just take a bit of ribbon and make a lark’s head not around the top of the washer, then tie it in a bow around your neck. Ta-da!

Visit Pattie’s blog to see pictures of other lovely creations made at her booth that day!

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  1. says

    what a cool project! i have everything needed except the adhesive craft sheets. i wonder if aleene’s tacky glue would do the trick? i think i’ll go find out… :) thanks!

  2. says

    Hi Jenny! Pattie is using the NEW Aleene’s Tacky Sheets that you will find in retail stores SOON! That’s what makes this project so fun and FAST!

  3. says

    Tiffany- thanks for checking in here….and yes.. I know what they are…but sadly I couldn’t find a link to an actual product page online so folks could see the packaging, etc. I certainly hope CraftTestDummies will get a sample to review soon- hint-hint!-Jenny


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