Craft Ideas Using Recycled Cards

Use components from cards to make cool tags!

Use components from cards to make cool tags!

So I wasn’t sure if I should share this now, or wait until after the holidays. I figured that if you’re like me, you still have last year’s holiday cards, or if not, make sure you don’t toss them on December 31st!

Here’s the deal: Aileen from Aileen’s Musings came up with the idea of recycling your old Christmas/ Holiday cards into gift tags.  She has a little tutorial there, but you can probably take the idea and run with it: select a card with a cool background and cut it into a tag shape (she used a shipping tag as a template.) Then add some glitter, cut-outs from other cards, stamps, etc., to gussy up your tag. Write “To” and “From” on the back. Heck, I bet you can even recycle ribbon from gift wrap to make the hanging ribbon!

These would even be pretty and tree ornaments, too, I think.

I know I hate to throw cards away, and this is a fun rainy day activity.  Even your kids could get in on it- I know mine LOVE to get out the glitter glue! So, get recycling and crafting, and come gift-giving time, you’ll be a star!

SIDE NOTE: And, if you’re NOT inclined to recycle the cards yourself, please consider donating them to a daycare, nursing home, or Art Therapy program. My good friend Jen is an art therapist at a dialysis center, and one of the art projects offers is card making.  The patients remove the fronts of the cards, embellish them, and then apply them to card blanks to make new cards. The patients to give their family and friends at no charge, since many of them are in fixed incomes. By donating your cards- or card fronts- you are recycling AND doing a good deed. Can’t beat that!

Happy Crafting!

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