Craft Fave: Update on the Glue Glider Pro PLUS


Sometimes companies get it in their heads that their products should be improved upon, and come out with an “improvement” that makes us scratch our heads. Such is the case with the Glue Glider Pro PLUS Multidirectional adhesive cartridge.

It fits the same Glue Glider Pro handle, and has the same PermaTac adhesive as the rest of the Glue Arts line. The difference? The cartridge can be inserted two ways so that you can either “pull” your adhesive toward you (the industry standard) or you can “push” the adhesive tool away from you.

The Multi-Directional "Plus" cartridge fits into the regular "Pro" handle.

Here’s the explanation from the website:

PermaTac refill – you won’t have to worry about reloading in the middle of a project with our easy slip-in, recyclable cartridges. Now the new GlueGlider PRO+ multi-directional cartridges offers the ability to push or pull to apply the adhesive. Same amazing adhesive formula, now with enhanced glideability. Uses the original GlueGlider PRO handle.

Um, okay. Why we need to “push” our adhesive is a little beyond me, but OK. It works just fine. Check this little video I made on my iPhone to see how it works.

I won’t go into a full review of the adhesive, because I’ve done that when I reviewed the Glue Glider Pro. I just wanted to give you the update!

The Glue Glider Pro Plus refill retails for $8.99 and was provided for review purposes.

Do you think this is a feature that you’ll care about? Feel free to weigh in…


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  1. says

    Personally, I don’t see the ‘need’ to push the adhesive…
    This may work better for some who are getting used to the larger ‘gun’ dispensers. All the tape runners, ATG’s and other dispensers are as you state ‘pull towards you’. I think this could get confusing to someone who may drop the cartridge in the opposite way, try to use it, and get frustrated.

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