Craft Fave: Frantage Fragments by Stampendous


Stampendous isn’t just for stampers anymore- mixed media artists and polymer clay afficionados, take note: Mica Fragments and Shaved Ice are some fun add-ins you’ll want to have in your studio.

Mica Fragments are just that- colored flakes of mica that are much chunkier than glitter. Mica is a natural, heat-resistant form of sheet silicate minerals that fragments easily into layers.

Lucky for us, they are also light weight, have some shine to them, and can be colored easily. (And also ground up and put into paints/shimmer sprays etc to add shine.)

Bronzed Frantage Mica Fragments

Now, there is another product I’m including today- Shaved Ice– but it’s NOT a mica product. It’s a plastic iridescent flake that can be used very similarly, though. Both products can be:

  • glued onto a surface
  • embedded into resin
  • attached & mixed with embossing powders
  • tinted with alcohol inks.

Very versatile and fun stuff, in fact. For my first project, I used The Best Glue Ever (a “dries tacky” adhesive”) to attach Shaved Ice to a painted tag.

Notice the fun iridescent quality.

I’m also happy to share that Shaved Ice is both soft and lightweight. Great for that bubbly iridescence with out weight or sharp edges. Win!

Next, I played with the Bronzed Mica Fragments. Also lightweight, they really don’t have any rough edges.

This time I used Rangers' "Glue 'n Seal."

The Glue ‘n Seal worked just fine for adhering the flakes, and I really like the chunky, muted metallic glow.

Next, I wanted to tint some of the Shaved Ice and Mica Fragments with some Pinata Inks so that they were blue. It was easy: I just put some of the fragments into a plastic bag, added a few drops of the alcohol inks, then mushed them. No inky fingers!

Inside a plastic bag, add your mica flakes, Shaved Ice, and a few drops of alcohol ink.

These I embedded onto a tag using clear  and glitter embossing powder. I added about 4 layers to get the effect I wanted and keep the fragments securely embedded.

Custom-tinted Pearl Mica Fragments and Shaved Ice add texture and shimmer.

After working on the tag, I realized I had a little pile of Mica Fragments, Shaved Ice, and embossing powder. So I dumped it all into an extra-large bottle cap and let it melt on my cup warmer.

I love how the Shaved Ice was suspended and look like fire opals.

I’m going to keep playing with the Shaved Ice and Mica Fragments, but I thought I’d share it as a “craft fave” today because it’s a great addition to your papercrafting and mixed-media toolbox.  They retail on the Stampendous website for $4.99 a bottle that holds about 1/2 ounce, but as I mentioned the product is light and goes a fair way.

Here’s my final 3 tags.

Trio of Frantage Tags!

Feel free to comment if you’ve used Frantage Fragments or have questions!


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  1. Karen C says

    Just used the Mica flakes for the first time last night on a multi media piece I am doing and I loved it. Have the shaved ice but have not used yet. Really like the idea for adding the inks in. Thanks for sharing. I do like what I have seen so far, will have to play some more with it.

  2. Amy R says

    I just used Shaved Ice for the first time yesterday on a card – it was so pretty! Love the idea of dying it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Diana says

    Because of this review- I just ordered ( it turns out) the last Shaved Ice in the store, and they are holding it for me. I have used some of the other fragments and they are delightful. I love what you did with the alcohol inks. Can’t wait to pick up my Shaved Ice and try it on something- anything!

  4. says

    I love what you’ve done with the various Frantage Fragments. So cool dying the mica that glorious blue shade. The products really added great texture and interest to the tags. TFS!

  5. says

    Fabulous tags!! I have tried all of the colors of the Mica Fragments as well as the Shaved Ice. They are a fabulous product that can be added to any project!! I love to use Tsukineko’s Goosebumps and sprinkle them over the top!! Thanks for highlighting this great product!!!

  6. says

    Thanks for your really informative review. I love both of these products but had no idea you could tint them. Knowing that makes them even more wonderful:-)All three of your tags are exquisite! Thanks again for the inspiration.

  7. says

    These are amazing projects. These mica fragments are so easy to work with, and being able to dye them makes them suitable for just about any project. LOVE THEM!

  8. stampersuzz says

    Cool tags! Great uses of the wonderful mica flakes. Love how you added the beautiful color to the flakes too! Love my mica flakes!

  9. says

    OMG.. these embellishements are AMAZING…. I am so excited to play with them and make darling tags, cards and goodies as amazing as these….. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE MICA FLAKES……

  10. Caron Dahlstrom says

    I have been using these products a lot and LOVE them. How exciting to know you can add different colors with alcohol inks!!! Perfect way to match your papers and inks!

  11. says

    Fabulous review and gorgeous samples! I haven’t tried tinting the mica flakes yet, but after seeing that rich blue hue I’m pulling out my inks and giving it a try! Stunning!!!

  12. Jax Snowdon says

    Fascinating, i am new to all this and came across you on the web – will be a definite follower – now to find out where to buy these products. Thanks

  13. says

    I’m sure you could, but you’d want to select the appropriate adhesive. Also, these are stiff, crunchy little pieces and it would change the hand of the fabric significantly. Good luck with that!


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