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I’m a stay at home mom to two fabulous girls in the Arizona desert that loves to create just about anything from altered art to last minute costumes for my kids!  My mother started my passion for crafting at a young age and I started going to rubber stamp conventions at nine years old; I haven’t stopped making handmade cards for friends and family ever since!  I am a writer and reviewer for Craft Test Dummies and recently became a Ranger Certified Instructor.


Sara Carns


5 tools or supplies you can’t be without

  • ATG adhesive gun
  • Ranger Distress Ink
  • White opaque Sharpie markers
  • Tonic scissors
  • Stencils/Masks


4 favorite sources of creative inspiration

  • UK Fashion Magazines
  • Pinterest (yikes! I admit it!)
  • random blog happenstances
  • and I love just google image searching terms like, “art journaling,” or “assemblage art.”

3 people you’d like to have lunch with, living or dead.

  • L. Frank Baum
  • Edgar Cayce
  • and my dad!

What 2 things are you not very good at.

Drawing and painting!  I’m horrible at faces, still-life, etc…


What 1 thing happened that made you realize you were a creative person, crafter or artist?

I’ve always had an urge or drive to create SOMETHING.  If I see a picture of something I want in a magazine or on tv my brain automatically goes into, “How can I do that?” mode.  I just can’t help it!  I’ve always been this way.

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I also blog at, a daily creative lifestyle blog where I share craft and home decor projects as well as recipes, inspiration and my own brand of Creative Goddess wisdom. I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Be careful... I'll talk your eyeballs off if you let me. :)

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