Craft and Jewelry Product Review: Artistic Wire Mesh from Beadalon


I spend a lot of time papercrafting, but you may not know that for a while (about 6 years ago) I really only made jewelry and worked with polymer clay. So I was excited to try Artistic Wire Mesh by Beadalon and get back to my jewelry-making roots!

Artistic Wire MeshIf you’ve never seen Artistic Wire Mesh before, it’s like a finely knitted tube of metal. Here’s how they describe it on the website:

Artistic Wire Mesh is permanently colored copper wire woven into a mesh tube that’s been flattened, and is perfect for many different jewelry and craft fusion projects. Its hollow tubular design can be stretched, condensed, strung on, filled, tied, glued, and more! Fill the wire mesh with shaped pieces of wire, or stretch the mesh to create 3-D shapes. To finish-off Artistic Wire Mesh, crimp it with C-Crimp findings, tie it, or try wrapping it with Artistic Wire. For increased strength, string Beadalon wire through the Mesh and end with a Crimp Bead/Tube, Scrimp findings, or EZ-Crimp findings. Available in 2 widths and in six colors, blister packaged in 1 meter lengths.

So let’s take a closer look. I opened two packs of bright silver in each of the sizes, 10mm and 18mm.

Artistic Wire Mesh from BeadalonYou can see the widths clearly- but what you cannot see is how it really is a tube. I used a marker and inserted it into the tube so you could see it expand- like magic!

Artistic Wire MeshIt’s amazing how it expands! I just wanted to push the limits a bit and open it up as far as I could.

Artistic Wire MeshIt may be hard to see here, but I opened up the tube of 10 mm Wire Mesh and was about 3 inches in diameter. Pretty amazing!

I used my scissors to cut some lengths, and it cut very easily without damaging my scissors. Time to play!

First, I made a necklace from a book I’m reviewing tomorrow. You insert beads into the tube to create a chic necklace.

Artistic Wire MeshBecause it’s metal, it’s very easy to fold over the ends and place them into Crimp Ends- also by Beadalon. Look how I was able to fold over the raw edge and give it a squeeze with my pliers.

Artistic Wire MeshA dab of glue and crimp end later, I had a necklace!

IMG_3415Because I was on a jewelry tear, I also made a bracelet. This time I pulled the Artistic Wire Mesh out from side-to-side, creating a ruffle. Then I threaded the beads on. (I have a tutorial for this bracelet coming up later this week.)

Artistic Wire Mesh


Lastly, I was having fun manipulating the mesh in a sculptural way. I made a butterfly embellishment to use on a card- which just goes to show you that you could use Artist Wire Mest for papercrafting and mixed-media too.

Artistic Wire Mesh(Actual size: 3 inches across.)

All in all, Artistic Wire Mesh is fun and surprisingly strong. Even after playing with the same bit of mesh, folding and re-folding, pulling and tugging, it showed no signs of becoming brittle and breaking. I’m sure it would eventually, but it’s very durable for normal wear-and-tear.

As noted above, Artistic Wire Mesh comes in 7 finishes and 2 sizes.

Artistic Wire Mesh


Lots of options! And Artisic Wire Mesh seems to retail for $6.50 USD for the larger size and $4.50USD for the smaller- which is fairly inexpensive for this type of product. I can’t wait to play with it some more! What do you make of Artistic Wire Mesh? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review purposes.

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  1. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    This looks fun! How does it feel? If the ends are rough, is there a way to cover or protect them? I’m thinking here of jewelry applications and wearing it against the skin.

  2. says

    Hi Jenny, I just noticed this product at my local craft store this weekend and bought a pack to try. I wanted to look up some examples of how to use it, and BOOM! You just shared this post!! These are wonderful examples of the products versatile nature :) Now I cant wait to go open it and try some of these techniques. Thank you again for sharing :) :) :)

  3. Carole says

    I am delighted to see this review. I saw some jewelry being made with this wire on you tube and knew I had to have, my order came in yesterday. I am looking forward to your promised tutorial, but I don’t think I can wait to play.

  4. Victoria says

    I love the wire mesh! I can think of all kinds of things that I could do with it! I love bracelets and necklaces. Thank you for the good revies!

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